Title: When Dreams Become Reality

Author: The Bookworm's Magician

Beta: Esther-Channah

Rating: T

Character/s: Ron, Kim

Pairing/s: Kim/Ron

Spoilers: Read Dreams of Domination. Spoilers for the episodes Bad Boy and Stop Team Go.

Summary: Murder. Resurrection. Abduction. Surrender. Insanity. Five ways the future was never supposed to happen.

Disclaimer: I don't own this, I never have and I never will. I just like torturing my favorite characters.

AN: This story will have five chapters. Fourth Story on FF. Hope it freaks y'all out!

Chapter Summary: You Know, Evil Queen is a Good Look for You

When Dreams Become Reality

You Know, Evil Queen is a Good Look for You

How had it come to this?

There were at least ten soldiers surrounding him. He would have scoffed a little bit, had he not known exactly why they were there. He'd made too many attempts to stop Her for them to let their guards down now. He felt like telling them that they could relax, 'cause he wasn't going to try anything, but he didn't even bother. They wouldn't believe him, and they'd probably just add more guards to make doubly sure he couldn't try anything.

They marched down the halls of the palace, moving steadily towards the throne room. The corridors had been cleared of people, but he could still see heads poking out, trying to get a glimpse of the infamous 'Un-Stoppable.' On any other day, he probably would've laughed, but not today. Today, he wasn't being 'Un-Stoppable.' Today he was being Ron.

The doors to the throne room sprang open and they marched in. The troop around him stopped in the middle of the room and then melted away, as the figure lounging on the throne waved an imperious hand. He tensed unconsciously, but then forced himself to relax. He wasn't here to fight. Just the opposite, really.

After a moment of silence, the figure on the throne straightened up and leaned forward. Ron saw a flicker of fire-bright hair.

"So what brings you here, Un-Stoppable? I thought you were somewhere else; harassing my troops in the east, perhaps."

"No. I've… come for another reason." He hesitated for another moment that seemed to take an eternity. Then he knelt down before Her. "I've come to join you, My… Queen."

"Oh? Well, this is an interesting turn of events. What made you change your mind?"

He bowed his head. "I couldn't take being away from you any longer. I can no longer live without you."

A cool hand lifted up his chin, and he found himself staring into the bright green eyes of Kim Possible, current ruler of planet Earth.

"Excellent! I'm so glad that you've finally come to your senses!" She pulled him to his feet and into a kiss that deepened almost immediately.

How had it come to this?

He didn't think that he could take this anymore!

He jerked back into the shadows as another patrol passed by. When the road was finally clear, he darted out of the alleyway and into another one farther down the street.

He was coming back from raiding a supply line, making his way to the current hideout. He walked quickly into the 'abandoned' building, and painfully (thanks to his three recently re-broken and currently healing ribs) climbed the stairs. He opened the door to an amusing sight, but he couldn't bring himself to smile.

Monique and Wade were arguing heatedly, some of the newer recruits were making bets on who was going to win, and Shego, his second-in-command, was trying to break up the fight. They'd all frozen when they'd noticed him, but he still couldn't muster up a smile. He tossed most of the bags onto the floor.

"Food, people." The recruits fell onto the bags like wild animals, and his top three moved over to him.

"Are you okay, Ron? They didn't catch you again, did they?" Wade's voice was concerned, and they were all looking him over for any new injuries.

"Yeah, man. I wish you'd take one of us with you on the little raids—" Monique interrupted his glare with one of her own, "—or at least take a few of the recruits. You don't just need to use us for the big things, you know."

"I've told you—"

"Yeah, yeah, you don't want to risk anyone else getting caught, not over something so small. Still, Ron. We're worried about you." Shego was as nice and caring as always, but today Ron just found her concern grating.

"Listen, I don't have the patience or energy for this tonight, okay? I'm going to bed." Ron made as if to walk off, but Wake grabbed his arm before he could get more than a step away.

"Ron, wait. I think you need to see this." Wade led him over to the TV and turned on the sound.

"This is Tiffany Snow, here on the steps of the World Capitol. Our leader is going to make an announcement." The camera panned up to the balcony, where She was standing. Kim's hair was pinned up, and she was wearing a fancy black dress, but her eyes were still bright green and shining. He wondered if it was sick that, after all this time and all of the past events, he still found that comforting.

