Chapter Trigger Warnings: Self-harm, sexual content, aftermath of an assault.

Spoilers: Lauren, S6E18.


Elle is kissing along Emily's hip, the thin cotton bunched under her fingers, when she notices the unusual bruise.

Elle pulls back to examine the four grouped circles mottling Emily's hip, Emily stilling beneath her. Elle's eyes narrow as she makes the connection, her gaze drifting to Emily's bra. She imagines the scar concealed beneath the lace, Emily's switch from plunge and three-quarter to demi and full cup suddenly sharp in her memory.

Wordless Elle leans away from Emily to rummage in the drawer of the side table. Emily studiously avoids Elle's eyes until she notices the glint of silver as Elle swings the handcuffs from the drawer. Emily smiles and bites her lip, hoping her teasing will hide the fleeting look of apprehension.

"It's me, Emily," Elle whispers, unlocking the cuffs while straddling Emily's waist. She waits for Emily's small nod before guiding Emily's hands above her head.

"It's Elle," she whispers again, now slowly clicking the cuffs around Emily's wrists and the headboard.

"Just me and you," Elle whispers softly as she kisses along Emily's neck, her fingers still checking the secureness of the cuffs.

Once she's assured that cuffs are locked properly, not too tight nor likely to tighten, Elle allows her fingers to trace down Emily's arms.

A moan escapes Emily's lips as she becomes lost in sensation of Elle's lips upon her ear, nipping and caressing the delicate flesh.

"Em, who are you with?" Elle prompts gently, raising slightly to take in Emily's closed eyes.

"You Elle," Emily rasps out, leaning up to find Elle's lips.

Elle smiles against the kiss, her fingers searching Emily's back for the bra hook.

"Nobody here but me," Elle murmurs as she unclasps the bra, kissing Emily deeply as she slides her fingers under the straps.

"Just Elle fucking Greenaway," Elle says with pride and a smirk as she slides the bra over Emily's head, leaving it resting on the cuffs, drawing a laugh from Emily.

"Just us," Emily murmurs as Elle kisses along her exposed breasts, the scar not giving Elle pause.

"Yep," Elle adds with a smile as she leans up for a moment before kissing a trail down Emily's stomach to curving line of cotton. Elle's breath is hot against Emily's skin as Elle kisses under the cotton.

"Elle," Emily moans as Elle kisses lower, brushing against curls of black.

Elle slides her hands on either side of Emily's hips, dragging the damp cotton down Emily's trembling legs.

"Yes," Elle murmurs, freeing Emily's legs of the cotton, kissing up slowly from ankle to thigh.

"Say my name," she says softly, her voice between a whisper and a growl as she kisses higher on the inner thigh that Emily parts for her.

"Elle, please," Emily moans as Elle kisses devastatingly close to her throbbing heat.

Elle takes mercy, finally swirling her tongue into the centre of the curls. Emily breathes in sharply before succumbing to the hastened breathing that Elle's ministrations demand.

"Elle, oh God, Elle," Emily moans between breaths, rapidly approaching a quivering climax.

Elle darts her tongue inside Emily's depths before resuming a faster pace of circling and sucking.

"Elle, Elle, ELLE," Emily gasps as she crescendos, her hips rising off the bed as her body flexes taut.

Elle's hands massage the muscles Emily releases, her body limp against the bed as Elle kisses up meet her eyes.

"Just you and me," Elle says with a smile, curling into Emily's side as her hand goes to unlock the cuffs.

Once freed from the cuffs, Emily wraps her arms around Elle.

"Just us," Emily finishes, the smile lasting the few moments between the time she shuts her eyes and falls asleep.