Eight months later

"Si vous brûlez que du café une fois de plus, je vais vous couper la bite et le nourrir à des chiens sauvages!"

I pushed through the swinging door, already laughing at his words.

My French had improved immensely over the last few months, so I understood that he was threatening to very colorfully remove someone's privates and feed it to wild dogs if they continued to burn the coffee.

So charming.

"Arrêter de crier au peuple, mon amour, et me nourrir!" I yelled as I walked up to him, wrapping my arms around his back, the best I could..

"You are always hungry, my little love," he sighed dramatically, turning around to kiss me sweetly.

Then his hand moved down to rub against my swollen belly.

"Et vous mon petit, comment allez-vous aujourd'hui?" he cooed to our child.

God help us if the baby was a boy; between his father's looks and the French accent, he would be a heartbreaker.

"Oh God, again with the kissy faces? Please keep that upstairs," Clair sighed dramatically as she came in from the front.

She had taken to Edward instantly, especially after she saw how much he loved me.

His scars never bothered him, even when her friends were around, she just didn't even think about them.

I loved her even more for that.

She worked part-time in the shop, learning the art of chocolate with her proud papa, and was hoping to one day take over the business, if Edward ever retired.

I was just hoping she would be able to hold down the fort when the baby came.

"Claire, chéri, did I catch you sneaking cumin into my truffles again?" He asked, turning toward her and giving her his best angry face.

My creative little bunny, she was always trying to spice things up.

"Come on papa, you know you loved it," she giggled, as she walked over to him and wrapped her arm around his waist.

And just like that…all was forgiven.


"Ma vie a commencé quand je t'ai rencontré. Sans vous, je ne suis rien," he whispered into the darkness of our bedroom, and I rolled over and pulled him down to me.

He still had moments when he couldn't believe that this was really his life…that he wasn't going to wake up alone, aching for someone to really see him.

I never went back to work after our night together.

It was for the best; especially after we found out we were pregnant.

He moved into our little house with us and we became a family.

And I never regretted it, not for one second.

"Mon cœur est à toi, mon âme est le vôtre, vous me propres," I sighed, kissing his scarred cheek and wiping away his tears.

His kisses were always sweeter in the dark of night.

The taste of chocolate was permanently embedded into his flesh after so many years of working with it.

But I loved it.

His chocolate flavored kisses brought me back to life…

And in turn, I had been able to do the same for him.


Huge thanks to JA Mash and Texasbella for organizing this and throwing out this prompt.

Who knows...I may have a little something up my sleeve as an outtake for all those damn fundraisers they have.

Keep an eye out...you never know.

Thank you all for joining me...

Love you!

*Edward - My life began when I met you. Without you I am nothing.

* Bella - My heart is yours, my soul is yours, you own me.