Title: When Dreams Become Reality

Author: The Bookworm's Magician

Beta: Esther-Channah

Rating: T

Character/s: Ron, Kim

Pairing/s: Kim/Ron

Spoilers: Read Dreams of Domination. Spoilers for the episodes Bad Boy and Stop Team Go.

Summary: Murder. Resurrection. Abduction. Surrender. Insanity. Five ways the future was never supposed to happen.

Disclaimer: I don't own this, I never have and I never will. I just like torturing my favorite characters.

AN: This story will have five chapters. This chapter is semi-based off my other story, Dreams of Domination, so you should read that first. Fourth Story on FF. Hope it freaks y'all out!

Chapter Summary: How To Fall In Five Easy Steps

When Dreams Become Reality

How To Fall In Five Easy Steps

The rain falls on three figures: a boy, standing proudly upright, a girl, lying on the ground in a puddle of red, and a small rodent lying curled up next to the girl. The boy smirks to himself before looking down at the girl; she is staring back at him with pleading eyes, her hands pressing desperately against the gaping wound in her stomach. She pants harshly for air for several moments before speaking.

"W-Why… why did you do this, R-Ron? I-I loved you!"

Ron kneels down next to her, ignoring the blood he's getting on his knees. He smiles at her tenderly, and reaches out to smooth some hair away from her forehead. Then he rests his hand on hers. He ignores both her pained whimper as he presses down, and the dying squeak from a few feet away.

"The answer is simple, Kim." He leans down and puts his lips next to her ear. His next statement is so soft that it can barely be called a whisper. "Because the dreams wouldn't go away."

He leans back and smiles at her, patting her hands one last time before standing up, ignoring the blood dripping down his legs. He lifts his face up to the rain, closing his eyes and reveling in the sensation for a bit. Then he opens his eyes and walks away, leaving his girlfriend and his best friend on the ground, dying in the rain.

Until Ron got hit with the Attitudinator a second time, he had been managing the dreams very well. He had almost gotten them completely out of his head. Before the Attitudinator hit him the second time, he had managed three days without coming up with a plot. After the Attitudinator, though? He was lucky if he could manage five minutes. The dreams had gotten worse, as well.

It had gotten so bad that Ron had actively started avoiding sleep. When his parents asked him what was going on, he told them that it was just nightmares, and they moved on. That wasn't exactly the truth, however. The dreams weren't nightmares, per se, at least not until he woke up. Most of his dreams were of taking over the world, ruling it until he died or was killed. The really bad ones, though?

The really bad ones were about how he got to the top; he usually did it by killing or capturing everyone he cared about. The worst part, though, was how he reacted. While he was still half-asleep, he was happy and satisfied by how it had turned out. He didn't become horrified until he woke up completely.

So he tried to avoid sleep, tried to avoid the dreams, tried to lie awake in bed all night. His lack of sleep, combined with the plots he made when he was awake and the dreams he had when, despite his efforts he did fall asleep, caused him to slip up in his idiot persona. While his slips started out small, as time went on? Well, they got bigger.

The very first time Ron slipped, he hadn't gotten more than nine hours of sleep in four days, and it was right before midterms. He and Kim had been studying like mad for the tests, and he had been absorbing the information unintentionally and unwillingly. Apparently, his lack of sleep had also erased his sense of self-preservation. By the time the tests came along, he hadn't been able to focus very well, so he had read the questions and written the information without concentrating on what he was putting down. It seemed, his subconscious wanted to excel in something, even if that something was as meaningless as a test and totally not evil (or so they said…), so he had written much better and more detailed answers than he had intended. Unfortunately, he didn't realize this until he and Kim got their results back.

He and Kim opened their packets together, and while she squealed in delight over her straights A's, he stared in horror at the paper. Kim noticed his horrified stare and quickly came over, assuring him that his test results couldn't have been that bad. She pulled the paper out of his hands before he could stop her and she stared, wide-eyed, at the A's and B's that lined the page. She shrieked in excitement and hugged him so hard that his ribs creaked; then she dragged him downstairs to her family, who were all just as excited for him as she was. They invited his parents over and threw him a party, all of them ecstatic at what seemed like his hard work paying off. None of them seemed to notice that he wasn't as happy as they were.

