Mission Wild Attention Adapter

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Kou stood behind his counter, his hair tied back away from his face. He was getting ready to close shop when he saw a dark cloaked figure behind the door. He opened it and smiled warmly.

"Well, well, I was wondering how long it would take you…Kubota," he drawled, brushing back his bands to slide his glasses onto his nose. A soaking wet Kubota walked into the store with squeaking boots, no glasses, and a sleeping, wounded Tokito in his arms.

Kou's eyebrows shot up in shock as he moved closer to stare at Tokito. He then looked up at Kubota and he said, "Congratulations on retrieving your cat. It looks like you had to pay your tab early all for not since you didn't die."

"Thanks, but I was hoping his vet could patch him up. He got a wound on both his paws," Kubota responded, bringing Tokito very close to his body. Even when Kou reached out to get a quick look at what he'd be doing, Kubota shifted Tokito out of his reach. Kou arched an eyebrow and waved for Kubota to follow him. He led the way to the back of the store where Kou lived.

A comfortable house lay in the back with a large living room with a couch, dining table, kitchen attached, and flat screen TV with game system. He waved for Kubota to put Tokito onto the couch so he could do his work. He got his surgical/medical/experimental kit and turned around to stare at a Kubota still clutching Tokito's form.

"Kubota-kun, I can't work very efficiently if you are holding him…you want him to be better, don't you?" Kou asked, arching an eyebrow. Kubota stared at Kou with a shockingly distrustful gaze. Kou stood there, frozen by this deadly look.

I see, so he has hit the point now, Kou thought, taking a hesitant step back. Kubota stood there for another moment then kneeled down to carefully situate Tokito comfortably on the couch. Kou didn't dare move to find the barrel of Kubota's gun in his face.

Kubota was finally at the stage in the relationship where he was ready to kill close friends to protect his stray cat. He looked ready to kill Kou if he dared move one wrong way. Kubota sat there for a few minutes, stripping away Tokito's shirt with delicate slips of his hand, brushing his hand over Tokito's face with tenderness.

Kou watched this in fascination, recording it in his mental files and stored it away under lock and key. Finally, Kubota let Kou step forward to examine and stitch Tokito's wounds carefully; doing such under Kubota's watchful eye, of course. He had a large gash on his side, and his fingers needed careful mending. The wires had cut deep, but didn't damage the nerves as much as they should have.

"He is a very lucky boy to have someone like you, Kubota-kun," Kou said while he worked. He knew Kubota cared for Tokito with all his being; he spoiled him rotten, showering him with anything he desired.

"No," he heard Kubota say. He turned around, at full attention. What did he mean no?

"What do you mean?"

"No…he isn't lucky to have someone like me. He deserved better. He deserved to have a family that loved him. He isn't lucky to have me, a nobody rare as that no one wished to talk to. No… he isn't lucky," Kubota said, rooting in his pockets for a cigarette no less.

Kou stared at him long and hard before going back to his working.


Kubota watched Kou from Tokito's other side, sitting in a chair silently. He watched his distant, mournful eyes. This was becoming too dangerous, and Kubota found himself beginning to not trust anyone with his cat.

He wanted so badly to rip Tokito from out beneath Kou's hands and hide him. He wanted to hide Tokito in the deepest, darkest depths of the world where nobody could ever find or hurt him. Kubota wanted to keep Tokito all to himself, and wanted no one else to experience his cheeky smile or the bright shine of his eyes.

Kou was carefully stitching a terrible wound in Tokito's side, and working on his fingers. Kubota's eyes narrowed on Kou's hands, watching their every movement. They moved with deliberate slowness, and he felt envy over the fact that he couldn't tend to Tokito's wounds.

How is it that I am having such thoughts? It is astounding, he thought to himself, pulling out a new cigarette box Kou had offered him for free. He flicked on the lighter, watching the bright orange flame flare and dance on its small sick like a taunting demon before sticking his cigarette into its fiery bowels.

"His wounds are extensive, but I've managed to stop most of the bleeding. Now it's just up to him to let his body heal," Kou said, washing his bloody hands in crystal clear water. Kubota scooted closer to his Tokito, brushing aside black locks of hair. He stared at his companion's face.

He breathed out a stream of depressing smoke and lay down his head on the sofa, pressing Tokito's hand into his, careful of the stitches. He rubbed his hand gently, needing the touch and warmth of Tokito's presence. He thought of his bright, cheerful smile, and felt his body heat.

Come back to me, Tokito…come back to me. I'm not ready to lose you; he thought then plummeted into a deep, dark, haunting sleep.


Tokito was hunched over into a small cage in his dream. His head hurt and his hand burned like one of Kubo-chan's cigarette buds had been stabbed into his flesh. Was his hand on fire? Was it missing entirely?

He looked down and saw his hand was still attached, still deformed and hideous.

