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My name is Isabella Marie Uley; I'm 18 and I live with my elder brother Samuel Uley, or Sam, as everyone calls him. Our mom died four years ago; I was 14 years old at that time and Sam was 18. She was hit by a drunk driver one night on her way home from work. Since Sam was already18, he stepped up and became my guardian, so I wouldn't be put into foster care. Our dad had left us while my mom was still pregnant with me; Sam says he wasn't much of a dad anyway from what he can remember. So for the last few years, it has just been Sam and I. Sam has opened his own construction company, he does all the work here on the reservation. I finally graduated high school a month ago. Besides Sam, I have my boyfriend Paul Lahote, and my good friends Jacob Black, Leah Clearwater, Quil Ateara, Embry Call and Jared Cameron. Sam and I are lucky to have great friends in our lives. We are a small, but close-knit family.

A few months ago Sam had disappeared for a few weeks; no one had been able to find him. I had never been so worried in my entire life. I knew Sam would not just abandon me, but where could he have gone? Harry Clearwater and Billy Black acted suspiciously around that time, like they knew something about his disappearance.

After two weeks of being gone, Sam came home all of a sudden. He was so different when he returned. He had grown taller, he was at least 6'5, and his body looked like he was one of those professional wrestlers!

I ran up to Sam, and hugged him tight, jumping back in shock. He was burning up! Before I could ask him anything about that, or yell at him for his sudden disappearance, there was a knock at the door. I pulled away from Sam and went to open it, and found Billy Black and Harry Clearwater on the other side.

"Hello. Would you like to come in?" I asked. They both nodded their heads yes, and I stepped aside to let them enter the house. I wondered how they knew the exact moment when Sam came back home, and their appearance cemented my belief that they had known all along where Sam had gone off to.

"Bella, would you mind going upstairs, while we have a word with your brother?" Billy asked. I looked at Sam, starting to panic; I didn't want to leave him so soon after he finally came home. Sam came over to me and pulled me towards him for a one-handed hug.

"Whatever you have to say to me will be said in front of my sister. We have never kept any secrets from each other, and were not about to start now." Sam told the two of them in a deep commanding voice. I shivered at his tone, never having heard him speak like that before. Sam must have realized he scared me, because he hugged me a little tighter for a minute, kissing the top of my forehead, before relaxing his grip on me again.

Harry and Billy exchanged looks with each other, debating in their minds whether to concede to Sam's demand or not. After a few seconds, Billy sighed and said "Very well. What we're about to tell you must not be told to anyone. You must keep it a secret." His tone got firm towards the end, and both Harry and Billy waited until they got confirming nods from both Sam and me, before continuing.

They went on to tell us that the legends we have heard our entire lives were actually true. My brother was now a protector of the tribe, a wolf. When our mortal enemies (Vampires) come near our lands, the gene is activated causing a few select 'protectors' to change. Since Sam was the first to phase, he is now Alpha. They were expecting more to follow soon, including my Paul; all because we have a coven of vampires living in Forks now.

This knowledge was a quite a bit to get used to. I was already overwhelmed by the fact that my brother turned into a wolf; when I heard there were vampires living so close to us, I blurted out the first thing that came into mind. "So as soon as we have enough protectors, we can get rid of them, right?"

Harry shook his head no, going on to explain that all because of a treaty made by our ancestors, we can't attack them unless they come onto our land, attack another human or turn a human. Apparently they don't drink from humans, only animals, that's why we allow them to remain alive.

I just stare at my brother in shock as he listens to the two Elders tell him everything he needs to know about being a wolf. I feel so bad for him; he can never leave La Push now, first because he had to take care of me and now because he's a protector. The same goes for all the other guys who would phase, many of them had plans to go to college, now that they've graduated high school.

After Harry and Billy told Sam to watch out for signs of phasing in the other guys who could be changing, they left, reassuring us that they're there for us if we needed anything.

As soon as they left I jumped up and wrapped my arms as tight as I could around Sam and just held on for dear life, as I cried into his shoulder. Sam held me tight and rocked me like he used to when I was a little girl.

"Shhh, it's okay baby girl, I'm back and I'm not leaving you again." Sam kept repeating over and over.

"I was so scared you weren't going to come back to me." I hiccupped out.

"I would never leave you. I'll always come back to you lil sister." Sam murmured in my hair.

After I finally calmed down, Sam told me where he's been this whole time. This caused me to cry all over again, for my big brother, who had to endure all that he did alone, and scared. He was in the woods this entire time, terrified and confused, wondering if he had lost his mind. It wasn't until Harry and Billy found him and coached him into phasing back, that he was able to come back home.

"Sam, I think Paul and Jared are going to phase next." I told him, thinking about the past few days.

"What makes you say that Bella?" Sam replied.

"While you were gone, both of them have been here to help me look for you, and to check up on me. Now that Billy and Harry told you what to look for, I've realized that both of them have been growing taller, and they are getting mad very easily. Paul, more than usual." I replied, thinking of my hothead boyfriend.

"I'll check on them tomorrow. Right now I want to eat and take a nice warm shower and sleep in a bed, for the first time in weeks." Sam replied getting a dreamy look on his face.

I laughed at my big brother's expression.

"Go on and take a shower, I'll cook you a big dinner." I replied, getting up and heading to the kitchen.

Sam stood up as well and grabbed me and gave me a big hug and a kiss on the forehead.

"Thank you, little sister." He replied as he headed upstairs.

I soon heard the shower start, as I rummaged around the cabinets and fridge for food for Sam.

As I was making a big helping of spaghetti and garlic bread, the phone rang.

"Hello." I answered.

"Hey baby." A deep husky voice replied. I shivered at the voice. Even over the phone my body reacts to Paul's voice.

"Hi, Honey. I'm so glad you called, I wanted to tell you that Sam has finally come home." I responded back brightly. I was so excited to have my brother back.

"That's great, Bells. I'm happy he's back home." Paul replied.

I heard the shower turn off, and rushed around to finish everything before Sam came back down.

"I'm sorry baby, I'm cooking for Sam and want to spend time with him. I'll call you tomorrow?" I replied in a rush.

"Sure baby, enjoy your time with Sam. I love you, and I'll see you tomorrow." Paul replied chuckling at me.

"Love you too." I smiled as I hung up the phone.

After around 20 minutes, Sam came downstairs, just as I was setting everything on the table.

"Smells good in here Bells." Sam replied as he takes a seat at the head of the table.

Soon we both dig in, and enjoy being back together, catching up for the rest of the night.

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