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Hermione had noticed a marked decline in the number of visitors to Grimmauld Place over the next few days. Owls seemed to have taken their place instead. The day after her 'Return From Travels' party, she had received a few letters. She had been woken up early the next morning to a tiny grey feathery owl pecking at the bedroom window. Startled, and bleary eyed, she called Remus to wake him. Reaching out to feel him, she turned her head and saw that he must have woken early and headed downstairs. She went to the window and lifted the paned window. Pigwidgeon zoomed in like a blur and dropped the letter on her head, before jetting straight out again. She picked the letter up off of the floor and opened it apprehensively. On a shabby piece of parchment, in neat, slanted writing she recognised Ginny's writing. It read:

'How could you?'

Three words, that's all it had. She felt awful. She sat back onto the bed and exhaled heavily. A sinking feeling settled in her chest. She was watching the sun beams coming into the room, highlighting the dust particles floating in the air. Didn't anyone care about her feelings? Didn't anyone care that she was happy for the first time in over a year? Did they really think that she and Ron were bound to be together like some arranged marriage? Not even five minutes had passed, when another large snowy owl had appeared at her window, pecking the glass with it's beak. Hermione, who had been lost in her own thoughts, sat up quickly and hesitated. Did she want to know what was in these letters? She stood up slowly and made for the bedroom door when Hedwig's pecking and hooting picked up and she flapped her large wings and became quite angry. Hermione hastened back to the window, opened it again, and Hedwig hopped onto the window sill. She held out her leg to Hermione, not looking at her. She detached the two letters and was beginning to try and recognise the writing when Hedwig nipped her hard on the knuckle and flew back out the window. Hermione gasped and brought the wound to her mouth to nurse the sting. She stared after Hedwig in disbelief as she grew smaller and smaller the further away she flew. The last time that had happened was when Harry had been angry at Ron and her for not sending him more information during his summer going into their fifth year. She has nipped them both under Harry's instruction. Did Harry tell Hedwig to do it again?

Becoming quite upset and angry, she remembered the advice she had been given in her fourth year of Hogwarts, when she had received hate mail after Rita Skeeter's stunt. She decided not to open the rest and threw them into the fireplace in her room without reading them. Eyes welling up, she sat in a chair by the fireplace and stared at the unopened letters. Her chin was resting on her throbbing hand and her thoughts became lost again. She remembered Ron's reaction, Madam Pomfrey's waspish comment, Professor's McGannagel's disappointment and Kingsley's stubborn persistence. Her eyes welled up and a lump rose in her throat. "What will mum and dad think?" she thought to herself and more hot fresh tears came as she corrected herself: "What would have mum and dad have thought?" She buried her face in her hands and cried harder than ever. Then Hermione jumped out of her chair and spun around towards the door. Heart beating through her chest she heard shouting coming from the kitchen.


Mrs. Weasley's voice boomed around the house. Hermione's moment of terror had passed and a surge of anger powered through her. Just a child? She was of age, an adult! Didn't she prove she was more capable and mature than most wizards her age after their last year at school? Didn't everyone know what they went through? She could make her own decisions. She deserved more respect than this. She was shaking with adrenaline. She didn't notice that her hand had such a hard grip on the chair that even the new wound shone white. She marched through her door and made for the kitchen. Her fists were clenched and her teeth were gritted. She was ready to fight her corner.


She slammed open the door and her mouth dropped in confusion. Remus was sitting on a kitchen chair elbows resting on his parted knees. Mrs. Weasley was no where to be seen. Then she spotted a red envelope smoking on the table.

'It was a..' she started.

'Howler' sighed Lupin. 'Tea?' he said casually.

'Please' she said almost breathlessly, seating herself onto a vacant chair rubbing her hands over her face. Lupin noticed this.

'Are you alright Hermione?' he said lowering the tea-pot back down and sitting beside her.

'Just had a few letters' she said trying to smile and resting her head sideways on her hand. Lupin rubbed her shoulder soothingly as though sympathising with her.

'Who were they from?' he asked .

'First one was from Ginny and I didn't open the other two. Hedwig brought them so I assume they were from Harry and Ron'. She tried to sound as though it didn't bother her.

'They just need time' he sighed and smiled at her kissed her on the forehead 'just like you' he added with a cheeky smile. For a moment she didn't understand what he meant, she then blushed and lowered her head.

'Are you becoming impatient Remus?' she asked nervously.

'Not at all sweet heart' he laughed pouring her tea. 'I said I'd wait for you' and he sat down opposite her and pointed his wand at a knife on the bread board. The knife rose and began buttering the plate of toast on front of her. She sipped at her tea and stared at the knife doing its work.