"Hello, citizens of the world. Today is the one year anniversary of the Planetary Unification—" It was? Where had all the time gone? "—and I am pleased to announce that there will be a week-long celebration! This is going to be a new tradition for us, and it will be called the Unification Celebration. I hope that you all enjoy the feasts!"

Tiffany Snow started talking again, but Ron was no longer listening. Instead, he was watching Kim as she walked back inside. Her hips swayed as she walked, and the little bit of hair she'd left free floated in the wind. He suddenly found it very hard to breathe.

"Ron? Ron, are you okay?" Wade's voice was concerned, and he'd moved to stand before him. Ron buried his head in his hands, doing his best to ignore the whispering of the recruits, the concerned glances his top three were exchanging over his head, and the ferocious pounding of his horribly protesting body.

"No, Wade. I don't know how much longer I can take this."

"Wade, we have a problem." Ron kept his voice quiet as he watched the patrol move toward the entrance to their hideout. It was in an abandoned subway tunnel, this time. "I think that they've found us."

"What? How's that possible? I've erased anything that could've even possibly led to our discovery!"

"Yeah, well, they did it somehow. What do we do?"

"I... don't think you're going to like it, Ron."

Ron moved farther back into the shadows, as the soldiers sent a couple of men out to scout the perimeter.

"I already don't like it, Wade, so just tell me already."

"We need you to cause a distraction, Ron."

"Shego? Where's Wade?"

"He's hacking their orders, trying to figure out how they found out."

"Has he gotten anywhere? How'd they find us?"

"Simple, Ron," a new voice spoke. "I told them, of course."

Ron's hand fell away from his comm-link as he turned around slowly, ignoring Shego's response.

She was standing right behind him.

Her red hair was up in a ponytail, and she was wearing her now-familiar black catsuit, but her emerald eyes were the same. She smiled at him.

"Hello, Ron. How are you on this fine night?"

"I'm good, Kim. So, are you here to capture me?" The voices behind his comm-link, which had been growing increasingly frantic, fell silent at the sound of her name.

"Capture you? Why would you think that I'm here to capture you?"

"Maybe because I'm a terrorist? A traitor to the World Government? Enemy Number One?"

She laughed. The sound was probably more sinister than she'd intended.

"I'm not here to capture you, my love—"

Ron interrupted her furiously. "I am not your anything, let alone your love!"

She continued undaunted. "—I'm here to give you an example."

Ron's gut clenched as he took in her pleased smile, and he got a very bad feeling. "What kind of example?"

"I just wanted you to know that I can find you, whenever I want."

He gaped at her. "No. No, that's not possible."

"Isn't it? Then how did I find you today?"

He stared at her, at her pleased and satisfied smirk, and his bad feeling grew. "You're lying. You have to be. Today was just some kind of fluke!"

"No, Ron, it wasn't. I'm just doing this to show you that I won't give up."

She touched her watch and then gestured behind him. He spun halfway around, making sure to keep one eye on her, and watched in horror and bewilderment as the soldiers surrounding their hideout turned and left as one. He looked back at Kim.

"Why are you doing this, Kim? You've already taken over the world. What else do you have to prove?"

She laughed. "I told you, Ron! I'm not giving up!"

"Why, Kim? Why can't you just capture us already and be done with it?"

"Because, Ron." She moved in closer, and her smile was sharp and deadly. "I'm not giving up until you join me of your own free will."

She smiled at him and he found himself frozen. "Have a good night, Un-Stoppable." She moved in and quickly kissed his cheek, then darted away before he could react. And then she was gone.

He stared in shock at the spot where she had been standing, one hand covering his cheek. He reached up and tapped his comm-link.

"Wade? We have a problem…"

Ron was alone on the roof of the building. He was watching the traffic go by far, far below him, and wondering about life. How was it that the whole world could fall to an empress, and that this could be the only country left, and that everyone could still be going on, like everything was normal? Were they that confident in their own superiority?

And why did these sorts of things always happen at night?

"Hello, Ron."

He sighed, but didn't bother to turn around. "Kim."

