Hello everyone! My name is Helen. I'm 16 years old and I've never written a Klaine fic before (GASP!). (Now I feel like I've turned this into a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous.) Anyway, I'll just let the writing speak for itself, yeah?

I don't know how long this will be. The title comes from the song Smooth Criminal, which I do not own.

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Note: This is an AU wherein Sebastian was already at Dalton when Kurt transferred there, and he's in the same grade as Kurt and Blaine (who are in the same grade because Blaine is not a junior).

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You've Been Struck

Chapter 1

November 25, 2010

7:32 AM

Sebastian straightened his tie. He made eye contact with himself in his mirror and grinned. Lookin' good, he thought. He ran his hands through his hair one more time to give it just the right look, and then walked out of the bathroom. He slung his blazer over his shoulder and headed out to meet his boyfriend before school.

7:32 AM

Blaine rubbed more gel into his hair. He examined it for a moment, head tilted, brown eyes wide, eyebrows narrowed. He decided it needed just a bit more gel and squirted some onto his palm before running his fingers through his hair. Again. He had to look good to meet his boyfriend before school.

5:03 AM

Kurt had a dream in which he was running behind a school bus, trying to catch it, yelling "STOP! WAIT! YOU FORGOT ME!" Dave Karofsky was driving, and he just turned back and grinned wickedly at Kurt, who tripped on his shoelaces and stumbled. He glanced down at his shoes to discover that he was wearing sneakers. He stifled a horrified gasp in his throat, before realizing that the sneakers weren't the worst of it – he was wearing gym shorts and a McKinley High gym t-shirt!

He woke with a start, and just as he realized that he wasn't dressed in his gym clothes chasing a bus driven by the person who threatened his life and drove him from his school, he realized that he was late for his very first day at Dalton Academy.

Cursing, he sat up and fumbled with the light switch to turn it on.

Well, alright, he wasn't late. He was still early – he was to arrive at Dalton around noon, and it was only 5:00. But he'd meant to get up at 4:30 to take a shower, do his hair, put on his blazer, eat, and then there was the hour drive to Dalton Academy.

He realized that he would arrive early, but he'd accounted for traffic – two hours worth – and given himself at least a 15-minute buffer around the hair coiffing, showering, eating, and dressing that had to be done.

He glanced at the schedule he'd drawn out the night before –

4:30 AM – wake up

4:32 AM – get out of bed

4:33 AM – go to the bathroom

4:35 AM – get in shower

5:00 AM – do hair

6:00 AM – get dressed (see if anything can be done for the fashion statement – or lack thereof – that is made by the blazer)

6:15 AM – eat a healthy breakfast

6:45 AM – text Mercedes to remind her that you haven't forgotten about her

6:47 AM – triple-check bag to be sure you have everything

7:00 AM – by this time Dad and Carol should be up – retreat to room to avoid pampering

10:00 AM – LEAVE THE HOUSE, with bookbag, belongings, and father in tow

This was a pretty foolproof schedule.

It was a good thing he'd left such a big buffer. With just a bit of rearranging he could get back on schedule quickly…

11:37 AM

"We're early," Burt said, nonplussed as he pulled into the parking lot at Dalton Academy in Westerville, Ohio.

"I know," Kurt said nervously, straightening his collar slightly using his reflection in the rearview mirror.

"Kurt," his dad said warningly.

"Sorry!" Kurt pushed the rearview mirror back into the position it was supposed to be in for safe driving.

Burt shook his head, sighed, and parked the car. "Now what?" he asked.

"We go in and show them how driven and prepared for success I am," Kurt said, unlocking and opening his door.

"Alright," Burt sighed, opening his own door and going around to the back to retrieve Kurt's bag of shoes.

Kurt slung his bag over his shoulder and said, "Leave the bags, Dad."

Burt put the bag back into the trunk, next to Kurt's other bags, each containing specific combinations of things: one with moisturizers and other 'personal care products,' one with shirts, one with pants, one with jackets, and one for miscellaneous.

"Let's go," he grunted, and followed as Kurt led the way into the administration building on the edge of the grounds.

11:55 AM

"I have to go," Blaine whispered to his boyfriend, waving a yellow slip of paper that had his pass to the office on it.

"Why?" Sebastian whispered back from his desk next to Blaine's.

"Because," Blaine said as he began to pack up his things. "I have to show a new student around."

"What about lunch?" Sebastian asked.

Blaine shrugged. "I'll be there. He's in all of my classes so I'll just bring him around with me. They want me to take him to our room first and drop off his stuff."

"WHAT?" Sebastian asked a little too loudly.

"Sh," Blaine shushed him, glancing around to the class full of students. "Calm down, Sebastian. It's not a big deal."

"He better not be gay," Sebastian grumbled, crossing his arms over his chest and sliding down in his seat.

"Even if he was, the fact that we're going to share a room would mean nothing," Blaine said, touching him gently on the shoulder for a moment before standing up and showing the pass to the teacher, who nodded for him to go.

12:01 PM

"Bye, Dad," Kurt said, being hugged by his father in a way that was decidedly bone-crushing. "You have to go now, Dad. I'll see you soon, I'll come home for a weekend sometime soon, I promise."

"I love you, Kurt," Burt said, looking a little like he would cry if he was the only one in the room and the room was locked with three deadbolts and was in the middle of a forest on a remote island that no one knew existed.

"Love you too, Dad," Kurt said, hugging back and noticing over Burt's shoulder as a boy opened the door and then hesitated as he saw the father-son love fest going on inside the room.

He was very good-looking, with dark, curled, admittedly overgelled hair, deep brown eyes, and even in the blazer and tie he still looked fantastic.

Kurt practically pushed his father away from him and smoothed his own blazer.

"Okay, Dad," he said, attempting to lower his voice and sound confident. His gaze flickered to the boy in the doorway more than once. "I've got all my things. I'm ready. And I think my guide may be here…" He cast a pointed look to Doorway Boy, who jumped to attention and stepped into the room, the door closing with a gentle click behind him.

"Alright, I get it," Burt said, stepping back. "Dad's not hip enough. Bye, Kurt."

"Good-bye," Kurt said quickly, and then gave his father a little push as he left the room.

The door closed with another gentle click and silence fell upon the room.

"I'm Kurt," Kurt said a little awkwardly.

"Oh, right, sorry," Doorway Boy said, looking distracted. He laughed a little.

Very nice teeth…

Shut up, Kurt, he might not even be gay.

Yes but he might be!

But he probably isn't!

But he could be!

"I'm Blaine," the boy said, extending his hand to shake. Kurt took it and was delighted to find that Blaine had a very firm handshake. This was a good quality for someone to have. It showed confidence which Kurt considered important for success at being a human being.

"I'm Kurt," Kurt said again.

Speaking of being successes at being human beings…

Shut up.

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