Turning the Helical Gear

Author: Nickeltaffy

Disclaimer: These characters are Joss's. I don't own them, never did and never will. Thanks for the loan.

Everyone's surprised by Spike's latest transformation – a four year old Spike. The only one who seems to taking it well is Spike and he's up for a little fun and maybe, some payback.

Chapter 13

Everyone was gathered in the medical section of Wolfram and Hart for the second time that day. Fred was reading the report on the examination of the infant discovered in Angel's office. The men uncomfortably shifted on their feet and looked at each other with unease as they listened to it.

"It appears he is a normal ten day old human infant. He is a completely healthy seven pound five ounce infant. The fontanelle and all growth plates are normal and present for an infant of this age." Fred went on to say. "His reactions are consistent with expected metal development of a newborn infant. Based upon examination of the cellular level, he should grow at a normal rate to adulthood." Fred looked up from the report at the rest of the group standing there and shrugged with a pained smile.

Angel, Wesley and Gunn stood there, not looking at Fred as she let her hand with the report fall to her side. There were a few moments of quiet as they digested the information that had just been presented to them. Angel seemed to stare off at a spot on the floor a few feet away with his hands in his pockets. Gunn's eyes swam back and forth over the room and then looked back over at the infant that lay swaddled in the clear plastic bassinet. Wesley looked up toward the ceiling, tensing his mouth to one side as thoughts ran through his head.

"So, what happened to the stone?" Wes asked as he pulled his eyes from the ceiling and looked over at Fred.

"It has completely disappeared. It seems that the solar device in Elkhorn's hand had just enough power to ignite the time/energy spiral one more time. Once he placed his bloody hand on the stone, it completed the circuit between the solar device and the stone, and initiated another spiral. The stone was consumed in this final cycle." Fred said as she looked over at the small body.

Silence was once again prevalent, as the group processed the situation. This time, Gunn was the first to break the silence that seemed to weigh down the atmosphere surrounding the group.

"So, what do we do with him?" he asked the group, indicating the baby with his head.

"We find him a home. A good home, where they can bring him up to be a good man." Angel announced intently without looking away from the spot on the floor.

"I don't know if we should do that. We just can't unleash him on an unsuspecting family. We know what kind of character he is." Wesley disputed with an eerily calm voice.

"Look at him. I don't think he poses much of a threat now, do you? How much evil could a small body like that hold, really?" Fred said as she put her hand on Wesley's arm and turned him, so he could see the tender infant lying in the bed. Wes eyes traveled to the baby, and then over to Fred, ashamed of the words that had recently come out of his mouth.

"Well..." Wesley began but was quickly interrupted by a cacophony of noise which was occurring a number of feet away.

In the next instant, a clatter of metal arose from the next curtained medical bay. The curtains at the bay were suddenly torn open by a technician in a white lab coat who came running out while ducking metal pans being thrown at him. The man in the lab coat turned around in terror, looking back at the bay from across the aisle. The examination tray came hurdling out of the bay toward him. He jumped away from it with a squeal and then made a mad dash down the aisle way as quickly as he could.

"I think someone is awake." Angel said as he slowly turned to regard the cloaked medical bay.

"Where are my bloody clothes?!" The curtains were torn open by a fully grown adult Spike who stood there with an incensed look. He was only dressed in a hospital gown which only came down to his mid calf. He looked from side to side at the entrance of the medical bay, spying the AI team, he moved toward the group.

"You! What the bleedin hell is going on?" Spike pointed at Angel as he came towards the group. "What am I doing here? Why was there a one of those degenerates in a white coat trying to poke me with something when I woke up?"

"Spike, calm down. We'll answer your questions in good time, but first we have to resolve this situation." Angel looked over at the others. "Back to our special guest over there. We need to decide what to do with him. Does anyone have any suggestions?"

"I know a couple back in Texas that is looking to adopt. He's a youth minister and she's a child psychologist." Fred interjected. "I don't think there could be a better couple to raise him to be a good upstanding man."

Seeing that everyone was looking toward the window, Spike wandered over to the glass and looked at the infant Elkhorn lying in the clear bassinet. He leaned against the glass as he turned back to the group.

"Blimey! You would do that to the poor mite? I mean, the next eighteen years for him are going to be a soddin examination of what you should do and why you didn't do it. He's going to be a very confounded good boy by the time they're done with him." Spike said with a look of distaste at the team. Shaking his head, he turned back to the window. "You have my bleedin sympathies, mate!"