Later that night, as Rufus slept, Ron sat on the edge of his bed and stared at the test results. He was horrified. First the dreams wouldn't stop, and then he had slipped up and allowed himself to get good grades. He had started to show how smart he was. This was not good! He shuddered. What if he kept slipping up? What would happen if he just… gave in and let himself go evil? Allowed himself to use his full potential? No. He wouldn't let himself. He had made himself a promise, and he would keep it.

He forced himself to put down the results and lie down, knowing that his dreams that night would be worse than usual. Now that he had given in, even if just a little bit, his subconscious would work with that, trying to wear him down; trying to get him to give in. But he wouldn't let it get to him. He would be strong.

Little did Ron know that he would break that promise again just a few days later.

Ron's next slip came at two in the morning. He was staring at the ceiling, listening to Rufus snore and trying to avoid sleep. He sighed, got out of bed and went downstairs to get a glass of water. Halfway back through the kitchen with the water, he saw the microwave and stopped. He remembered that his dad had been complaining about it recently, and to his sleep-deprived mind, this was the perfect opportunity. He could stay awake and make his dad happy! The microwave was on the table and already half taken apart in less than five minutes.

By the time three in the morning rolled around, Ron was back in his bed, sleeping peacefully for the first time in days, and the microwave was back in its usual spot, looking suspiciously innocent. The next morning, Ron barely remembered what he had done. He was still reveling in finally getting a good night's sleep. When he finally got up and went downstairs, his dad was just about to stick his morning cup of coffee into the microwave. Before Ron could tell his dad to wait, the microwave had told his father good morning, grabbed the coffee with a mechanical hand, and was microwaving it for the precise amount of time needed to warm the coffee. His father froze for several seconds, then finally turned his head very slowly to look at Ron. Ron winced back at him and gave him a sheepish wave.

Later, Ron relaxed at Bueno Nacho, sighing in relief that his father hadn't caught him in his lie. He said that he'd had Wade fix up the microwave as a surprise. His father was definitely surprised, and also very grateful. He had loved the new-and-improved microwave, and so had his mom. Ron? Not so much, and when Kim came into Bueno Nacho and greeted him with a smile, Ron couldn't help but worry. The abilities he had retained scared him, as did the dreams. But as Kim sat down next to him and gave him a hello kiss, Ron pushed the worries to the back of his mind and resolved not to think about them.

He ignored the subtle whisper in his mind, telling him that building the microwave had been fun. Would building other things be as fun?

A few days after the 'Microwave Incident,' as Ron had mentally dubbed it, Drakken and Shego tried to take over the world. Again. And like always, their plan failed. Drakken had kidnapped one of the world's leading robotics engineer and had forced him to build him a state-of-the-art battle suit. The engineer had done it, but he had also sabotaged it as he went, so that by the time Kim, Ron, and Rufus had gotten there, Kim was able to take it down with one hit.

Drakken ordered Shego to distract Kim while he initiated Plan B: 'run away while Shego tries and fails to kill Kim, so that I can get a backup weapon to make up for the (destined) failure of the real weapon.' Normally, this would be when Ron chased after Drakken to ensure he wouldn't get away, but his attention had been captured by the battle suit. He moved forward and knelt by the remains, oddly fascinated by the elegance of the robotics before him. Even the robots Ron came up with weren't as sophisticated as this. He looked around for the engineer. Maybe if Ron could find him, the man would be able to answer some questions!

Just as Ron spotted the engineer in the corner, Kim yelled to him to go after Drakken. Ron frowned at her, watching as she fought Shego in a brilliant display of martial arts. Normally a fight like this would make his heart race and his palms sweaty, but today he just felt normal. He wondered why for a moment, then he just pushed his question aside and walked toward the engineer. He couldn't wait to talk to the man! Just then, a squeak and a tug on his pant leg distracted him, and he looked down. Rufus was staring up at him, pointing towards Drakken. Ron sighed. It wasn't like he could kick Rufus away, and besides, it wasn't as though the engineer wouldn't be here when he got back; he was a bit tied up, after all.

