Basically, I'm starting to think maybe it would be more fun for people to read if from this point onwards I write my own stories with these characters to finish off the series but take inspiration from series 6 (so, spoilers, rumours etc...)

Thoughts? (I'm probably going to do it either way, but I'd like to know anyway.)

Episode Two: Naomi

It was their fourth week back at College. Naomi was already sick of the sigh of everyone, all she wanted was Emily.

"Where are you going?" Pandora asked, she'd been a little lost since Morocco, they all had.

"Home Panda" she replied. Pandora in particular had been a little dazed, her best friend was missing. Freddie was also, and Emily was in a coma, things were hard for them.

"Can I come?" Pandora asked, looking hopeful.

"No… I really need to be alone." she replied, walking away from Pandora, who stood watching her go. Naomi felt so lonely, without Emily nothing seemed to work anymore. She walked to the hospital, pacing outside, unsure of wether to make another attempt at getting in. She pulled her phone out of her pocket, she would text or cal Emily every day. She pressed call, Emily's name popped up. She had called her twenty times in the last four days.

"Wake up." Naomi said, as it went to answer phone. "I love you, I miss you… I need you back. Wake up." she continued, hanging up the phone. She put it next to her on the bench she was on. It began to ring, Naomi felt as if she might be sick.

"Hello?" Naomi said.

"Hey" Emily said weakly.

"You're awake!" she said. Emily laughed on the other side of the phone.

"Come see me." she said. Naomi smiled.

"But your family won't let me in." Naomi replied. Emily laughed again.

"Come on" she said, she hung up. Naomi jumped up, a small glimmer of hope was inside her again, maybe Emily would be ok. She burst through the doors of the hospital, up the familiar stairs she had trawled many times. She went past the reception, then reached the double doors going into Emily's private room.

"Emily…" she said softly, Emily was wired up to a ton of machines, she still had bruises and marks from the accident.

"Hello" Emily said. Naomi walked over and hugged her girlfriend tight.

"Missed you." Naomi said, pulling up a chair and sitting next to her.

"I missed you too." Emily replied. Naomi stood up, she grabbed Emily and pulled her close, breathing in her scent, stroking her hair.

"I'm never letting you go… never again." she said. The moment was interrupted as Emily's Mother burst into the door.

"You!" she shouted, "Get the hell out of here!" she screeched. She grabbed Naomi's arm and dragged her out of the room.

"Emily!" Emily!" Naomi shouted. "I promise I'm coming back for you!" she shouted again, before being thrown out of the hospital altogether.

"This is so shit." Naomi said, they were in the common room at College.

"Yeah… things aint so great right now." Cook said. Normally he would be the one to make a joke out of it, but not this time.

"Katie" Pandora called, Katie was walking past. She had a large plastic bag with her, it looked like the contents of her locker.

"Hey." Katie replied.

"What's that?" Pandora asked.

"Stuff from my locker."

"Why in blinking hell are you doing that?" Pandora asked.

"We're taking Emily to Zurich, to help her get better." Katie said.

"What?" Pandora asked.

"Yep…" Katie said.

"That's quite far." JJ said.

"Sure is." Katie replied. "Listen, I really just want to get out of here, so I'll see you." she said, giving a small wave before leaving.

"Fucking brilliant." Naomi said. "Just brilliant."

"Go get your girl lesbo." Cook said.

"I can't, they're taking her away!" Naomi shouted, she jumped up. Nobody seemed to be taking her seriously. She stormed out of College, she knew what she had to do. She would go to Emily's...try and get her back.

She arrived at 3, she knocked furiously on the door. She could remember the first time she went to Emily's house. The letterbox. She opened it up, looked through. The house looked soulless, empty.

"Jenna… I'm sorry, whatever you want me to be for Emily I'll be. Just let me in!" she begged. There was no answer, not even a stir. She moved back from the door, then ran at it, barging her way in.

"Hello…" she said. There was no answer, they had gone to Zurich already. "Fuck" Naomi said to herself, leaning against the wall. "Fuck fuck fuck." she repeated herself, she walked upstairs to Emily's room. She got into her room, there was Emily.

"Emily!" she said.

"Hey" Emily replied, she was just standing there.

"I'm so glad you're here… what about Zurich?" Naomi asked.

"Fuck it." Emily said. "Someone's at the door." Sure enough, a knock came just after Emily said so. Naomi ran downstairs, it was Cook.

"What do you want?" Naomi asked as she opened the door.

"Just checkin' you're alright." Cook said, coming in.

"How'd you even know I was here?" Naomi asked.

"Wild guess." Cook replied, smirking.

"Emily's upstairs." Naomi said.

"Oh shit… serious?" Cook asked.

"Yep" Naomi replied. Cook ran upstairs, opened her bedroom door, then came back down with a face of confusion.

"She's gone Naoms" Cook said.

"No! She was just up there…" Naomi replied. "She must be hiding."

"I think she's gone babe, to Zurich." Cook said.

"She would have said goodbye." Naomi replied shortly.

"Yeah." Cook replied, not really sure how to deal with Naomi acting like that. Naomi's phone beeped, it was Panda.

"Panda wants me to meet her in Town." Naomi said. "I should probably go."

"Yeah… see you Naomi" Cook said. He watched as Naomi left then sat down on the sofa, flicking through their cable channels.

"You alright?" Naomi asked, as they sat down in a cafe.

"Yeah, great." Pandora replied quietly.

"You don't sound it." Naomi replied.

"Why didn't you tell me Ems was awake?" Pandora asked.

"I forgot… I don't know, I just… yeah." Naomi replied.

"I just want to feel happy again." Pandora said.

"Me too." Naomi replied.

"Where are my friends?" Pandora asked, she buried her face in her hands, crying.