"I think that there's nothing left to be said on that matter." Angel said as he walked toward the window. He turned toward his team once more. "Fred, Gunn, please inform the Legal department to process the adoption as soon as possible."

"You betcha. I'll give the couple a call right away. Brother Jonas and Arnette will so be thrilled, I am sure they'll take the next plane out." Fred replied happily.

Fred and Gunn moved together toward the doors. Fred was almost skipping with happiness as she envisioned the reaction of the couple when she would call them. Angel, Wes and Spike stood there watching the two leave. Spike groaned.

"Bleedin hell. I don't know about the two of you, but I am very aware of a cross breeze in this section." Spike sighed. "You two don't know what they did with my clothes, do you? I guess I just have to suss the location of my clothes myself. Hey you, in the white coat..I wanna talk to you!" Spike called after a technician who looked appropriately intimidated by the vampire striding purposefully toward him.

"What are you going to tell him?" Wes asked as he looked over at Angel.

"I don't know yet." Angel said, never taking his eyes away from the retreating blonde vampire.

Once Spike had located his clothes and was well safely ensconced in them again, he began to think about the events of the day. He sat down and tried to review the events of the day, but couldn't really recall much. He remembered going into the staff meeting this morning, having an argument with Angel…nothing out of the ordinary there. But after that point, his memory seemed to be spotty and playing tricks on him. It was like things had gotten spun together, as if someone had come along with a big stick and stirred his memories up. He couldn't really pick a clear memory out after the meeting. Oh well, looking down at himself, he seemed to be in one piece. He was sure that someone would tell him at some point, if anything interesting had happened. Shrugging, he stood up, took a deep breath and pulled on his duster..

He decided that he needed a drink, so we went over to Lorne's establishment for a beer. He seemed to be receiving special attention from the demon. Lorne mentioned that his aura seemed a bit brighter, you might say, shinier than normal. Spike just shrugged it off as the demon was just being peculiar. After a few of more beers, and discovering they seemed to be affecting him more than normal, Spike decided to call it a night and returned to his apartment for a good night's sleep. He was surprised when he found someone waiting for him at his door.

"Well, color me surprised!" Spike stood still at the top of the stairs, surprised. "What brings you to be lurking outside my humble abode, Peaches?"

"I just wanted to check up on you. See if you were alright." Angel moved out of the shadows.

"Why wouldn't I be?" Spike was looking at the tall vampire as he came toward his door. He caught his toe and tripped slightly.

"You've been drinking?" Angel asked.

"I must say, that's excellent detective work on your part." Spike brought up his chin as he said it and sniffed. "Well, as you can see..all's well. So, piss off."

"You seem rather drunk. How many have you had?" Angel's eyes traveled over Spike who seemed to be losing more and more sobriety by the second.

"That's the funny thing, only a few. I seemed to have lost my tolerance this evening." Spike studied the lock as he tried to unsuccessfully jam his key into it. " I can't think why. Maybe, they gave me something when I was in the medical section today"

After watching the younger vampire try to unlock his door several times, Angel took the key from Spike's hand and opened the door for the blond vampire who bonelessly slid in through the doorway.

"Come on in. All are welcome." Spike said, throwing his arm in a drunken roundabout welcome. Angel followed the increasingly inebriated vampire into the apartment. Spike slammed down on his threadbare sofa like a ragdoll, his legs splayed out straight in front of him.

"You should go to bed." Angel stated.

"Excellent idea." Spike said with his head hanging down as he wavered on the sofa. His eyes were almost closed when Spike took a deep breath and shook himself awake. When he did, he noticed that Angel had moved over in front of him and was kneeling in front of him, unlacing his boots. It was eerily familiar. There was a slight flash of memory of Angel removing his shoes once before, but his feet were a lot smaller. HE was a lot smaller. That didn't make any sense. 'I don't know what they slipped me, but it is playing tricks on me.' Spike thought as he rubbed his face, blinking his eyes, and opening them wide. He looked at Angel again, he had to tell him something.

"Hey, You..," Spike drunkenly pointed at Angel several times as he tried to put words together. "You were bigger..." Spike abruptly fell forward. He had passed out and had fallen over asleep. His face crashing against Angel's shoulder.