Ron sighed again and as he held out a hand for Rufus, ignored the disgust he felt as the rodent moved from his hand to his pocket, and—hold on a minute. Since when did he feel disgust towards Rufus? Rufus was his best friend, and he definitely didn't feel disgust for him. He pushed his thoughts to the back of his head and took off after Drakken, who was already on the main level, bringing the second weapon to bear, as Ron scrambled up the ladder.

Later, after he and Kim had tied up Drakken and Shego, rescued the engineer, and were waiting for authorities to arrive, Ron finally got his chance to talk to the man. He had stopped by the battle suit and picked up the thing that intrigued him the most: the data chip. He walked up to the man and asked for a word in private. The man agreed and they walked a little ways away, just far enough to ensure that Kim and Rufus wouldn't be able to hear them. Then he just started talking, hoping to get all of his questions out before the authorities arrived.

The man blinked at him, wide-eyed, when Ron finally stopped for breath. Then he laughed delightedly, started answering his questions and asked some of his own. They talked until the authorities finally arrived, and before the man left, he pressed the data chip into Ron's hand, along with his phone number and email address. He then gave Ron a challenge. He told Ron that if he could unravel the data chip, then he could guarantee him a scholarship to any robotics college in the world. Ron, ecstatic, told the man that he would have the chip figured out by the end of high school. The man smiled, clapped Ron on the shoulder, and walked toward the authorities.

As Ron, deliriously happy, went to join Kim, he didn't notice his changed world-view. A few weeks ago, he would have been terrified to even talk about robots, but now he had a man he could call to talk robots with whenever he wanted. How quickly the world changed…

Over the next few weeks, Ron became obsessed with the chip. He was distracted and unfocused on missions and at school. His grades didn't suffer, but that was only because he didn't care enough to hold himself back anymore. Kim and Rufus were getting really worried about him, as were his parents, but he couldn't care less about what they thought. The only thing he cared about was cracking the chip. It was the most advanced thing he had ever seen. The code on it was amazing! He was spending every free minute in his room, working on the chip. He started to resent leaving his room for school and missions. When Kim came by, he would say he was busy and send her away. He still came to school and went on missions, but those were the only things he left his room for.

People began to avoid him, even more than they had before. Even the jocks left him alone. It was probably because he had started muttering to himself and manically scribbling on anything he had on hand. Kim started to look freaked out, and Rufus actually went to live with her. Ron buried the small flash of hurt that produced and ignored him. He didn't need those two anyway. And now he had more time to work.

Eventually, Ron had to admit that he had gone as far as he could on his own computer, so he called up Wade and asked him if he had an extra one, a better one, sitting around. Wade was reluctant, but he eventually admitted that he did have an extra computer, and he would lend it to Ron as long as he promised not to break it. Ron eagerly agreed, and was amazed at how much faster breaking the chip was going with the new computer. He stopped sleeping, started missing school, and finally, he missed a mission.

That was it for Kim. She came to his house after the mission, still hyped up on adrenaline and steamed that he had missed the mission. She walked into his room to find him spaced out in front of the computer, staring at lines of code. It looked like he hadn't moved in days, and she was incensed. She stormed over to him, asking furious questions he didn't bother to answer. Eventually her pestering got to him, though, and he told her what he was doing, going so far as to show her the chip. After listening to his explanation, Kim immediately grabbed the chip and told him that he had to learn how to moderate himself.

He lunged for the chip, desperate to get it back and finish his work—he was sure that he was close to a breakthrough—but Kim blocked him. He snarled at her, but she just looked at him with worry and concern, and told him that that was exactly what she meant. He took a deep breath, trying to reign in his furious anger. If he didn't agree to her demands, she might go even further and convince his parents to get him psychiatric help. So he surrendered the chip and his pride and gave in. Kim smiled in relief and Rufus squeaked at him from her shoulder. Then Kim pulled him up and told him to get cleaned up, because they were going to Bueno Nacho.

She and Rufus left the room so he could shower and get dressed. As they left, Ron closed his eyes and wanted to scream. He resisted though, and did as she had asked; he took a short shower and found a clean pair of clothes. He walked down the stairs to see Kim and Rufus talking cheerfully to his parents, all of them smiling with relief.

They obviously had no idea what they had done (how could they? his dying conscience yelled faintly at him. You never told them!) But he easily ignored the quiet voice. At that moment, Ron couldn't imagine hating them more.