'Although….' he hesitated 'When do you think that time will come?' he asked, sitting opposite her. Hermione tried to suppress an embarrassed smile. She opened her mouth but no words came. She was wracking her brain for an answer but none came. She laughed at the look on Lupin's face!

'Im not rushing you darling! Im just curious!' She went to speak but he cut over her ' For example, are we talking days? Weeks? Months?' he looked at her as if he was hoping she wouldn't say years!

She looked him in the eyes. 'Soon' she smiled taking his hand and he smiled back, biting into his toast. However, truth be told, she wasn't sure when she'd be ready for him to make love to her. But she did want him to. She really wanted him to but she was afraid. She remembered how big and girthy it had been the last time in the shower. She was afraid it would it hurt. Really hurt. Would he stop if it did? Would he enjoy it? Would he do it fast or slow? Rough or loving? Would she enjoy it or would he be disappointed and feel it wasn't worth it?

He seemed to realise she was worrying and tried to change the subject.

' What are you going to do to keep yourself busy over the next week while I'm gone? He said letting go of her hand and buttering more toast. She was confused.

'Where are you going?' she said perplexed, putting down her cup.

'It's the full moon tomorrow Hermione' he said crestfallen, lowering the buttered knife, 'I thought you knew?'

'No, oh Remus, I didn't realise it was so soon! I totally forogt!' How could I have forgotten something so inevitable and obvious she thought to herself. She felt almost selfish for not remembering it! She thought he had looked so stressed and tired because of the aftermath of the party, forgetting the full moon was approaching. She didn't want to be away from him for a whole week! She didn't want to be alone, alone in a big dark house with no one for company.

She exclaimed all of this to Lupin and she stood up looking slightly hysterical.

'I'm so sorry Hermione, I thought you knew and that it was just something we weren't going to mention. I should have said it to you earlier but I didn't want to bring it up when we were having such a lovely time. He rose out of his seat and walked around the table beside her.

'Where will you go? She asked and she could feel a lump beginning to rise in her throat again. It suddenly dawned on her that with her parents missing and no one talking to her, how much she would miss him.

'I leave for the Shrieking Shack in the morning.' he replied calmly.

She suddenly felt very selfish. She was worrying about how she would manage a week alone. After all it was him who was going to suffer a week of pain and transformation and leave Grimmauld Place for her safety and comfort.

'Ill find something to keep me entertained' she said forcing a smile and kissing him on the lips and wrapping her arms around his neck. He kissed her back and placed his hands around her waist and squeezed her tight.

'You're so brave Hermione, you've been through so much' he whispered into her hair. He kissed her passionately on the lips, running his hands through her hair, then down her back to her hips. She kissed him harder and her hands ran over his chest. Suddenly he picked her up and sat her on the table. He parted her legs and stood between them. He kissed her more and thrust his pelvis into hers. He became rock hard as he noticed she was not wearing any underwear under her nightdress.

'How soon?' he moaned into her ear as he nibbled it tenderly. His hot breath down her neck made her shiver. She rocked her pelvis into his again and he moaned. She slipped her fingers into the rim of his trousers, pulled him forward and began to open his trousers. She could feel his erection. She got goosepimples as she imagined it slipping into her. She took his hand and lowered it. 'Feel how wet I am, Remus' he growled, bit her neck hard and his two fingers slid into her. She gasped and he moved them in and out as he sucked on her neck. 'How soon?' he groaned pushing his fingers in deeper. She pushed his hand away from her, leaned forward and took his penis firmly in her hand. She rubbed the head of it along her moist wet opening and his knees almost buckled. She liked teasing him. It felt warm against her dripping lips. Just as he was about was about to try and enter her, she jumped up off the table and put him leaning against it. Before he knew what was happening, his long hard penis was deep inside her mouth and her tongue was swirling around the head. A rush of heat entered his testicles and his head rolled back. A long drawn out moan filled the room. 'Hermione' he groaned. She moved her head forward and back and used one of her hands to stroke his shaft. She felt him harden. 'Let me enter you Hermione, it would feel so good.' He was trying to pull out. She looked up at him, shook her head cheekily and took it in her mouth again. He thrust into her mouth hard holding onto her hair. She massaged his testicles and she felt them contract. His breathing became rapid and deep. His thrusting became faster. She heard him moan loudly and her mouth slowly filled with his hot come. He slackened his grip on her hair and fell back against the table, his eyes were closed as she saw him close his trousers. She stood up and kissed him on the lips and wrapped her arms around his waist. 'You little minx' he sighed, looking very relaxed.

