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Chapter 12

JJ laid in bed , staring out the window , like she had done for the last few days. She felt someone sit down on the bed next to her. She didn't move. Not even flinch. Knowing Will had come to try and make her eat again.



"You okay?"


"You need to eat something…."

"I'm not hungry."


"I SAID….I'm not hungry."

Will shook his hand , leaving the plate of sandwiches for her. He walked out of the room, heading down the stairs. Trying not to lose it. Henry stood in his bedroom his door open slightly , listening to the interaction between his parents. He watched as Will walked down the stairs muttering things to himself.

He opened his bedroom door running across the hallway, standing at the door to his parents room. He watched his mother laying on the bed looking out of the window. He held tightly onto his teddy. He walked into the room and other to where she was laying. He saw her eyes were closed. He pulled out his arm tapping her arm softly.

JJ slowly opened her eyes , seeing Henry stood right in front of her.

"You okay baby?"

Henry shook his head , looking down at the floor.

JJ sat up watching her son , as he slowly looked up at him.

"What's up bud?"

Henry reached out his hand , JJ took hold watching as Henry stared at her. Understanding what he meant , JJ stood up letting him lead her out of the room. Once they reached downstairs' looked at Henry , as they stopped in the kitchen.

"Henry….." she said looking at him.

JJ looked up seeing Will stood with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Henry…you know mommy has to stay in bed for a few days…"

Henry looked down at the floor then back up to his parents.

"I know…but she sad up there. Down here we all happy. Be a family."

"Henry…" JJ said leaning down to his level.

"I tell you what…how about we all eat lunch , then we can snuggle up in our bed and watch a DVD?"


"Yeah , anything for my little man."

"Okay." Henry said nodding.

JJ looked up at Will biting her lip. Seeing the slight smile on his lips. She followed Henry into the dining room sitting down at table. After they had eaten JJ helped Will clear off , placing the plates In the skin , JJ leaned against the cabinet watching Will. Knowing he was mad at her. She could feel his breath on her neck , as the hairs spiked up. She turned her body. Seeing right in front of her. She stared right at him. Not saying a word.

Will took hold of her hand , tangling her fingers with his. Staring back at her. JJ let go of his hand , walking past him going back up stairs seeing Henry carrying some of his DVD's . JJ smiled taking them off him. Henry sat down next to JJ looking through his collection.

"You found one yet?"

"oy tory"

"Toy story?" Will said walking into the room. Henry giggle crawling up the bed , laying down in the middle. Will picked up the DVD walking over to the TV. JJ moved the rest of the DVD's off the bed laying next to Henry pulling the covers over them. Waiting for Will to join them before starting the movie.


As Henry's eyes were glued to the TV, JJ looked over at Will, sliding her hand right next to his, taking a deep breath, she watched the rest of the film, in silence. As it ended, she looked down at Henry, seeing him turning around to them.

"Can I go play?"

"Yeah buddy, but no jumping off things." Will said raising his eyebrows.

JJ brushed her hair behind her ear, watching as Henry went into his room, standing up, she walked around the room, crossing her arms over her chest.


"I'm sorry, I know I've been a bitch lately."


"NO!…I've been pushing you away again, and its not fair, I didn't only lose this baby, you did too, and I didn't even ask you how your dealing with this."

Walking towards her, Will placed his hand onto her hip, pulling her towards him.

"And, I am torn up about it, I know how much before you went back to the BAU, you wanted another baby…but…"

JJ closed her eyes letting a breath, laying her head onto Will's chest.

"One day, we will have another baby JJ….."

"I know. it's just after everything that's happened, I don't know how to act or not jump around anyone."

"And that's gonna take time, you just need to be patient. Which I know is hard, but I love you and believe in you."

"Everyone has been telling me that, and I think its time I started listening."

"Yeah, well I'm behind you every step of the way."

"I love you."

"I know." Will smiled kissing her forehead.

"And, I'm staying away from work….till I can, want to go back."

"Okay, I'm behind you JJ every step of the way."

Smiling JJ, hugged Will, kissing him on the lips. Burying her head into his chest.


7 months later.

Walking out of the bedroom, JJ saw Will walking into there room.

"Hey your home."

"Yeah, sorry had to finish up my reports so, I've got all the weekend off."

"It's okay, I had a nice night with Henry, actually."



"So you hungry?"

"I'm starving, you eaten?"

"No, but I was thinking about ordering pizza?"

"Sure, I'm gonna grab a shower, so I'll meet you downstairs?"

"Sure." JJ smiled pecking his lips, making her way downstairs.

JJ sat in the living room, placing the pizza onto a plate, looking up she saw Will carrying two bottles of beer. Smiling a little she sat down on the sofa, taking a bite. After they'd finished eating, JJ placed her plate down on the table.

"You okay?"

"Yeah why?"

"You haven't touched your beer."

JJ opened her mouth, closing it she looked over at Will, biting down onto her lip.

"That's cos I can't drink….."

"What?….wait JJ…."

Smiling Widely, she took hold of Will's hand. "I'm pregnant."

Smiling Widely, Will wrapped his arm around JJ hugging her tightly.

"How long you known?"

"A couple of days, I was just finding the right time to tell you."

Will smiled cupping her cheek. Kissing her deeply.

"Well, I'm beyond happy about this."

"I am too." Smiled, placing her hand onto her stomach. "Things, are finally getting better."

"Told you they would."

"I know, and I cant wait to have this baby, and be a proper family again."

Smiling, JJ laid her head onto Will's chest, as they both placed there hands onto her stomach. Knowing the next months were going to be good for JJ, having her focus on her un born child and the rest of her family. She couldn't be happier than she was right at the moment, things were finally going right, and back to normal.



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