As Spike walked into the lobby of Wolfram and Hart that morning, he could still not really recall anything specific that had happened the previous day. He stopped by Harmony's desk to check his mail as that was his habit before the morning meeting. There was an interoffice envelope sitting there for him. It was a 'Save the date' invitation for a house warming part for the demons, Langdon and Noreen down in the high security containment section. 'That's funny,' Spike thought. 'I didn't know they were seeing each other.' Langdon had always seemed so content in his carefully constructed bachelor pad down there. Spike had thought Langdon would never leave his single guy sanctuary voluntarily. Hmm. Things change, apparently, Spike mused.

Spike was standing there, continuing to look at the mail when he noticed a man and a woman dressed in the Wolfram and Hart military garb. They both seemed to be smiling broadly at him, looking at him with some sort of expectation. He gave them a little tilt of his head with puzzled eyes and resumed looking through the mail. He felt the woman come up and place her hand on his shoulder. He turned to look at the woman standing there. Her eyes traveled from the top of his head on down, like she was taking inventory.

"Good morning, Spike." Durant said, with a gentle bemused tone.

"Um..Good morning." Spike said, a little abashed.

"How are you, today?" Durant asked, smiling at him as if she knew something he didn't.

"I'm fine. Thank you. How are you?" Spike stood there, scrabbling in his mind to figure out who this person was who seemed to know him. Just for a moment a memory flashed, but that woman seemed to be a lot taller, a lot, lot taller than the one standing in front of him.

"Just fine. It's good to see you." With that statement, Durant gave him a slight pat on his cheek. She stood back, smiling. She looked into his eyes, and gave a satisfied sigh and walked off. She and Pulaski went toward the elevators to report to their new duty stations, now that they were employed by Wolfram and Hart under Angel's direction. The remaining mercenaries from Elkhorn's team had also been hired, but had been farmed out to less glamorous and definitely more dangerous locations by the firm.

Spike spun around to Harmony.

"Do I know them?" Spike urgently asked her pointing back at the couple at the elevators. Harmony had left early yesterday, so she had missed most of the events of the previous day. She just shrugged as she leaned over to watch the two military personnel enter the elevator.

Fred was walking and happily talking with a young earnest looking couple who had a small infant wrapped in one of those homemade crocheted receiving blankets. The young slightly dowdy mother was carrying the child close, while speaking with Fred, but never taking her eyes off the tiny child. The young father was carrying a diaper bag and was toting one of those baby carrier/car seats in his hand. He was also leaning over and looking at the baby with such emotion, that his face was red and his eyes were misty. Every once in a while, he would reach over to bounce a small balled up fist off his finger.

Spike's eyes followed the small group as they crossed the lobby. He heard Fred say the young couple boarded the elevator.

"Just let me know what's going on with little Ambrose Hiram. I think it is wonderful that he is being named after both his grandfathers. I am so happy for all of you." Fred said, as she waved goodbye as the elevator doors closed.

Spike winced as he heard the name. Closing his eyes, he knew the schoolyard was going to be an adventure in torment for that kid. Suddenly, he felt Fred's hand wrap around his arm and give it a squeeze.

"So, how are you doin this morning, Sweetie?" She grinned at him with a special amount of glee aimed just at him.

Returning the grin with a chuckle, Spike answered "Just fine, darling."

"Take me into the meeting?" Fred inclined her head toward the conference room, not letting go of his arm.

"My pleasure." Spike said as he put his other hand over hers.

Spike guided the young woman into the conference room. As the pair entered the room, everyone's attention was turned toward Spike as he entered the room. Spike became very aware that he had become the center of attention for some reason.

"How are you today, Spike?" Wes said, his eyes were casually measuring the vampire as Spike came in the room.

"Hey, Spike." Gunn said as he took his seat and leaned back to regard the blonde vampire.

"Spike." Angel said, as he walked back to his seat, watching the blonde vampire out the corner of his eye.

As Spike held out the chair for Fred, who sat down in the chair and turned it to regard him. Spike gave an uncomfortable grin as he turned and sat down in his own chair. He noticed that he was the center of attention. He waited, but when no one said anything, he had to ask.

"I am noticing that everyone is watching me as if I am about to explode…..….Why?" His eyes moving from face to face, a puzzled Spike asked the room.

"Someone else can answer that." Angel said, low under his breath.


Author's note: Well, I have just finished my first story. I hoped you liked it. I look forward to any reviews or input you would like to provide me.

If you would like to continue to find out what the stone still has in store for a kid size Spike , please see the sequel: The Downside of Elemental Dieseling