'Feel good?' she asked smiling, kissing his chin.

'You have no idea' he smiled back. 'I cant wait to make love to you Hermione Granger. I can't wait to give you the feeling of utter ecstasy. I cant wait to be deep in you, to hit your cervix, come in you, to feel you coming'. He kissed her passionately, arms wrapped around her. 'So how soon?' he said laughing. 'Soon' she simpered giving another cheeky smile, not meeting his eyes.

'Are you teasing me, darling?' he said as though he were scolding Teddy. She nodded her head, biting her lip'.

He looked at her, thinking hard. After a moment he said:

'Very well. No more fun for you' putting her at an arms distance and laughing.

'Maybe if I stop giving you your little 'treats' you might make 'soon' happen a little sooner'. He folded his arms and looked delighted with himself.

'But its my turn' she smiled taking a step towards him, he jumped out of the way.

'Nope. Fair is fair' he said trying to be strict.

'Well then' said Hermione, walking seductively around him, running her hand around the back of his neck and sitting up on the table. She unbuttoned the top buttons and pulled up her nightgown. 'Ill just have to take care of things myself, won't I?' and she lay back on the table.

'Hermione?' he asked with suspense.

'Hmmm?' she replied, letting her knees fall either side and lowering her hand between her legs. She groaned, her eyes closed and head resting on her shoulder.

'Im having nothing to do with this' he said loudly as though trying to convince himself more than Hermione. He shuffled on the spot putting his hands in his pockets. She carried on, whimpering every now and again and calling out to him. She revealed one of her breasts with her free hand. Lupin noticed her nipple was very hard. She licked her index finger and began squeezing and playing with it. Lupin saw her knees jerk a bit.

'Hermione…what if someone comes through the fireplace?' he said staring at her and licking his lips.

She ignored him. He walked to the end of the table. He could that she was positively dripping.

'Remus….' she cooed. He could see her finger encircling her clitoris. He exhaled heavily. He put his hands on her knees and began stroking her legs. He had to be strict, but this was proving difficult.

'I'm getting close' she groaned and her back arched. He caved. As his right hand ran up her leg and got closer to her groin, he slowly moved two fingers towards her opening. He fondled the area, moistening his fingers. Then, when she least expected it, he penetrated her and rapidly begin to move his fingers in and out as she rubbed her clitoris harder.

'Remus!' she gasped and her head rolled back wards. He reached forward with his free hand and began massaging her breasts.

'I'm coming' she said quickly and he quickened his pace and strengthened his force. She rubbed her clitoris harder. He could feel her vagina contracting around his fingers. She beared down to push his hand in further. The sounds of her moans filled the kitchen and she writhed until it was over. She lay on the table with her eyes closed and breathing deeply. He leaned over her and kissed her neck. She shivered all over. 'What is this magic you hold over me Ms. Granger? He whispered down the other side of her neck and rubbing his hands down her body. She shivered more. She sat up and put her hands around his neck and kissed him on the lips.

'No more fun for you' she said pulling a silly face and imitating him. He laughed. 'I can be very persuasive you know' she smiled.

'If only I were' he said raising an eye brow and slapping her bottom.

After breakfast Hermione headed upstairs to get dressed and noticed more letters sitting on the dresser. She closed the bedroom window, annoyed with herself that she hadn't done it sooner and chucked them straight into the fireplace on top of the other two unopened letters. Lupin had suggested that they get out of the house and get some fresh air. Hermione had wanted to go to Diagon Alley, as the last time she had seen it, she had been dressed as Bellatrix Lestrange and it had been a dark, lonely, dangerous place. That time, most of the shop fronts had been boarded up and almost void of people. They apparated to the Leaky Cauldron and Lupin led her through to the back and pressed the sequence of bricks that opened up the wall between Muggle and Magic London. Walking up the main street, she started when Lupin took hold of her hand in his. She looked around to see if anyone was staring. There was an obvious age gap between them and she wondered what people would think when they would see them together. They walked on and she was glad to see that Diagon Alley had revived its previous atmosphere. It was busy with all sorts of magical folk and creatures, the shops were no longer boarded up and it was a happy place. Small children were running around showing each other their unusual purchases. First, they went to Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour. Mr. Fortescue had been murdered by Death Eaters during the War and a picture of him was on the front of every menu. They ordered two Knickerbocker Glory's, sat outside and watched the passing crowds. Hermione heard one man scowl 'warewolf' at Lupin as he walked by. Hermione looked horrified but when she looked at Lupin, he was calm. He must have been so used to it, it didn't seem to bother him at all. She was amazed at how he was always able to keep his cool. Later that evening after eating dinner in a café, they went to Florish and Blotts. Hermione was in her element. She spent a long time browsing through all the books, however she did skip one of the corners of the shop that was entirely dedicated to The Art of Divination. She had just passed a shelf laden with books entitled 'The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore' by Rita Sketter when she heard an angry voice.