The event that caused his final fall into the darkness was a fight just like any other. Ron had been acting "normal" for about a week, and Kim and Rufus were finally relaxed around him. Rufus had even moved back in. Ron, however, had not lost any of his anger. Instead, it had solidified from a hot, writhing mass in his stomach to an ice cold numbness that had spread into his entire body. He needed to work on the chip, but he knew that telling Kim, or trying to take the chip back, would only result in her keeping it longer. Besides, he didn't know where Kim had hidden it. So he ignored the chip and did what he was supposed to do, went to school and hung out with friends, acting so "normal" that everyone wondered why they had been so worried about him.

But then the mission happened.

It was just another mission, something that usually happened every other day and twice on weekends. It was, however, the first mission Ron had been on since Kim had taken the chip away. Dementor had kidnapped a doctor, a specialist in poisons, to create an extremely toxic airborne poison to use on Kim. He, Kim, and Rufus snuck into the base, crawled through the air vents and looked for where the doctor was being held. They finally found him in the main room of the base, strapped to a table while one of Dementor's henchmen tortured him with a laser scalpel. Kim started to tell Ron their plan, but Ron was no longer listening.

The look on the man's face… the expression of complete and utter terror… it was wonderful! And suddenly Ron felt the urge to see that expression on Kim's face; to see her understand just how screwed she really was. But he resisted the urge and when she dropped from the air vent onto a henchman's shoulders, he was right behind her, just like always. Kim and Ron easily took down the guards and rescued the doctor, though a lot of things got broken in the process. Soon they captured Dementor, as well, and Kim called the authorities. While she helped the doctor, Ron went and finished securing the henchmen. Just as he finished and was about to go join Kim, he saw some light glinting off of something on the floor. It was a sharp piece of metal, about a foot long, which had broken off of the table. He grabbed it and stuck it in his pocket, knowing that he would use it for something… fun.

He went to join Kim and Rufus, feeling the hidden weight of the shard.

Kim is standing next to Ron, watching the authorities load up Dementor and the henchmen. Soon, she, Ron, and Rufus are the only people left in the castle courtyard. Kim looks hesitatingly at Ron, then follows his gaze to the sky.

"It looks like it's about to rain, Ron. Maybe we should go back inside until our ride gets here." Ron doesn't move. He's still staring at the sky. She touches his arm, trying to get his attention. "Ron?"

Ron sighs and looks down at her, meeting her questioning gaze head on. She stares at him, trying to ignore the feeling of wrongness she's getting, when he takes her hand.

"Kim, I-I'm sorry. I've been a real jerk lately, and I've been treating you horribly. Can you forgive me?" Kim feels butterflies in her stomach, staring at their joined hands. It's been weeks since he has voluntarily touched her. This is a great sign!

"Of course I forgive you, Ron! I'm so glad that you're feeling better!" Rufus, on her shoulder, squeaks in agreement. She carefully considers, then cautiously leans toward him, her heart fluttering as he leans toward her as well. He's going to kiss her! She closes her eyes as her lips finally meet his… only to open them again with a gasp as a searing pain rips through her insides. She tears her mouth away from his, looking down to find a foot-long piece of metal buried in her stomach, Ron's hand resting casually on the end.

"R-Ron?" He ignores her horrified whisper and slowly pulls the metal out of her stomach, staring at her face as she screams with pain and falls to the ground. Rufus shrieks and leaps at him, just as the first raindrop falls. The shard of metal, already stained with blood, collects some more as Rufus slips off of it and falls to the ground. Kim can't muster up the strength to help him, can only lie sprawled on the ground, grasping at her wound as the puddle of red underneath her grows.

The sky is dimming before her eyes, and she can barely hear Ron's last words to her, can barely see him as he stands up and walks away from her for the last time. She feels a drop of water roll down her face, from her eye to her chin, but she can't tell if it's a raindrop or a tear.

As he walks away, Ron can no longer hold back the laughter. The expression on her face! It had been just as perfect as he had imagined. So he leaves, just walks away, hands dripping in blood; leaving nothing behind but two corpses and an echo of chilling, haunted laughter.

~The End~