This is my first story I have put up, I thought the idea of warrior wolves instead of cats was quite cool. I don't intend to copy anyone – I'm not using clans or warrior names like in the books. In fact the wolves are not really even warriors, just characters really.

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. . . . . . . . . . . . .

The world is at the end of the humans reign. Their cities crushed and destroyed, only ruins remaining. A great endless winter ravages the earth, as if to rebirth the world – it is encased in ice.

While man was destined to fall, which creature will now rule?

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

The she-wolf plunged through the pallid snow. It fell in a steady blizzard, blinding her as she staggered through its howling midst. Its lament was deafening, blocking out any sound. The wolf's eyes were narrowed in exhaustion, her whole body shivered and trembled with fatigue and cold. She fought the weariness and pain. Blood seeped from her body and stained the snow, crimson mingling with the white.

She still continued, although she knew it was her end.

A cub in the wolf's jaws hung limply, its silver fur encrusted with ice and filth. But although it seemed lifeless, its eyes were open wide. They were azure, flecked with a pale limpid blue. The colour was out of place in the bleak and ashen wasteland.

The she-wolf still struggled through the snow, her head held high to spare the cub of the freezing drifts. Trees grew only sparsely, their branches heavily laden with white. The wolf knew not where she was going, but only that she has caught the scent of other creatures. Other wolves were nearby, even though their smell was only lingered faintly in the snow. The she wolf was growing steadily wearier, her limbs shook terribly, and each footstep was harder than the first.

A rocky outcrop rose from the ice, nestled at the base of a sheer cliff. Stunted firs grew around it, where their roots could find purchase in the stone. The smell of wolves surrounded the place like a cloud. The storm had died down now, leaving the land buried under a blanket of white. The she wolf lowered the cub gently to the ground. With her last strength, the she cried out desperately. Her distraught howl echoing across the stony plane. It was answered by a savage snarl. Another wolf stood far above her. He was a powerful male, larger than an average wolf. His thick fur was normal of the grey wolf, grey brindled with silver and white. A white blaze extended up his chest and across his neck. Old wounds marred his muzzle. A particularly large scar stretched from under his left eye and over his snout. Although both of his ears stood erect, the tip of his right ear was torn and slumped downward. He held himself proudly and growled ferociously at the she-wolf again, lips peeling from his pearly fangs.

"You dare intrude" he snarled. His fur bristled along his length, his golden eyes wary.

"We are the sole survivors of my pack" The she-wolf cried frantically. "But soon, I will be no longer."

"We ?" The male wolfs eyes narrowed suspiciously. The she wolf stepped to the side, revealing the cub. The male wolf relaxed slightly.

"You have a cub. Then what is it you want."

"I travelled for many suns, in search of ... others."

"My pack cannot shelter you, we can barely feed ourselves in this waste" the male wolf growled softly.

"Not me" the she wolf moaned. "I am too weak to survive, but you must take in the little one."

The male wolf looked taken aback. "I cannot take a cub that is not one of my own" he said.

"But you must, or else she will die."

The male wolf snarled furiously. He seemed torn, but it was rare that a wolf pack would take on an abandoned cub.

The she wolf collapsed, her body trembled as weakness overtook her. She slumped in front of the male wolf, crimson gathering in the snow. She turned her head with an effort, and linked eyes with him. They held his gaze steadily – they were not the hazy eyes of a dying creature – they burnt a fiery ember.

"Take her or she will die, will you allow that?" she snarled suddenly. The cub buried itself into the she-wolfs side, glancing at him with its strange eyes.

"Otherwise, you must kill her ... to save her from dying slowly in this wretched cold" she said in a final whisper. The she-wolf convulsed and finally with a last shudder her body went limp. The fire in her eyes slowly died and went cold. The cub gave a faint wailing cry. It buried its muzzle in the she-wolfs fur, its glinting eyes fixed on the face lying on the pallid snow. The male wolf hardly believed that the tiny creature had any notion of what had happened, but as if to answer him it cried mournfully again, the sound desolate and forlorn. Its bizarre azure eyes locked solidly with his, it didn't even flinch as he gazed back at it. Then the cub gave a faint squeak and struggled towards him through the snow. It made its way to his fore paws and sat between them, peering up at his face.

"I cannot take you" the male wolf whispered undecidedly. The cub only stared up at him, he could see not trust or fear in its eyes but knowing – a bizarre intelligence – unlike that of a young cub.

"But ... I cannot kill you"

The male wolf glanced at the she-wolfs form under the gathering snow. All the harshness drained from his face and he was left watching the cub tenderly. Gently he grasped it in his jaws, and lifted it from the icy ground.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

The cave was warm - perhaps even stuffy- a welcome change from the frigid air outside. Although it was dry, the musty smell of decay filled it – from the withering leaves piled in the corners. It was relatively small, its low roof brushed against the wolves' backs, but it was just how they liked it. The huge dark cavernous spaces of most caves made the pack feel intimidated. The wolf lowered the cub to the ground, and wearily approached his mate. She was a sleek she-wolf, with soft pale grey fur. Her eyes were a warm honey gold, set in a kind face. She lay stretched out, two appendages nestled against her abdomen. Her own cubs were larger, ones coat a normal grey, the others a hazy white. But although they were big, their eyes were still firmly shut. When she saw the male wolf, she strained forward, tail beating against stone.

"Liulfr, what was it?" she whispered.

Liulfr looked guiltily about. "Another wolf came, but she was badly wounded and ..." he stopped short.

The she-wolf merely nodded. Then she wrinkled her nose, scenting the air.

"There is another wolf here" she exclaimed eyes narrowed, her hackles rising.

"A cub Canna, it came with the female ... I couldn't just leave it ..."

Canna was astonished. "Bring it to me" she whispered.

Liulfr pushed the cub forward with his muzzle, it looked back at him and tottered a few steps.

Canna gasped, grief etched into her features and intensifying in her eyes. "It looks like ... it looks like Sierra, it looks like Sierra, Liulfr" she whined.

Liulfr dipped his head. "I know."

"Almost the same silver fur, but ... her eyes ... they are so strange" The cub looked unflinchingly in Cannas eyes with her own creamy azure ones. Normally a young cub's eyes began as a limpid blue and then as if it was a mist it cleared to gold.

"What ... should we do with her?"

Canna opened her mouth to speak, but then the cub stumbled towards her. Liulfr snarled, but the cub continued unperturbed. Canna gazed wonderingly at the cub as it struggled to her side and buried itself against her. It stared back at her from against her belly and snuggled against her own cubs. Liulfr growled and stalked towards her, but Canna bared her teeth at him – warning him to stay away. She watched the new cub fondly.

"Just like Sierra" she whispered faintly.

Liulfr glanced at Canna, astonished. "Are you sure" he asked.


Liulfr nodded his eyes full of concern. Canna nuzzled the new cub tenderly. The cub yawned, revealing a set of sharp pearly teeth and closed her eyes. The cubs breathing steadied and it was soon asleep.

After a while Canna asked "What is her name?"

"I do not know."

"Then what should we call her."

The wolf shook his head. Liulfr and Canna watched the cub as it slept with their own cubs.

"Kyrie" said Canna suddenly.

"Kyrie?" Liulfr prompted.

"After my mother, you did not meet her."

"It ... fits."

Canna smiled affectionately and stretched forward to nuzzle her mate.

"Welcome to the pack young one" She whispered to Kyrie as she rested.