War and Battle by Androidfish7

3 days after the US discovers the zombie plague and they attack. Worthington, Hunt, and Cash have avoided running out of food by not eating lunch and by eating very small portions for breakfast and dinner, and still have 2 days of rations, meanwhile, White is getting word of the re-rise of the plague and undead, and is looking down at Earth for the source of plague:

White entered his master computer room, deciding to pinpoint the location of the plague's uprising, and he decided he would also find how the humans on Earth got it up, and better yet, *why* they wanted to get it back up. "Myra [name of computer] bring up all sources of bacterial and cellular infection on the planet Earth" White commanded, and the computer brought up an image of planet Earth. Memories of his adventures with Blake, Karie, Eustace, and Eugene hit White like the zombie plague, but he had to remember that Karie, Eustace, and Eugene were long dead, so it would be only him and Blake this time around. The computer replied "detecting high bacterial infection in the United States of America, bacterial fatality at 96%". "Myra, how many humans on Earth are dead compared to alive ones from this plague?" asked White. "The casualty rate has almost reached billions, spreading into the Netherlands, Africa, Japan, China, and there are no more surviving people from the United Kingdom." Replied the computer. "Whoa! Myra, can you give me a number?" asked White. "detecting casualty rates... Loading... Casualty rates up to 7 billion, killing off 87% of the human population" Replied the computer. "[sighs] looks like Blake and I have to take action" said White

Hunt looked outside their bulletproof window, there was still hundreds of millions of the infected ones [what they called them], the number had gone up by about 400,000,000 in the last 2 days, they couldn't get sleep with all the infected ones making noise, it was a miracle the infected ones hadn't come in through the roof. It was clear they weren't going to get out from sacrificing a supply truck driver, because there were no more non-infected truck drivers, ironically enough. Late last night, troops from Bunker 5 tried to escape by sneaking past the zombies, and well, needless to say, they didn't make it one step, because the moment they took down the laser lock system, the infected ones poured in. They never made it out of the bunker. That left Bunkers 1-4 and 7-12 left, and Hunt knew they weren't going to last forever, they were eventually going to run out of food and resources. Hunt then was rummaging through their supply cabinet for any food he could find, and found something interesting. Some laser lock capable fence. Hunt sat down and thought for a minute. He then was hit by a wonderful idea, and sprinted to Worthington and Cash. "Worthington! Cash! I know how we can get out of here!" said Hunt. "How? How? How?" said Worthington. "We can kill infected ones in an area and block them off with laser lock fence! We can keep going until we reach the other bunkers!" Exclaimed Hunt. "Wow! What an idea! What do we have for guns?" Said Cash. "Let's see, we have an AUG ACOG, a G18, and a STG 44 from Germany. Hunt, what a wonderful idea!" said Worthington. "If we start now, we may be able to get to other bunkers before we run out of food" said Hunt, as he explained his planned marked capturing land 5 or 6 times a day for the next 2 days, and it would be enough to reach Bunkers 2-4, which must be stocked with food. They went to their door, Hunt had his hand near the laser lock system's "off" button. "Are we ready?" he asked

White picked up his special AUG to be complimented by an RPK Dual Mag and a Famas Grenade Launcher. He had told Blake about their problem and Blake agreed to help. Blake packed an MSR Bolt Action Sniper Rifle, a FAD ACOG Scope, and an MK14. When they were fully packed, they flew down to Earth. They reached the spot Myra the computer had detected with all the zombies. It reaked of gas. Luckily, White and Blake were unaffected by any gas that's not Nova 6 gas, so they were not affected by the P2 in the air. "Hmm, seems like this is a bunch of bacterial cell infection from the halt of cell mitosis" said White, as they searched around. White saw a USA Flag and understood they were probably at an adbandoned USA Military camp. They searched hours for zombies or survivors, but found neither. White knew there was both though, his keen sense of detection that reached basically countries from where they are, basically being how they found and destroyed the zombie portals, and how they *thought* the plague was over forever. "I wonder why the humans would let such a gas get out" said Blake. "I don't know, but seeing all the smoke, some kind of war just happened here recently, I think the USA humans used this gas to kill their enemies, and burnt the bodies. Smart guy for burning the bodies. Still, I wonder how the zombie problem rose with them having burnt all the bodies." said White. "Maybe they missed some" said Blake. "They must have... wait! Stop!" said White, as they both crouched and listened, and just faintly very suddenly they heard zombie noises. "Blake! We're not alone here! They heard us! Weapons free!" said White, taking out his AUG, with Blake taking out his FAD, they engaged a group of no more than 10 zombies. "Ha, I'll take this" said Blake. "No, no guns, my bad. Blunted weapons and melee only" said White, as they both put away their guns and unsheathed their swords, they made quick work of the zombies. White listened in with his keen sense of hearing that could hear anything within a mile. "Nope, we're clear, let's keep searching, I know there are people and more zombies here" said White, as they sheathed their swords. They searched for another few hours until 8:00 PM, when they came up on zombies before Bunkers 1-12 that contained Hunt, Worthington, and crew. However, they were miles from there and there were more zombies than White or Blake could fathom. ""Shh! Whispers only, there are hundreds of thousands of them, and I don't feel like dying today, suppress your guns" said White, as he also commanded they go prone, and they suppressed their guns. White took out his Famas Suppressed, and spotted about 40 zombies that did not notice White or Blake. Blake took out his FAD Suppressed ACOG Scope. "Blake, you cover me, NO SNIPER RIFLES, when it gets under 10 left stop shooting and I'll take the rest on, make this quick, if they linger long enough it could attract more" Whispered White. "Gotcha" said Blake, as White snuck his way down, not in prone anymore, when he got within 5 feet of them, him and Blake opened up on the pack, and had them all dead in less than 20 seconds. Blake unproned and met up with White. But of course, White cannot trigger off a motion sensor detector, and neither can zombies, but the US Army set up a motion sensor alarm that was designed to go off if any non- USA soldiers passed a certain point in their military camp, and when Blake passed it, the alarm went off. Instantly White heard thousands of zombies going crazy and tracing the source of the alarm. In about 3 minutes, thousands of zombies would be at their location. "#$%! Blake, we've been set up! Run! This way, I don't sense any coming this way!" said White, as this was clearly not their fight.

Hunt, Worthington, and Cash were seconds away from turning their laser system off, but then the strangest thing happened, their motion sensor alarm went off, instantly, the horde waiting for them outside their turned tail and went towards the source. "Whoa, a miracle! Hunt, Cash, wall up as much of the Camp as you can!" said Worthington, as Cash went off to the east where there were not as many zombies, and began to wall up the whole east part of the fort, and he easily succeeded, and now no zombies could breach the east side, making their problem a lot easier to solve, Hunt walled up the west side, so now Worthington had to wall up the south side, as Cash and Hunt were teaming up to wall up the north side, and within minutes, there was not a zombie in Camp boundaries, and there never again would be until they ran out of food, which was months away.