I know I should continue with my story for the 13th Floor of Amity Park's Hotel. But this is for Valentines Day and I want to do this! I will continue it later J

A Heart For you, and a Heart for Me.

Sam's POV

Its Valentines Day. I HATE IT, but love it because of Danny. He's my secret crush and I may even tell how I feel today by giving him a Valentine Heart! But there's only one problem that I may not do it. Because of Paulina.

Danny's POV

What can I get Sam for Valentine's Day? She's my secret crush and I want to admit my feelings for her with a special gift. I know! I can give her a Valentine Heart and admit my feelings written inside it! YES!

No ones POV

As the day went on, Sam and Danny were writing their "Hearts" for each other. Then when school was over Sam went to her house and Danny went to his.

Sam's POV

My letter is done, but how am I going to just give it to him. I can't just walk up to him, give him the heart and say read it and walk away. That is SOO Stupid! Just then I heard a tap on my window. Guess who it was, Danny of course. I opened my window to let Danny in. "Hey Danny!" I said happily.

"Hey Sam. I wanted to give you something." Danny said.

"Cool. Me too. Ok lets give our gift at the same time got it?" I said. He nodded and we gave our gifts at the same time. Then we found what was in our hands and it was a "Heart". We both read it. The one that Danny gave me said:

Dear Sam,

I don't know how much I loved you but I guess forever. You're my true love and always will be. I don't love Paulina anymore. She IS a shallow witch girl trying to control boys to fall in love with her. When I was controlled, I was still deeply in love with you. You are mine forever, but am I yours?



I had tears in my eyes when I read it. Well the one I wrote to Danny said:

Dear Danny,

You're my hero. I don't just love you for you saving my butt, I love you because of you. Your laugh makes me smile all the time. When you put your arms around me when I'm sad, my heart skips a beat. When you smile, it makes me smile even more and love you even more. I love you Danny Fenton/Phantom! I love your whole part of yourself. Not like Paulina only likes Phantom and Valerie only likes Fenton. I love both of the parts you are. You are mine forever, but am I yours?



After we read our hearts we smiled at each other. My head went down looking at my shoes. Danny walked up to me and held my chin up. We said "Yes" to each other for the answer question. Without another word Danny kissed me on the lips. It felt like forever but it was only for like a minute. We broke apart for air.

"I love you Sam." Danny whispered.

"I love you too!" I whispered back. Then with no second we were back to kissing. 'I can get used to this!' I thought.

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