They stood in silence for a moment.


Ron finally turned around and took in her appearance. Her hair up, her black catsuit, and her bright, green eyes. He sighed again. "So what?"

Her smile was quick and sharp. "Aren't you going to fight me? You hate me, after all."

"You, of all people, know that's not true."


There was silence for a very long moment. Then Kim spoke.

"Well, as much fun as this has been, Ron, I've got places to go, people to see…"

"Countries to conquer," Ron muttered.

"Well, it's not really countries anymore, is it? It's more like country." She made as though to walk away and Ron darted to stand in front of her.

"You know that I can't let you do that, Kim."

"Come on, Ron. Just this once?" She pouted. Unlike in the past, she didn't look cute. Just scary.

"No, Kim," Ron said firmly, "I won't let you." He settled into his stance, and watched as all emotion left her face, leaving only a blank mask. She rushed at him.

They traded blows quickly, ruthlessly. Each aimed for the other's weak points, and both played dirty. Ron's skill had grown immensely since this whole thing had started, but it still wasn't enough. Kim was infinitely more talented than he was.

He landed on the roof hard, breathing harshly and trying not to aggravate his broken ribs at the same time. It didn't work.

He heard Kim moving to stand over him, but he refused to look up. This was just another defeat in a long, long line of them, and he was used to the taunting that was coming.

"Ron, Ron, Ron… You just don't give up, do you? Not even when it would be better for you. I almost admire that trait. Almost. Next time, maybe you'll know better, though somehow, I doubt it."

She crouched down, and Ron pursed his lips and refused to look. A second later, he felt her hand stroking his hair.

"You know, Ron, it would be much easier on you if you just gave in and joined me."

"Never," he muttered. "I'll never join you."

"Oh? You're going to keep up this futile fight? I've conquered the entire world—except for this one, solitary country and, even as we speak, my minions are taking care of it."

That got Ron to look up at her. She was staring at him and smirking, and he found himself unable to speak. She laughed at his expression.

"What? You thought that I'd give you a chance to stop me? Oh, no, Ron. I wasn't going to take that chance, however unlikely it was. I've had my agents in place for days. Days, Ron. There was absolutely no way you could've stopped me."

Ron put his head back down. He'd failed. Kim had won yet again. He'd had no chance and he'd been fooling himself into thinking that he'd ever had one. She'd always been better than him, after all. Why should the fact that she was evil make any difference?

"You've never had a chance, Ron. I was always going to win this fight. I'm going to win every fight. You should just give in and join me now."

She moved her hand to his forehead as he whispered, "Never," under his breath.

"Ron, you're obviously sick. You have three, maybe four, broken ribs. You haven't been eating enough or sleeping enough. Come with me. I can get you the best doctors and the best food in the world."

He painfully batted her hand away and, just as painfully, tried to curl into a ball. He was shivering and heading into shock.

"Never," he said again, and refused to move. She sighed.

"Alright, Ron. I can wait." She kissed his head and he listened as she stood up and moved off.

Soon, he was once again alone on the roof.

"I don't think that this is going to work, Ron."

Ron didn't bother looking up, just kept staring at the map.

Monique continued irritably. "Did you hear me, Ron? This isn't going to work."

Ron sighed and absently scratched at his stubble, as he finally looked up at the three of them. "It will work, Monique. It has to. It's our only option."

All three of them glared at him. "Ron, there are always other options." Wade was distractedly moving things around on his Star*Board, the latest (stolen) technology from PossibleTech. He wouldn't admit it, but Ron was pretty sure that he was in love with the darn thing.

"There aren't this time, guys. You know that."

"No we don't, Ron! You don't have to meet her alone. Take us with you!"

"For the last time, Shego, I'm not taking any of you with me!"

"You've never been able to beat her, man. What makes you think that you'll be able to do it this time?"

"I don't know, not for sure."

"Then why—?"

"Because the last time I tried to ambush her with a group, she captured all of them but me! We still don't know what happened to them!"

All three of them fell silent. They all remembered that day, and none of them wanted to talk about it. Finally, Wade broke the silence. "Be that as it may, I still think that you should take us with you—" he raised his hand, interrupting Ron just as he opened his mouth to speak "—but since you won't, at least, let us help you get ready."

