War and Battle by Androidfish7

Love is jealous that any should come before her, or after. She would be all in all. If a man will trust her and live in her, he shall know all things.

JENNETTE LEE [credit to for the quote]

"Karie, may I have a word?" Blake asked. Karie agreed and they went to the room Blake watched the video. "I have something to show you" said Blake, as he put on the video, Karie focused on the video, until White began to talk about Blake's choice of queen. "Blake, White already told me this" said Karie. "What? Why didn't he tell me?" Blake wondered. "He told me it was only something if he did not make it back from a mission. He told it to me about 4 days after we saved you guys from Dark" said Karie. "Dammit, well, that's it then. Karie, would you be my queen?" asked Blake. Karie smiled at Blake, then stood up to hug him. "Of course I would" said Karie. Blake had known before hand that this would mean that forever Karie would now be his loving and caring wife, and Blake had accepted that and had thought very highly of Karie so it was not hard for Blake, infact, Blake was very happy it was Karie than some mystery person or somebody Blake did not like. "Now, on to our other issue, what's up with this time traveling guy?" asked Karie. "I have a time machine of my own, we will go to the time White told me. We will head to the Land of Scorpio, where if you studied up on history, King Scorpio and King Thumper of the land of Thumper were in a war where Thumper was trying to take over the world, and in the time we're going to, Scorpio burnt the land of Thumper to the ground but Thumper fled. Now, I propose that we go there, stop the time travel, and return home quickly, where we can all settle down and rest. You and me. How's that sound?" said Blake. "Why not Eugene, Eustace, and Jorge?" asked Karie. "Well, don't tell them I said this, but, Jorge is useless, and Eugene and Eustace are getting a little too old for this stuff, let's let them be. And hey, we can call it our honeymoon" said Blake. "Alright, you had me at Honeymoon" said Karie. "Good, I will prepare the time machine, we'll leave in half an hour" said Blake.

THE END [of Universe at Battle and World War Death], up next: Obliteration