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Chappie 6

Matthew dragged the partially concious Prussian into his brother's house, which was not as empty as it seemed, the other nations had thankfully gone back inside once they realized it was Ivan outside. The back end of the house was nearly empty thankfully, not that he was noticed. He carried Gilbert upstairs and started opening the spare rooms his brother had.

He opened the first door. "Hey! America~ Oh, hon hon! come-" at this Canada slamed the door. Stupid France, what a terrible parent, you don't even know your own kid. He thought and opened the other doors.

In the next one he opened, there was a scream as Natalya ran up to the door and screamed, "My brother?" which also received a slam.

Is there any open room? Mattie wondered and just walked straight down the the end of the hall, with the Prussian over his shoulder. He then opened the last door on the side, most people never noticed it there. Thankfully, it was empty. He set Prussia down on the bed and quickly went to first change himself out of the dress and into his normal hoodie and jeans.

After Ludwig flung himself at the Russian, he was quickly thrown back at the fence. He kept running and charging again and again, and kept getting repeatatively thrown at the chain-link fence. America had taken Ivan's pipe and was about to hit the Russian with it but Ivan grabbed it, picked Alfred and the pipe up, and swung it so hard that the American was thrown into the wall of his own house. he slumped down, and blood starrted trickling slowly out of the side of his mouth.

Arthur, being the great boyfriend that he usually wasn't, and quite smarter than Alfred, quickly grabbed him and ran inside, whilst putting him on the table and quickly treating his wound.

In the meantime Poland had hit Russia in the place where the sun don't really shine that much, which resulted in Ivan laying on the ground. (A/N, believe it or not, Poland's the man)

"Do you like seriously have to ruin everything? Weren't Toris, Ravis, Eduard, Gilbert and I enough? Do you seriously have to look for more? How much fucking more do you want? You have Natalya who'd like fucking die for you! What the hell do you seriously want?" Poland screamed whilst jumping up and down in anger on the Russian. Everyone in the party had stoped and turned to look at Poland's temper tantrum.

"I was always getting so lonley in the cold. Its so cold and sad there. I want to be in a meadow with sunflowers instead." Ivan weakly said, he knew how vicious the mad Polak could be.

"And you all," Feliks screamed, turning and pointing at everyone, "Why the hell do I always have to be standing up to this fat-ass alone! huh? What can't you all say anything to him? Why don't you all know why he's like that huh? Why do the ones that had to suffer with him know? Can anyone like seriously answer that? It's cause like because we actaully talk to him!"

Feliks stormed pass everyone and went inside.

"I am so totally gonna like dance now, i dont know about the rest of you."

Feliks went up to Cuba, who was currently acting as the DJ and requested "A Duskland Fairytale" by The Killers. (A/N its a very good song). More than half the countries rejoined him in dancing.

Ludwig sat there, staring at the spot where Feliks momentarily was. Ivan noticed him staring.

"It was because of that, what you just saw, that I was always so intent on breaking him. I hated him so much for standing up to me, then I loved him being so brave. I'll you one thing, if who you love is nearby, never let them go. Always stay by them and never mistreat them."

Germany stared at Russia in disbelief, he was suprised Ivan realized that before he ever even thought of it. Ludwig now didn't doubt that Ivan had a heart, because he knew he had one. It was just probably shattered beyond belief, from all the pain.

The Russian then stood up, pulled out a bottle of vodka, and started home, drinking and singing "I Don't Know" by BrokeNCYDE.(A/N another good song, but depressing, js). Ludwig stared after Ivan with overwhelming pity, then turned around and walked into the party looking for Felicinano. Ivan's words had suprisingly inspired him to confess.

Canada looked at Prussia, thankfullly all he had was a cut up and bruised forearm. He was apparently protecting his face when Ivan attacked. Matthew sighed and sat down on the bed next to Gilbert. His life was so complicated, he then began tracing Prussia's jawline with his hand, just staring at the albino. Then the Prussian opened his eyes, and put his hand over Matthew's.

"Mattie, I would never forget about you." Gilbert murmured into Canada's ear and pulled him down on the bed with him, making their lips crash. Canada smiled as he was being pulled down, he knew something that would from now on never change. As he heard "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" by Muse being blasted downstairs, he made that two things. (A/N well aint i being musical today)

"Poland will never change." Gilbert muttered lightly to his Mattie.

"And neither will your love." Matthew muttered back, then their lips crashed one again.

Back downstairs, both the italies had gotten drunk. Feliciano was slowdancing with Ludwig, who possibly had a tad bit too much beer because he was akwardly swaying. Romano, however all over Spain, who seemed to be enjoying himself a little too much. Poland had possibly spiked Liet's drink because he was all out dancing with Feliks in the middle of the room. All the other countries were drunkenly dancing, except for Arthur who was chasing America around the house screaming, "I can hold my liquor better than you any day." Greece had convinced Japan that it was okay to fall asleep on him and they were napping together. Hungary was squeeling from happiness and running around everywhere, taking pictures from every angle.

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