Ron sighed. "Thank you." He turned back to the map. "Shego, have you scouted out where she's coming in?"

"Yeah, her helicopter should be landing on this roof. If you stand on this building," she pointed to something on the map and Ron nodded in confirmation, "she'll see you right away. Then, you can…"

Monique sighed as she watched them bending over the map, plotting. She went to help, muttering under her breath as she did, "I still don't think that this is going to work…"

The world was falling. As much as Ron and everyone else had tried to stop it, it was moving steadily downwards. After the first county had made Kim its leader, neighboring countries had quickly followed.

Around that time, the rest of the world became aware of the fact that its greatest hero had quickly become its worst enemy. New contingencies were put into place. More war-hungry nations sent out assassins. More peaceful nations sent out teams to capture her. All of them failed.

Kim was just too good. She moved constantly, commanding her quickly-forming empire from a distance. She had constant jamming signals on her, multiple ones, which made it impossible to bug or track her.

The only way to track her movements was to follow the trail of destruction and conquered nations she left behind her. The International Criminal Court had tried to find a way to arrest or kill her, but could find no legal reason to do so.

She committed no observable crimes. She didn't kill the leaders who turned over their countries to her, they died of "natural causes." The people who decided to make her their leader overthrew their own governments in coups that had no trace of her hand in them. The people who tried to testify against her could provide no proof of any crime, and the people who objected to her rule quickly changed their minds, becoming convinced that she was the best person for the job. There was nothing odd about it at all, nothing except for the fact that she wasn't from any of those countries, and they were still letting her rule.

Even so, she was responsible somehow. They were all sure of it.

Ron ended up leading a lot of the search teams, with Wade as his tech backup. He was the only one who knew how Kim's mind worked—or rather, he had been—and since there was no one else, he had to be good enough.

The real problem was that he wasn't good enough. Not nearly. Kim had always, always been better, smarter, and more able to see the bad guys coming from a mile away. Ron… hadn't. And now—even with so much riding on it, even with Wade, Monique, and Shego behind him—he still couldn't keep up.

And it was killing him.

The girl he loved, the girl he'd spent his whole life with, and had planning to spend the rest of it with as well, was evil. She was tormenting him and enjoying it.

She was… taking over the world, succeeding where none of the other villains had, because there was no one to stand against her—no one but Ron, and he just wasn't good enough.

The world was falling… and Ron couldn't stop it.

"I'm fine, Wade. You can stop freaking now."

"Ron, you were in the hospital!"

"But I'm not anymore. Guys, I'm fine." Ron sighed in frustration as he wobbled on his crutches. Hands came and steadied him, and he sighed again. "Thanks, Shego."

"You're welcome, kiddo. Are you sure you should be out of the hospital?"

Ron looked at her, and saw concerned, worried eyes. "Yes. The doctors said that I was good to go. All that's left to do is heal, so that I can get this stupid cast off."

They hesitated another moment, then nodded slowly. Wade looked at Ron.

"C'mon. Monique has the car waiting."

They helped him hobble out to the car waiting in the parking lot. Ron only paused for a second when he noticed that it was Ki—her car, then quickly kept going. Shego and Wade exchanged concerned looks behind his back, but he pretended not to notice. He was getting very tired of those looks.

He was fine. He was.

They drove back to the Stoppable house in uncomfortable silence. His mom and dad greeted him at the door and helped him inside. He waved goodbye as the car left, finding it almost impossible to care where they were going next. He was too numb for that.

His parents helped him haul his exhausted body into bed, and he quickly fell asleep.

His eyes opened again just a few hours later, and he stared, unseeing, at the ceiling, as memories of red hair and red lasers and red blood and red pain ran through his mind.

He could hear no sound in his room (there was no sound—no sound, where there should be sound—and its absence cut his soul to the quick), and he knew his parents and sister were sleeping peacefully elsewhere in the house.

He couldn't help himself; he quickly scanned the room (ignoring the empty spot where there should be someo—thing), and when nothing revealed hers—itself, he went back to staring at the ceiling.

"I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine…"

"Kim!" Ron ducked, as Kim threw another blow at his head while dodging a blow from Shego. "Kim, please!"

