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Chapter 4

November 26, 2010

5:00 AM

The next morning when Kurt woke up he was confused. He rolled over and buried his face in the pillow, noticing that it smelled strange and not at all like his. Then he realized that it wasn't just the pillow – it was the whole room. With a murmured 'Where am I?' Kurt sat up. He looked around to see the room, the dark room that was most certainly not his. He heard someone else's breath and his heart skipped a beat before he realized it was Blaine. Kurt was in his new dorm room at Dalton Academy.

All the memories came rushing back as he laid back down on the bed: How it was awkward when he went to bed because he wasn't really sure whether to be all, "Good night, sweet dreams," to Blaine or just not say anything. How he'd gone with a mumbled "Night" and gotten into bed but then stayed awake listening to the sound of Blaine's shallow breath and the way he tossed and turned. How eventually he'd fallen asleep, but not until Blaine had.

He wasn't sure why he couldn't sleep until Blaine's breathing slowed and he was still. He knew it wasn't just because Blaine disrupted him and he couldn't fall to sleep with the sound. He'd fallen asleep to the sound of Finn banging on drums in the room just next to his before. He definitely didn't have a problem with that.

Why did it matter to him, anyway, that Blaine slept? Was Kurt Edward Cullen or something? You don't just lay there waiting until someone falls asleep, he told himself.

Well maybe it was a protective method. If I stay awake until he's asleep then when will he put my hands in hot water or put shaving cream on my face?

People don't DO that at boarding school, Kurt.

At this thought, he shot up again and threw the covers off and stood up. Boarding school. School. Dalton Academy. Today was his first full day of classes. He still had a few teachers to meet, the ones that taught his morning classes. He would turn in assignments from his afternoon teachers. His hands started to shake as he made his bed.

Calm down. Kurt Hummel does not get nervous.

"Wassgoinon?" a voice from across the room said.


"Sorry!" Kurt squeaked. "I didn't mean to wake you. It's five o'clock."

"In the morning?" Blaine asked, sitting up on his elbows to squint at Kurt.

"Yes. I have a very long morning routine," Kurt said, smoothing down the covers on his bed.

"Of course you do," Blaine said, falling back on the pillow.

"Go back to sleep, Blaine," Kurt said, and he heard soft laughter from Blaine.

"What?" Kurt snapped, picking up his uniform and looking at it disgustedly.

"You're interesting, Kurt Hummel," Blaine said. "Wake me at 6:30." And he rolled over and went back to sleep.

6:30 AM

"Blaaaaine." Kurt tapped Blaine's shoulder with his finger. Blaine didn't move. "Blaine?" He tapped his shoulder again. Nothing. Kurt bit his lip and bravely shook Blaine's shoulder.

"I'm asleep," Blaine said drowsily, rolling over.

"It's-it's 6:30," Kurt said, raising his voice a bit.

"Wake me at 7."

"You said 6:30."




"At 5 o'clock you said, and I quote, 'Wake me at 6:30.'"

"Oh. Well I lied. 7."

Kurt put a hand on his hip. "I sped through my routine so you could get the bathroom at 6:30. You will get up and use that bathroom now because I went out of my way so that you could," he said.


"GET UP!" Kurt exclaimed. "Or I'll flip your mattress."

Blaine sat up and gave him a look. "Okay. I'm getting up," he said, standing up slowly. He walked into the bathroom like a zombie.

"He'll thank me later," Kurt said as he made Blaine's bed.

7:23 AM

"By the way, Kurt," Blaine said, emerging from the bathroom in his uniform, looking fully awake now. "Thanks for waking me at 6:30. I would've been so late if you'd waited 'til 7 like I asked."

"You're lucky I'm not a pushover," Kurt said, unamused.

"I guess I am," Blaine laughed. "You ready for your first full day of classes?"

"Ready as I'll ever be," Kurt said nervously.

There was a knock on the door.

"Come on in, Seb," Blaine said, picking up his bag from the floor.

Sebastian opened the door and gave Blaine a smile. "Hey, hon." He went over to Blaine and Kurt quickly made his escape from the room, not wanting to have anything to do with that.

"I'll be outside," he mumbled as he left.

"I missed you," Sebastian was saying, running his hands through Blaine's gelled hair.

"Sebastian," Blaine said warningly, taking Sebastian's hands and pulling them away from his hair. "Just carefully gelled it, don't screw it up."

Sebastian pouted.

"But you can kiss me," Blaine said, tilting his head up, and Sebastian wrapped his arms around his boyfriend and they kissed.

Meanwhile, out in the hallway, Kurt leaned against the wall and felt alone. Blaine and he were friends but what did it really count for when Sebastian was around?

You have other things to focus on, he reminded himself. School work, for one. Making a good impression. And then the Warblers. Auditioning. He made a mental note to ask someone – Wes – about the logistics of that. What would be required? Could he pick any song he wanted? When would he audition? He'd have to practice beforehand. He wondered where he could practice… Right in his dorm? Would Blaine get annoyed?

And of course he had to beat Sebastian and Blaine for solos, because once he'd been told that he couldn't beat them…it was a challenge and he had to.

Kurt nodded to himself, folding his arms across his chest. He would make it into the Warblers and he would get a solo before the end of the year.