This is part of the Drabble War Prompt Challenge: Chocolate

Chocolate Cookies & Crooked Smiles

Summary: Bella lusts after one of her customers. Will she ever have him taste more than her cookies? BxE. 100 word drabble. M for l & l.


You walk into my quaint little pastry and coffee shop, all smiles and confidence.

Broad shoulders, lean muscles, low slung jeans.

Every. Single. Day.

You're so hawt.

I clench my thighs and lick my lips.

I wonder what you're thinking as you put in your order.

Always the same thing.

Large coffee, two milks, two sugars.

Some days you order sweets.

Some days you don't.

Double chocolate fudge cookies are your favorites.

You said that once.

I remember.

I remember everything about you.

Everything you've said.

Do you know?

Do you see my nipples harden against my thin cotton t-shirt?

So, who's taking this journey with me?

A huge thanks to my girls, WitchyVampireGirl and Scrimmy for taking a look-see at this little ditty.