"I am sure that all of the fairy tales stories begin with 'Once upon a time' or 'Once there was a girl named...' but the story that I am going to tell you is no fairy tale. This story is about a brave and determined princess and her servant. The servant never left her side; he would always come back for her whenever she was in danger or forgot who she really was..."

"...Thousands of years ago there was a war going on between two islands. The names of the two islands were 'Ice Island' and 'Water Island'. People who lived on these islands had special powers. They were wizards. Many soldiers fought in this battle so that, one day they could see sunshine again, one day this awful nightmare would be ended. The fight had been going on for countless years. Many people died, lost their loved ones or committed suicide. Finally the king of Water Island decided to make a deal with the king of the Ice Island. They vowed that after 10 years, the princess of Water Island shall marry the prince of Ice Island. Both kingdoms were fine with the decision and soon everything was back to normal, except the hatred between the two islands didn't disappear.

10 years later...

"Princess, where are you!" said an eleven year old boy who was running in a big mansion. Maybe she is outside in the garden thought the young boy. He ran through large hallways and finally reached his destination. The garden was huge with white and red roses blooming everywhere. The young servant spotted a young girl with curly blue hair standing next to a beautiful lake. She was wearing a fancy blue gown with bows around the gown.

"Young Princess, I have been looking all over for you!" said the boy.

"Oh! Natsu-Kun, how many times do I have to tell you not to call me Princess, just call me Juvia." said the young princess.

"B-but...you are a princess" said the pink hair boy.

"So what? Didn't Juvia tell you, that we're friends." said the water princess.

"..." Natsu couldn't say anything so he just looked at the ground.

"Neh, Natsu-Kun! Let's make a promise, shall we?" the Princess said when she saw Natsu's embarrassed face.

"What... kind of promise?" said the dragon slayer looking confused.

Juvia chuckled and said "That whenever I need, you will be there for me and whenever you need me, I will be there for you" Natsu lifted his head up slowly and with a grin he said

"Of course... my lady." He said as he bent down on his knees and gently kissed Juvia's hand. A shade of red appeared on the girls face.

"N-Natsu-K-Kun... you're so naughty..." said the girl as she pulled the boy up.

"What are you talking about?" said the dragon boy with a grin on his face.

"Come on, I know I am not the first girl you have kissed." said the water mage.

"You know me too good!" said Natsu with an evil smile on his face.

"W-what's with that smile?" said the girl (/)

"Nothing~" said Natsu, chuckling.

"I am so glad that you are here with me... after my mother died...my father forgot that he had a child..." said the princess as her smile disappeared.

"Princess, I have been looking all over for you!" said a woman running towards Juvia.

"What's wrong Levy-Chan?" said the princess to the woman standing in front of her.

"The king has called for you." said the Levy.

"Oh! H-he did...can I take Natsu- Kun with me... Please?" said the girl shaking.

"I am afraid you can't princess." said Levy.

"Hell, I am not going to listen to you or that old man. If Juvia wants me to be there for her, I will go." said Natsu as flames came out of his mouth.

"Natsu-Kun, its okay I will be fine alone..." before Juvia could say anything else, Natsu shut her up.

Natsu put his finger on her lips and came closer to her face. "Don't forget about the promise princess!" whispered Natsu in her ear. He is so hot, though Juvia blushing. Immediately, Juvia hugged her young servant and said "Thanks Natsu-Kun".

"J-Juvia... you're squeezing the life out of me!" said the pink dragon slayer.

"Oh sorry..." said the princess releasing the young boy.

"Then shall we go?" said levy smiling.

An awkward silence came upon them as they walked through the hallways.

"So Levy-Chan...how is Gajeel-kun?" asked the young princess, breaking the awkward silence.

"Oh! Gajeel he is fine..." said the mage blushing.

"Did something happen between you and Gajeel?" said Natsu as he put his arms at the back of his head.

"N-no-o-o-o! Nothing happened!" said levy blushing really hard.

"You guys kissed didn't you?" said Natsu looking at levy. Levy's face turned as red as a tomato.

"Why you little brat, mind your own business will you, and no we didn't kiss!" said levy looking away.

"Whatever you say Levy (-_-)" said Natsu not caring.

"Umm... where is Gajeel-Kun?" asked the water princess, worriedly.

"Don't worry princess, Gajeel is waiting for you in your father's room." said the mage.

"Oh... okay" said Juvia as her face lighten up. Natsu rolled his eyes at Juvia's reaction. The three wizards walked until, finally they reached king's room. Levy knocked on the door and asked if they could come in. The king gave them permission to come in.

"Father, you called Juvia" said Juvia.