'I would ask you to leave at once sir!' said a very grumpy looking old man branding his walking stick at Lupin. Hermione was mortified, everyone in the shop had stopped to watch.

'I'm just browsing' said Lupin, very calmly, laying down a book that he had been reading. 'There won't be any trouble from me'.

'Leave these premises at once, werewolf!' he said gritting his teeth and reaching for his wand.

'Alright' said Lupin, raising his hands and taking a step back. 'Hermione?' he called and nodded towards the door, not taking his eyes off the owner. He took her hand before leaving the shop and she could hear them muttering as they left.

'She's with him?' said one high voice

'Doesn't she know?' Said another

'Filthy half breeds' said the owner.

'Are you alright darling?' he asked her squeezing her hand as they walked on the cobbles back towards the Leaky Cauldron.

She was lost for words. She was appalled and didn't know what to say. Words found her and then came an outburst.

'How could they speak to you like that? How could they treat you like that? You've never done anything wrong! They don't even know you! You'd never hurt a fly!'. Her eyes began to water. She walked through the Leaky Cauldron with her head down. She didn't want anyone to see she was upset. Once outside they disapparated and they found themselves at Grimmauld Place. He opened the hall door for her and she went in.

She felt angry at those people for what they had said. She felt embarrassed for him that he had to deal with them on front of her. She also felt confused. Why didn't he stand up for himself? She walked into the dining room and sat down. He remained at the door and leaned against it. It was beginning to get dark.

'Hermione' he sighed putting his hands in his pockets and looking down at his shoes. 'You can still walk away you know'.

'What do you mean?' she said surprised, but she knew exactly what he meant.

'Today was just a taster of my life, what I have to put up with. That is how society sees people like me. How they will always see people like me. You would be apart of that life Hermione. There is a big chance that if you stay with me that you will have to bear some of that prejudice and ridicule too. The majority of society would reject you'.

He walked towards her, pulled out the chair beside her and sat down. He took her hand in both of his and looked her straight in the eye.

'That is why I would not blame you or ever resent you for walking away from this now. While you can, before its too difficult' he lowered his head for the last few words.

'Remus, I told you that I loved you, and I do love you. I don't care what those people think.'. He lifted his head and looked at her again.

'They don't know you as I do, as the Order does. They could never change my mind about you. Their ignorance and apathy are their own downfalls. I love you and want to spend every waking moment with you. I will be here waiting for you when you get back' she squeezed his hands tight.

He swallowed hard and looked up at her. He kissed her hands.

She knew he was moved by her words.

'Lets go to bed my love, its been a hectic few days'. She stood up, he remained seated. He wrapped his arms around her hips and kissed her stomach. She leant down and kissed the top of his head. They stood like that for a moment or two. Then he stood up and they went upstairs holding hands.

It didn't take long for Hermione to fall asleep. However worried she was about Lupin being away for an entire week, she was so tired that once her face fell against her cool pillow and Lupin's warm body spooned into her, she nodded off within minutes. She dreamt all night long. They were filled with her parents, the party guest, owls attacking her, Kingsley handing her Ministry letters informing her she had to marry him, then Ron losing it altogether. Images of the different shops in Diagon Alley and faceless people shouting abuse at her and Lupin. She opened her eyes. The room was still dark. The moonlight lit the room dimly and she could hear Lupin's deep breathing. But something caught her eye, something that filled her with such panic, that her heart immediately began pounding in her chest. Lupin's snoring grew louder. Afraid to move, she turned her head slightly to look out the window. The full moon was staring back at her. She turned her head slowly and quietly to the other side and realised that the snoring had turned into low growls. She turned her head more quickly and saw two big yellow eyes of a fully fledged werewolf was staring back at her. She gasped and sat up. The room was bright. It was morning. It had been a nightmare. She was in a cold sweat. Heart still racing, she noticed a note lying on Lupin's pillow. She picked it up. It read:

Darling, I couldn't bear saying goodbye to you for a whole week. You look so at peace when you sleep. I'll be back in a week and I will be missing you every second of every minute of every day. I love you so much, Remus.

She lay back down, still breathing very fast.

'What am I doing?' she whispered to the empty room.