I'm in the Band – The effects of Alcohol

Chapter 2- Tripp

Derek determined to get the truth out of Tripp about what sort of drunk he was he forms a plan that takes a twist and Derek have a high acting teenager on his hands. Contains massive hangover and TRIZZY. Sorry this one is short!

Disclaimer: Sadly I do not own 'I'm in the Band' if I did I would be in it, being Tripp's girlfriend OR making Trizzy real :) The rights go to Disney/XD

It has been 2 weeks since Tripp encountered the drunken band members of Iron Weasel and slowly forced it to the back of his mind. Derek still intent on finding out what sort of drunk he was is still plotting a way to get the truth out of Tripp. So while Tripp was at school Derek was in the kitchen putting his plan in motion. He was creating a mixture of the most disgusting items he could find. He took a swig of beer from a plastic glass beside him on the counter as he put the finishing touches into the other plastic glass.

"Finally some of Burgers armpit butter…" Derek muttered to himself as he mixed up the glass and right away threw the spoon out once he was finished, no need of poisoning the rest of his band. His master plan was to force Tripp to drink this glass and get the truth about what he was like when he was drunk.

"Hey guys, we're home!" Tripp called from the front room as he and his best friend-turned girlfriend Izzy entered the house. Ash and Burger answered before returning to their video game. Derek quickly and quietly exited the house and when into the garage to avoid suspicion before he face palmed realizing he forget his beer and concoction on the counter in the kitchen. He paced in front of Ash's drum set as he wondered how he was going to get back into the kitchen and grab the glasses. That's when Izzy staggered into the garage under the weight of a laughing Tripp.

"What's wrong with the kid? He seems high." Derek asked staring at Tripp who kept laughing as Izzy dropped him onto the couch.

"I have no clue, He and Ash went into the kitchen, next thing I know Ash is running for the bathroom and Tripp is stumbling out laughing as he is now." Izzy informed the Brit, wiping sweat off her forehead with the back of her hand. Derek blinked before running a hand through his hair.

"I can't believe Ash drank that glass and I can't believe how much of a light weight the kid is." Derek snickered then grunted when Izzy punched him in the stomach.

'Explain you're self Jupiter." She pointed her index finger up at him, as her eyes narrowed into a glare that Derek has learned to fear. The last time he saw that glare Derek had woken up with green hair.

"Well I really wanted to know what kind of drunk I was and the kid wouldn't tell me so I made a mixture of disgusting items that Ash drank my mistake to get him to tell me, but the kid must have drunk my beer instead and now he is the drunk one." Derek explained quickly.

"So you left beer out and get Tripp drunk?" Izzy asked in a low tone, Derek paused before nodding slowly. Izzy stayed quiet for a moment then burst out laughing. "That's AWESOME! This is going to be amazing! Hey Tripp tell me something funny!" Izzy sat beside her drunken boyfriend excitedly.

"A-Ash is a funny-funny British smart drunk. H-He sounds JUST like D-Derek!" Tripp slurred before laughing with Izzy who fell back laughing just from the thought of it.

"What about Burger?" Izzy asked as she pulled her laughing under control.

"Burger, oh-oh man. He was scared of monsters in h-his room! I-I faked kicking their butts." Tripp stammered out between giggles as Izzy fell backwards again laughing.

"What about me kid?" Derek saw his chance to find out and took it.

"OOOOHHHH, Izz, I'm SO –SO sorry! Don't skin me alive." Tripp moaned as he nuzzled his face into his now blushing girlfriend's neck. Making both her and Derek confused even more than they were moments ago. Izzy shot the rock star a look that read 'What did you do when you were drunk?' Derek shrugged in reply.

"Derek told me he loved me thhhiiiisssss much!" Tripp stretched his arms as far sideways as they could go. "Then get this." He waved his hand around. "I acted like I loved him back, all of it a plot to lock him in a closet, but –but he kissed me!" Tripp fell back laughing while Izzy and Derek stared at the drunken teen in shock.

"He what!"

"I what!"

"Then after I locked him in the closet and washed my mouth out a million times AND worse of all he was shirtless in my bed the next morning! And I STILL have no clue about how he got out of the locked closet!" Tripp laughed at the stunned looks on the other's faces before his laughter stopped and he slumped backwards as he passed out.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BOYFRIEND YOU BRIT!" Izzy shrieked as she stood up, picking up a guitar and started to chase Derek around the garage and house, hitting him in the head every so often. Derek covered his head as he ran determined NEVER to let Tripp get drunk again and NEVER to try to find out what kind of drunk he was because it was REALLY bad for his health.

~Next morning~

Tripp woke up with a headache, not as bad as the one he had 2 weeks ago but a headache none the less. Tripp rubbed his eyes free of sleep and slowly sat up on the couch in the garage as he wondered how he got there. He slowly made his way into the house to see Derek sitting at the table holding an ice pack against his head, Ash leaning over the sink coughing and Burger eating cookies. Tripp opened his mouth to speak when his stomach lurched, he covered his mouth and ran straight for the bathroom and threw up into the toilet, a few minutes later he rested his arm on the seat and propped his head up to see Derek was leaning against the door frame, still holding the ice pack.

"What happened to you Der?" Tripp asked his throat burning and his voice sounding extremely loud.

"You chugged some beer and got drunk, you told Izzy and I what I was like drunk and then she beat me up with a guitar." Derek summed up last nights events; Tripp nodded and then quickly turned to the toilet again. Derek patted the teen's head and shuffled out of the bathroom to lie down.

"I'm never getting drunk ever again." Tripp muttered to himself as he leaned his head on his forearm, eyes closed as he waited for the next set of bile to rise up from his stomach. "It's not worth this massive hangover…" Tripp sighed pushing his damp hair out of his face as he stared at the bathroom wall.