"You've got Tommo." Naomi said, holding Pandora's hands.

"Can we get some garibaldi's over here please?" Naomi called to the waitress, who soon came bustling over with a large pack of them. Naomi took Pandora's hand and they sat outside, on some steps.

"It's ok you know…" Naomi said, putting an arm around her.

"This has made me feel a little bit better." Pandora said. "You're a dream."

"I know" Naomi said, cuddling Panda. "Ooh, here's Tommo!"

"Hello Naomi" Thomas said, sitting down the other side of her.

"Hey" Naomi said.

"How's your french Thomas?" Pandora asked.

"C'est incredible baby" Thomas replied.

"We should go to Zurich and get Emily!" Pandora suggested. Naomi's eyes widened.

"Can we?" She asked.

"Oui" Thomas said, playing on the fact they'd already tested his french once.

"Trebien!" Pandora joked.

"Let's go back to Emily's." Naomi said.

"What?" Pandora asked.

"She was awake, she was there earlier… she's gone now." Naomi said. They all went back, Cook was already there.

"Hey" Cook said as they got there, JJ had arrived too.

"So we're all here." Naomi said, they were sat in Emily's lounge smoking some spliff.

"Yeah, there's gonna be a shit-tonne of people here later babe." Cook said.

"uh-oh" JJ said.

"What?" Naomi asked.

"I might have put on Facebook that there's a free house for a party tonight." Cook said.

"Cook you wanker!" Naomi said, throwing a cushion at him.

"Sorry, sorry!" he replied.

"Fuck it." Naomi replied.

"Well, having a big party will annoy her 'rents won't it?" Panda asked.

"True…" Naomi said. "Actually, let's get fucked!" she shouted. Hours later, there were loads of people crammed into Emily's house. It was suffocatingly full.

"Woo!" Panda shouted, dancing with Thomas, Cook was getting with two girls at once in the corner.

"That's classy, eh JJ?" Naomi asked.

"Lovely." JJ said. They both laughed. Naomi turned around and in the crowd, she could just about make out the back of a girl';s head, it was red.

"Emily!" She shouted. The girl turned around, sure enough, it was Emily. She dropped her phone, it smacked against the fireplace, cold stone. She chased the girl who had disappeared. She ran upstairs, to Emily's room, luckily, Emily was there, in bed, naked.

"Hey." Emily said.

"Hello" Naomi said. Emily smiled gently.

"You trashed my house." she said sternly.

"Sorry about that… Cook…" she replied.

"Don't worry." Emily said, smiling again. She looked almost, sad.

"Where are your parents?" Naomi asked.

"I left them behind." Emily replied quietly.

"Why didn't they come with you?" Naomi asked.

"They didn't understand." Emily said, "they never will." Naomi jerked awkwardly, not sure what to say.

"Why are your clothes still on?" she asked delicately, Naomi laughed. She pulled her shirt off, slowly lowered her jeans and got into bed with Emily. She kissed her hungrily, she'd missed her lips… her hair… her body.

"I love you." Emily said. "More than anything, more than anyone."

"I know" Naomi said. She kissed her neck, then slowly moved down her body, kissing her everywhere she could reach, taking in her whole body.

"Oh… Naomi… Naomi…" Emily moaned, the two of them were in that moment, that one beautiful moment, together.

"I really love you." Emily said, one more time.

"I love you too" they hugged, Emily kissed her, their lips had a spark between them.

"Look at me." Emily said. Naomi looked into Emily's deep brown eyes, she was the most beautiful thing she had ever laid eyes on. Emily turned over, Naomi lay down next to her, pulling her close, holding her like she was the most precious thing on Earth.

It was the next morning, Emily wasn't in bed.

"Emily?" Naomi called, no reply. She ran downstairs. "Emily!" She called again, still no reply. She ran into the living room, looking desperately around. She heard her phone ringing, she had dumped it on the there last night.

"Hello?" Naomi said.

"Everything is so beautiful" Emily said gently.

"What?" Naomi asked.

"I had to go." Emily said.

"Why?" Naomi asked.

"You know why." Emily replied.

"I don't…" Naomi said.

"I love you Naomi, and Katie." Emily said, the phone hung up. Naomi let her hand slip to her side, then looked at her phone. It was smashed, broken, it couldn't have been working… could it? She looked to her side, out of the living room window she could see the Fitch's family car.

"Oh no…" Naomi said. She walked into the hallway, Jenna was sitting on the stairs.

"You screwed the house, I see." Jenna said, she looked defeated.

"I'm sorry." Naomi said.


"Where's Emily?" Naomi asked, Jenna flinched.

"She had to stay in Zurich." Jenna replied. Naomi didn't know how to reply. "Actually… she died yesterday afternoon."

"What?" Naomi asked, tears couldn't even form in her eyes. "But I talk to her all the time, just now…"

"Me too." Jenna said. "What else is there left to do?" she asked. Naomi walked over and sat next to Jenna, not sure what to do next.

"She loved me you know." Naomi said.

"I know." Jenna replied. "That's why I'm here." Katie walked through the door, Naomi had no idea where Rob and James were. Katie was crying, she joined them on the same step. Three women, all grieving over the same thing, Emily.

"Katie…" Naomi began. Katie nodded.

"I know." she said, "I know." she took Naomi's hand, squeezing it tight.

"I felt so terrible…" Jenna continued. "Turning off that fucking machine… What would she think of me?" Jenna asked, Katie remained silent.

"She'd say you were her mum… and that was what you were supposed to do."



Effy's finally back on the scene, with a million questions to answer. She couldn't have come back at a more worse time, everyone is grieving over Emily and saying she's to blame. A new girl is on the scene, Sophia, will she bring the group back together, or push them even further apart?