"Yes I did." said a man with black hair. He was wearing a white shirt with a red tie and black pants. His black hair was tide in a pony.

"Juvia, it's time I tell you what you have to do with your life." said the king.

"Yes father." said the princess.

"Please, everyone take a seat." said the king. Everyone did what they were told to do.

"Now Juvia, as you know about the war between Ice Island and Water Island 10 years ago, correct?" said the king.

"Yes father, Juvia is aware of that." said the water mage.

"Great! Now your grandfather made a deal with the Ice Island's king 10's of years ago, in order to end the war. Your grandfather promised that, after 10 years had passed, the Princess of Water Island would be betrothed to the Prince of Ice Island. Since you are the princess, it is your duty, no, your honour to fulfill your grandfather wishes. " explained the king calmly.

"W-hat" said Natsu and Levy at the same time.

"W-ait Juvia is the one who is going to sacrifices her rest of the life for this deal that was made 10 years ago" said the princess in anger. 'Wahoo I never have seen Juvia angry. I have to admit she looks pretty when she is angry' thought Natsu.

"That's no way to talk to your father! The only reason I am doing this is because I care for you and my reputation." said the king in anger.


"Do you even know what you are saying? I never thought that I would have to see this day, even after I ADOPTED you so that you can live a life that other girls dream of living!" yelled out the king.

"W-wait you adopted me?" said Juvia. The room suddenly went silent. Everyone was looking at Juvia and the king.

"YOU BASTERED!" yelled Natsu as he grabbed the king's shirt.

"HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO JUVIA!" yelled the dragon slayer. A mysterious red mist started to cover Natsu's feet. His skin started to peel off and a red dragon appeared from the back. The king shivered in fear.

"NATSU STOP!" yelled Juvia in annoyance. A sudden fear went through Natsu's body. Immediately he released the king.

"I am really sorry for that my king, I would like to thank you for adopting me. From now on I will do whatever you say." said the princess, solemnly.

"Juvia, listen to me, even though you are not my real daughter, I always loved you like you were really my child. I know I never showed it to you but I still love you. It's just that I never had a child before so I didn't know how to make you happy!" said the king patting his daughters head.

"What are you talking about I was always happy and I knew from the bottom of my heart that you loved me. Though, I have only one request my king, can you please tell me who my parents are? Where was I born? Who am I?" said Juvia.

"I-I am afraid, I can't answer your questions because I don't know the answers. Someone left you in front of the castle when you were born. My wife, the queen of this kingdom, couldn't give you up. So we made you our daughter." said the king.

"Oh…I understand. Thank you for your help my king." said the water mage.

"Please just call me father, my daughter." said the king as he moved forward and hugged Juvia.

"O-of course… father." said the girl as tears came out of her eyes.

"Now Juvia…listen carefully. You will marry prince 'Gray Fullbuster' when you turn 18." said the king.

"Yes…as you wish father, but I have a request." Juvia said.

"Really… what is it?" asked the king.

"Before and after getting married, Natsu is to remain by my side, no matter what happens, if he wishes to" said the blue curly hair girl. Natsu, levy and Gajeel were shocked by the young princess words.

"…I suppose…that could work." The king said uneasily.

"Really…you promise it?" said the girl.

"Of course…as long as you are happy." said the king.

"Thank you father. I will marry Gray for your happiness." Juvia said with a small smile on her face.

"Good girl, you and your ugly servant may leave now." said the king as he gestured to the door and turned away. Juvia and Natsu said goodbye to Levy and Gajeel and left. Juvia quietly shut the door behind her.

"What's wrong Natsu-Kun?" asked Juvia when she saw Natsu's gloomy face.

"…First of all who is he calling 'UGLY'? Second, you look cute when you're angry, and third I would love to accompany you, where ever you may go." said Natsu giving Juvia a big grin.

"Really… you will? Natsu-kun…thank you so much!" Juvia said as she hugged Natsu.

"Hey… I am your servant after all, your wish is my command!" said the pink hair boy.

"Hehehe...I know!" said the girl. Juvia let go of Natsu. Natsu grabbed the princess's hand and ran.

"Natsu where are we going!" asked the princess as she ran with him. They ran down the hallway and turned the corner.

"To play, of course! Who knows if we will be able to play like this in future? So let's have fun while we can!" said the boy.

"Okay!" was all the water mage could say.

"…Seriously what kind of name is 'Gray'? When I first heard it, I thought you were going to marry a color." said Natsu.

Juvia laughed with Natsu untill she couldn't breathe or run anymore.

"Natsu-Kun you are so funny!" said the blue princess.

"Well finally, someone laughed!" said the dragon slayer.