She didn't stop, but only laughed, as she came after him again. Kim was going all out, and it was the first time he'd ever seen her do so. Kim always, always pulled her punches, so she wouldn't kill or seriously hurt anybody. She wasn't doing that now, and Ron knew that if one of her blows connected, it would almost certainly break something.

He hated to say it, but he was actually scared right now. Kim was gone, gone like he'd been, and he couldn't get her out.

He and Shego danced around Kim, avoiding her blows and doing their best to tire her out so they could take her down. It probably would've worked, too—Kim had been breathing harder, and she'd been slowing done a tiny bit—had it not been for the spanner in the works.

In other words, Drakken flew in.

"Shego!" he called. "Shego, I need you!"

Kim smirked. "I'll see you later, baby. Next time, let's have a fun workout."

He gaped at her, hesitating just a moment too long, which gave her an opportunity to strike.

Ron found himself on the ground, his ears ringing, and a line of fire racing up his leg. He thought he screamed, but couldn't be sure. All he could see was red.

He came back to himself just in time to see Kim climb into Drakken's hovercraft and throw Drakken out. She paused for just a second, grabbing something from her shoulder and throwing it at the ground. It made a horrible wailing cry as it hit, and Ron felt faint as he realized what it was.


He heard a laugh from above, and looked up to see Kim flying away. His cry contained equal amounts of grief and pain, both for her and for his friend on the ground—who'd stopped moving altogether.


Ron could do nothing but watch in horror, as the Attitudinator slipped out of his hands and fell to the ground, sending a bright red beam of pure evil light speeding toward Shego. The horror increased as Kim dove toward Shego, knocking her out of the way, but was unable to get out of the way herself.

Kim remained bent over for a long, eternal moment, before straightening up. There was a smirk upon her lips, a cruel, judgmental look that said she'd examined your soul and found it wanting.

"K-Kim?" Ron's voice was weak and stuttering, and he winced as she laughed at him. It was a very good laugh, full of evil cackling and undeniable confidence that the person laughing was going to win. Ron and Kim had always made fun of villains' laughs, knowing that it just meant that they were trying too hard.

But Kim's laugh… Kim's laugh was scary. It wasn't falsely confident, it wasn't trying too hard—it just was. And what it was... was evil.

"Kim, please. You—You're kinda scaring me."

Kim's smile was sharp. "Am I? Good. You're much too weak. Maybe if I scare you enough, you'll toughen up."

Shego moved slightly, and Kim spun to look at her.

"And you! Look at you! You're so pathetic at being evil that you can't even go back, can't push the brainwashing machine—"and here she gave the Attitudinator laying at her feet (and when had she moved? Had she been standing there a second ago?) a sharp, contempt-filled kick "—off. You're just as weak and sad as he is!"

Shego didn't respond to her taunting, just stepped closer.

"Please, Kim, let us help you. This isn't you."

"Are you joking? I'm more me than I've ever been before!"

Ron, seeing what Shego was doing, moved closer too. "No, you're not, Kim. You—the real you—isn't evil. You're a good guy, Kim! Not some supervillain!"

Kim, of course, saw right through their plan. With another cruel, sharp smile, she lifted one foot—and brought it down on the Attitudinator's weak point as hard as she could.

Ron and Shego both screamed "No!" but couldn't stop Kim from destroying the only hope they had of turning her back.

Kim laughed her new, horribly evil laugh as she took in their despair.

"I'm going to take over the world, you know. I'll control everything. You can join me… or you can have the whole world arrayed against you. What will you choose?"

Ron looked at her and saw many things. He saw his best friend, his girlfriend, the woman he loved, the hero who'd saved the world countless times… and now, an evil, twisted soul who wanted nothing more that to cause pain and suffering. "Never," he breathed. "I will never join you."

Kim sighed. "Well, if you won't join me willingly…" She turned to Shego. "I assume that you feel the same way?" Shego didn't bother to speak; she just nodded a tense, worried nod. "Alrighty then! I'll just have to convince you otherwise!"

Ron could only watch in horror as the girl he loved charged at him, preparing to do things to him that he'd never thought her capable of before.

And Ron despaired.

…The End…