"Minoru," a calm voice cooed into his ear, and his skin crawled. The voice reminded him of a venomous snake, slithering up his skin to flick its tongue at his face and body. He shuddered and looked up, staring at the person standing behind the cage wire.

He shrunk back further into his cage, shaking uncontrollably.


"Come Minoru…I own you," the man said, unlatching the cage and moving forward, reaching out to Tokito. He flinched away from the hand, tried fighting it off; but still, his wrist was caught into a tight grip and felt himself being dragged closer to the man who smelled of alcohol, sex, and drugs.

No…No! Leave me alone!

"You're all mine, Minoru," the man whispered, stripping away Tokito's clothes, ignoring the strikes across his cheeks and the fangs digging themselves deep into his flesh as he ripped off the last article of Tokito's clothing. It left him shaking on the stone tile, completely naked. "All mine to taste and devour."


Just as quick as he felt pain shoot up his spine, the scene changed. He was in the living room with Kubota sitting on the other side of the couch, reading the newspaper like he did every morning.

He blinked and looked over at Tokito before smiling, adjusting the cigarette in his mouth.

"You're awake," he said bluntly, and Tokito nodded, looking around. He stared at Kubota with curiosity while Kubota stared back. "Something wrong?"

Tokito slowly sat up and leaned close, laying his head down on Kubota's lap, clutching his pants legs in his grip tightly. He felt Kubota stiffen for a fraction of a second, probably in confusion until finally relaxing. A soft hand landed on his head and stroked his head.

He closed his eyes and purred, "Keep doing that…I had another nightmare."



Kou stared at the two lying on the cough. He stared at Kubota hunched over Tokito's body, his head wresting beside his body and his hand clenching Tokito's. Tokito lay there, fast asleep, panting and sweating.

He watched in curiosity as Tokito's hand shook in possibly fear. But his eyebrows shot up in surprise as Kubota, who he presumed was already asleep, unconsciously squeezed Tokito's hand to provide comfort. He stared at this scene, so beautiful and wonderful, before him.

You just can't give him up, can you Kubota? You knew this would happen the minute you brought him into your home. And I knew that this would happen the minute you desired for him to live enough to call me to your own house to tend to him and examine his wounds, Kou thought, wishing he could speak, but knew it wouldn't make a difference.

You have brought him into the deepest pits of the yakuza business, Kubota. But, of course, you already know this. And even knowing this, it doesn't change the fact that you lock Tokito to your side, fighting to keep him by your side…the main question is…how long can you keep him there?

Kou shook his head and slipped into his robe and retreated to his bedroom, lying down and falling asleep, thinking of his patient lying in the other room.


Kasai sat at his desk, staring down at the picture on his desk. His fingers were knitted together and resting against his mouth. He stared at the image staring back at him. He still couldn't believe the discovery his rookie partner had made.

"Kasai-san?" Araki asked, coming to stand in front of Kasai's desk. He looked up, as if coming out of a daze.

"Yes?" he asked slowly, rubbing his tired eyes. What time was it? He glanced at the clock. 11:31 p.m. "Damn, it's late."

"Yes sir…Kasai-san…what are we going to do? We have to tell them soon," Araki said, also looking down at the picture lying in front of them. Kasai stared at the picture, his eyes narrowing in disdain.

"We will…in time…not now. Let them stay together for as long as they can…we can only give them time," he whispered, staring at Tokito's smiling face in the photograph.


What am I doing?

Osamu asked himself this question as he sat on the bed in some brothel. He sat there while his partner slept sound and satisfied. He pulled out a cigarette and lit it ablaze, pondering over this question. Hethought he'd end up in such a state.

He was angry, depressed, pissed beyond belief, and in agony. Tat-chan was gone, killed, dead…and it was all those demons fault. He bit down on his cigarette in fury. Those demons that deserved to sink into the darkest depths of hell for murdering so many of his friends.

He heard a knock at the door and looked up, his eyes narrowed. His hand darted to his gun and he pointed it at the door as it opened slowly. A slim built man in a furred coat, jeans and black loose tank top stepped inside. He stopped in the doorway, a lollipop stick hanging out the side of his mouth. He had sandy blonde hair that flared out in all directions, wild and untamable.

His eyebrows shot up and he held up his hands when he noticed the gun being pointed his way. Osamu felt a strange sense of satisfaction when the boy's eyes widened.

"Hey now, boss, I'm not here to intrude or anything, but we've got orders," the boy said innocently, and Osamu's eyes narrowed. "Orders from the boss that is, Samu-san."

Osamu's eyes narrowed at the nickname, but the boy just turned and waved over his shoulder, walking out of the room.

"Just come outside to the car when you're ready."

Osamu grumbled to himself and started dressing.

What am I doing…what am I doing alive without you, Ryuunosuke…why am I in this darkness and still barking like a rabid dog…why?

He left the room without a backwards glance, tossing dollars bills onto the floor.


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