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The demon lay completely still. The small hunter silently stalked towards him from his left. He opened his eyes slightly to watch. The tall flowers provided little cover as the pup's small frame crouched lower towards them. Long white hair flowed freely behind him. The dual magenta stripes on his cheeks and wrists along with the single stripes on his eyelids stood out from his pale skin. His moon mark shimmered softly when the sunlight found him, but he quickly scrambled forward into the shade again. Golden eyes stayed locked on his prey.

His prey was pretending to sleep. Limbs were thrown carelessly across the ground. A loud snore erupted from its mouth, earning a small yelp from the hunter. He quieted when his prey muttered something and turned away, back facing the hunter.

The demon tried not to laugh as he heard the small hunter shift his weight. He could practically feel the pup's toothy grin.

The pup readied himself, his rump shaking in the air much like a cat's does, before he pounced.

His prey reacted. Faster than the hunter could even blink, it was upon him. He landed with a soft thud on the ground and the prey came over him. It's gold eyes stayed locked on him as it lowered its head, fangs glinting much like the hunter's had done just moments before.

This was it. The pup closed his eyes in preparation for the kill. Lips touched his small belly…

… and a burst of breath was let out. His father gave the loudest raspberries ever! The hunter giggled and looked up into the eyes of the winner.

"Did you think you could actually sneak up on me, Sesshomaru?" Laughter danced in the demon's golden eyes.

"Yes, father."

Inutaisho laughed and rolled over until he was sitting cross legged in the flowers. Sesshomaru giggled again as his father pulled him into his lap. The pup sighed contentedly and snuggled into his father's chest and fur.

He loved these moments with his son. Usually he was too busy ruling his lands, but he made an effort to see at least a few times a month. These moments never lasted long enough for the pup. Who knows when the next time will be.



"Will you return soon?"

His father sighed. "You know I will try." That was the best he could do. He could make no promises.


The dog demon laughed quietly to himself. Whenever they were together, Sesshomaru would ask him endless questions. "What is it, pup?"

"Do you think I will be as strong as you one day?"

"Even stronger."

The pup grinned widely at that.

They sat together until the sun started to descend beyond the horizon. Inutaisho sighed. The days could never be long enough for either of them.

"It is time to go now, Sesshomaru."


They made it back to the castle around midnight. The demon tucked his son in to bed.

"Father?" Sesshomaru called as he turned to leave.


"When I become stronger than you, does that mean I can give you a raspberry?"

"If you want, Sesshomaru."

The pup finally drifted off to sleep, dreaming of flowers and sunshine and raspberries. Inutaisho smiled as he slowly closed the door.

He made it to his study before he gave in and laughed. Only his Sesshomaru would ask something like that.

His laugh echoed throughout the castle.