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Chapter 1

It was the morning of a World Conference, one of Ludwig's least favorite days. America, France, and England were always fighting. His brother would try and come just to disrupt the peace, if there was any. And he had to deal with Romano glaring at him while Feliciano tugged at his sleeve and whined for pasta.

Ludwig woke up as he always did five minutes before his alarm went off. Therefore that made the time 4:55am. He sighed and turned the alarm off, Italy was as usual in his bed. Germany sighed again and trudged downstairs to let his three dogs out. Aster, the oldest and a gift from Prussia, jumped up from the dog bed to greet him. Berlitz and Blackie also jumped up. Ludwig let them out and went to get their food.

To keep his kitchen floor pristine he feed the dogs outside. The early morning sun was peeking at the horizon, as if it was deciding if it should rise or not. Aster barked catching Ludwig's attention. Germany turned around to see the door sliding shut.

"Keseesee! I am awesome!" came from the other side of the door.

"Bruder open the door, I have to get ready for the meeting!" Ludwig yelled pounding on the glass door.

There was no answer.

I should have locked the basement door, why can't I learn from my mistakes? Ludwig wondered.

After about five minutes of pounding on the door Ludwig heard a voice.

"Hey, can you shut up!" Vash yelled across the yard

"Sorry Vash, I was locked out by mein bruder." Germany explained

"You're going to be late to the meeting; here I'll open your door." Vash said sticking his head back into his house then emerging a few seconds later with his gun.

Germany dove onto the ground to avoid being shot.

Shattering glass and a startled yelp signaled the door had been 'opened'.

"There, now stop your pounding!" Vash yelled retreating from his window.

The dogs barked excitedly running back into the house. They yelped as the glass dug into their paws. Germany sighed; this was going to be a long day.

He got the dogs on their beds and spent the next hour pulling glass from their paws and bandaging their feet.

Then Ludwig cleaned his floors, they had gotten bloody. He cleaned the rest of the glass up, cutting his knee when he accidently kneeled on one.

He cursed and fished cleaning. Then he stole a glance at the clock, 5:58. He cursed and ran upstairs. He didn't have time to deal with Gilbert now but later he would. Italy was in his room, as Germany could tell by the closed door.

Ludwig went into his room to take a shower. Then getting out he realized he didn't have a clean suit. He cursed again and just found a pair of jeans for now. He stalked back into his bathroom and opened the cabinet containing his hair gel, he hated when his hair wasn't slicked back neatly.

The container was empty, completely empty and it has half full yesterday! Germany cursed and slammed the cabinet shut. Breaking the glass. Just then Italy walked in.

"Ve Luddy! Ahhh!" Italy yelled stepping on the glass.

Germany blushed at being found half dressed and cursed when Italy stepped on the glass.

Ludwig sighed, stepped over the glass and picked up the crying Italian. He put Italy on the bed and looked at his foot, no embedded glass. Ludwig put a band-aid on it and asked

"What did you want?"

"Ve, I couldn't get some stuff done."

"What exactly?" Ludwig asked trying not to scream from exasperation

"My belt, my ties, my shoes, and my suit jacket buttons, they're sooo difficult!" Italy yelled

Now Ludwig was used to most of those, but Italy couldn't do his belt? He always did!

"Ve! Luddy please do my belt for me, I can't!" Italy whined

"Don't call me Luddy! And why can't you do your belt, you always do!" Germany said blushing

"I just can't." Italy replied running his fingers through Germany's hair

"Stop playing with my hair!"

"Ve, but it's so pretty like this!" Italy said

Ludwig sighed for the twentieth time that morning and did Italy's belt while blushing furiously.

Then there was a sound of clicking and some flashed companied by a 'keseesee'.

Gilbert walked into the room with a camera.

"Hungary is going to love these!"

Germany stared, his brother platinum hair wasn't its usual messy self. It was spiked with gel.

He was also dressed in Ludwig's suit. So he did have a clean suit!

Ludwig walked over to Prussia and grabbed his shoulders. He smelled, it was his hair gel!

"Bruder, why are you wearing my suit and have my hair gel?" Ludwig asked gritting his teeth and shaking Gilbert

"Uh, bro, please stop hurting me, its un-awesome." Gilbert said with a little fear in his crimson eyes

Ludwig could be really scary when angry.

"Sorry! I wanted to look professional being in charge of the east part of Germany." Prussia said

"We agreed I would represent Germany in meetings and you hate dressing professional." Ludwig said gripping his brothers' shoulders tighter

"Ok, fine I did it to impress Hungary so she would choose me over Austria." Prussia said looking down so quite Ludwig almost didn't hear.

"I see, you can wear the dress shirt but can I have my suit jacket?" Germany asked quietly so Italy wouldn't hear

Prussia slipped it of smiling at Germany to say 'thanks' without speaking.

"Bruder please supervise Italy. Italy would you make breakfast?" Germany asked refusing to look at the clock

"So I can come to the meeting?" Prussia asked

Italy bounced out of the room singing.

"Fine, but behave yourself bruder." Germany said

"Danke, bruder." Prussia said smiling

"Welcome, and good luck." Germany said closing the door.

It was no secret how much Gilbert loved Hungary; it was the least he could do for his bruder to let him come with.

Ludwig found a pair black dress pants and a red shirt. His suit jacket was black so it would look alright. He dressed and ran downstairs.

The stove was on fire, the dogs cowering in the corner, and Prussia and Italy were both staring at it.

"Ludwig fix it!"


Germany sighed, grabbed the fire extinguisher and put it out. It was now 7:47 and the meeting was at eight thirty.

"In the car, we need to leave." Ludwig ordered.

They left quietly. Germany examined the contents of the pan. Pasta and… a beer can?

Ludwig returned the pan to the dirty stove. He ran from the kitchen before he had a mental break down over how dirty his kitchen was.

He walked into the garage to see Prussia behind the driver wheel of his Porsche. Italy was in the back seat. Ludwig, with no energy left already climbed in the passenger seat and smashed his head into the dash board.

It was going to be a long day.


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