Flo limped home as dawn light flittered from the sky. She had lied all night by Charlie's body, as if he was still alive, and needed her warmth.

Charlie never needed her warmth, did he? But he was the spark of rebellion in her. She would've done anything for him.

If Flo could change one thing..

she would have drowned. And not Charlie.

She quietly got up and had sore paws, she paused and licked his cheek. "I'll never forget you." She whispered.

She had swam out into the ocean as far as she could when everyone left and was lucky to find his soaking wet body.

"Charlie? Charlie.." The collie whined. "CHARLIE!" She let out a howl of dismay. Some might find her foolish for even clinging to hope he'd be alive, but she only did because she just couldn't belueve it.

Now she limped home on her sore, muddy paws. Her fur was a mess aswell, and she longed for Charlie's company.

She shook her head. He was gone... only a memory.

She walked in to find the puppies all asleep. Tears she held in for so long fell as she remembered she'd have to tell them somehow.

For now she curled up under a blanket, and wrapped her tail over her soaking wet eyes. Her face was streaked with tear stains.

"Flo.. Flo.. please, Flo, wake up.."

Flo's eyes flittered open. "Huh?" She heard a familiar voice and looked around her, it was pitch black darkness.

A familiar dog shyly padded up to her.

"Charlie!" She leaped up to him and wrapped herself around him, nuzzling his side. "Oh.. Charlie."

She stopped. "It's just a dream." She mumbled.

"Yes, Annabell told me I could visit you in a dream." He pawed at the ground.

Seeing her look of confusion, he blinked. "She's the head angel up in heaven..."

"Oh." Flo nodded quietly. "I see.." She felt awkward.

Charlie padded next to her, starlight glittering around his paws as he sat down next to her and licked her ear. "I need you to know I'll always love you.."

Flo looked into his eyes, they were filled with hurt and Charlie winced.

"I understand." She said softly and sighed. There was no way he could keep visiting her like this, and it wouldn't be the same.

Charlie swallowed. "But if it makes you feel better I'll visit you when you really need me."

Flo rested her head on her shoulder. "Oh Charlie, then I'd never get over you.."

Charlie pulled his ears back. "Well, Flo.."

Charlie mumbled, "My sweet, sweet Flo.." every word was like chewing on broken glass for him. "I want you to know.. goodbyes aren't forever.. our paths will cross again one day.."

Flo pressed her nose to his. "Yes, even if that seems forever away.."

"If you want I can visit the pups.."

Flo shook her head. "They'll have to deal with loss.. might aswell start now."

Charlie sighed and opened his mouth to say something, but the puppies were nudging and jumping on Flo.

"Aunt Flo! AUNT FLOOOO!" One of them wailed.

Flo shook her head. "W-what?"

"Charlie said he'd be here this morning.. where is he?"

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