Trigger Warning: Self-harm, small amount of blood, sexual content.
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"Has everyone else on the team gotten lazy since I left?" Elle asks as she eyes Emily up and down.

Emily furrows her brow as she frees her arms from the shirt she was wearing.

"You seem to be some sort of one woman crusader these days, always coming home black and blue," Elle continues.

"I just tackled the UnSub and he got in a few good punches before I took him down," Emily says with sigh.

"Again?" Elle queries.

Emily shrugs.

Elle walks to Emily, lightly fingering the bruises on Emily's ribs before bringing her lips to Emily's. The kiss takes the time needed for Emily to remove Elle's shirt and bra, her fingers hungrily gripping Elle's small firm breasts. When they break from the kiss Emily leans down to suck and nip at Elle's nipples, gaining a whine of approval from Elle. Elle fingers make quick work of Emily's pants, her fingers pausing as they brush against the still wet bloody scratches.

Emily responds by undoing Elle's pants and sliding her fingers under the silk panties in one motion. Elle gasps sharply, moaning as Emily dips deeper into her wetness. Elle's back hits the wall as Emily pushes their bodies backward. Emily fucks Elle hard and fast, gradually adding fingers as she slides in and out, breaking to twist frantic circles on her clit. Elle trembles, struggling to stay standing as she approaches orgasm. At last the orgasm comes, deep and shuddering, Elle's muscles contracting tight around Emily's fingers.

"Oh God, Emily, fuck," Elle fights out as she leans panting against Emily.

Emily slowly removes her fingers, tracing lazy wet circles on Elle's stomach as Elle catches her breath. In the moment of stillness after, Elle takes Emily's hand, guiding it to her hip. Emily complies, but gazes at Elle with confusion. Elle presses one of Emily's fingers against the exposed skin, the raised scar now inescapable.

Emily meets Elle's eyes, now sharply focused from their previous dilation.

"Don't lie to me," Elle whispers as she kisses along Emily's neck, a tugging bite along her earlobe.

Emily breathes in sharply, an equal mix of arousal and vulnerability.

"You stopped. I can't. It's how I deal," Emily whispers, her nails gripping Elle's back.

Elle is silent, waiting. She knows Emily has more to say before she can respond.

"I don't cry. I don't let myself think about it. I can't. Please don't ask me to stop," Emily says softly.

"I'm not asking you to stop, Emily. I'm asking you to tell me when you want to, and I'm asking you not to lie to me," Elle replies, her fingers curling into Emily's hair as she holds her close.

"It's private," Emily whispers, a touch of desperation in her voice.

"Not anymore. This is a relationship, Emily. It may not be in sickness and in health, but I'm sure as hell going to be there if you're in pain. Even if you cause it," Elle tells Emily, kissing the bruise on her shoulder.