Chapter 6: What is in a Name?

Shuichi laid back, and held the kitty he had saved above him, the black mass purring, and docile. He seemed to be in a much better mood with the cat. But if he allowed Shuichi to keep it, that evil Demon might ruin the apartment.

Yuki meanwhile, read a book, writing notes down for his review for this drivel that his editor was making him do.

"Hm...what should I name you...?" Shuichi questioned out loud.

Without missing a beat Yuki answered- "Nothing, cause that cat would be nothing but another thorn in my side if you keep it."

In answer to the statement like the last five times he whined, "Aww Yuuuukiiii, this poor kitty needs a home! Pllleeeeeaaaaasssseee." Shuichi had placed the cat down, in favor to hug, and nuzzle Yuki from behind. Keep strong. Don't give in. (His will was crumbling...he just didn't want to admit it yet.)




"I said no."

"I'll take care of it by myself if I have to~"

Yuki sighed, and shut the crappy poor excuse of a novel, and turned a serious gaze onto his novel. Cat's were high maintenance. A goldfish would be fine, a cactus or a Venus-Flytrap, even better! But a cat? Shuichi was more than enough of a pet to take care of...

"Why is it that I don't belive you?"

Shuichi's eyes widened to an unbelievable size, and got on all fours like a puppy. "Please? I'll feed 'im and clean his litter box ev-e- ry-day!"

Yuki sighed again, resolve utterly destroyed as he gave into the pink-haired pop-star's request and keep the devil spawn, and pet his 'dog'. "I never would've taken you for a cat person-" Shuichi tackled him to the ground and try and have his cheek erode away along with his, a mantra of "Thank you" being repeated in rapid succession.

Shuichi abruptly stopped and sat up. "Hey, Yuki?"

"hm?" Yuki said, making sure his face and hair were in their rightful places.

"Why do you hate the kitty so much?"

Yuki sighed.

"When you left me with that cat, everything went to hell...

Yuki watched the back of his lover enter the bathroom, and he sighed looking quizzically down at the cat that had risked his lovers life.

The green eyes starred back, with a humor in it that irritated him to no end. This was going to be a problem, Shuichi might want to keep this ball of fur.

"What you have there Mr. Eiri?" Yuki's eyebrow twitched and looked up to see Hiro who's hair was in dire need of a good brushing.

"A cat. Shuichi saved the damn thing."

Hiro chuckled. "Sounds like Shuichi alright. Here, give it here and I'll dry it off." Yuki was perfectly willing to relinquish his custody of the feline, but when he held the cat out to be taken it began to growl and hiss.

Hiro, being the foolish man Yuki was aware he was, still took the cat gently drying the fur, the cat seemed to calm down a bit, but watched Hiro with careful eyes, and then turned, a -glare? At Yuki. Like it was blaming him for its predicament.

He gave it a look that said, 'What? I didn't get you wet.'

For the rest of the time, it's gaze followed something and it's tail swished hypnotically, and as Hiro finished up, all hell broke loose, it clawed and jumped out of Hiro's arms running for the doors, but Yuki had the presence of mind NOT to let that cat get soaked again.

The cat hissed, and darted around Hiro, and it was then that he noticed...a mouse. The poor thing ran ran in the opposite direction. "There's a mouse!" Hiro, the ever captain of obviousness shouted, and now tried to save it. The evil cat seemed just as determined to eat it, but Yuki was also scrambling to save it.

Unable to catch the mouse, Hiro changed tactics, and tried to scoop up the black fur ball- almost, almost- nope, and then Shuichi came out of the bathroom.

The Damn cat, bee lined for the pinked haired idiot, and jumped into his arms...PURRING!

"And the rest is History." Yuki looked upon his lover who was starring in compelte concentration.

"Nezumi!" He cried out with utter glee. After the initial sprout of surprise had faded Yuki realized that the word was to name the cat. Dammit...but he had agreed to keep it, so with a heavy sigh he thought about the name choice.

"Rat? You really want to name a cat after it's prey a rat?"

Shuichi laughed and pet the cat who was glaring at Yuki as if daring to defy Shuichi. What the hell is this cat's problem?

Yuki sighed, and reopened the book. "Fine. Nezumi it is." Shuichi whooped and began to play with the cat. Shuichi didn't see the smile Yuki had on his lips, or so he thought.

Some time passed, and Yuki was almost done with the book, he was on the last ten pages when Nezumi decided that Yuki should pay attention to him!

...Nezumi crawled onto his lap and began to knead his legs with its claws, starring at him. If he could just bear with the pain for a little- "NYA!" Oh, Kami, it's making noises at him.

"Shuichi, get your cat off of me."

Shuichi watched him for a moment, thinking about it, and then he had the...generosity of hopping up, and saying, "Nope! I think I'm going to let you and Nezumi bond for a little while!" With that said, he exited the room.

Dammit all to hell.

"SHUICHI!" When there was no answer and Yuki felt a headache beginning, but he decided it wasn't worth it, there were more important things to deal with. Like his problem in the form of a cat.

He glared down at it, and it meowed. The sound made his eyebrow twitch, and his bad mood worsen. "You really are being a-"

"KITTY!" Came a shout from the door, and there stood Ryuichi Sakuma with a delighted expression on his face, and he dove- grabbed the damn cat, and began to cuddle it.

For Yuki's joy, the cat itself looked thoroughly disturbed, but was too stunned to do anything about it.

Ryuichi continued to coddle, and the damn cat melted like butter, and began to purr to start some motor boat somewhere!

Yuki sighed. At this rate he wasn't going to get anymore work done, and Ryuichi had a handle on the cat so it would be better to go keep an eye on Shuichi.

"Wait Yuki!" Ryuichi cried, and Yuki paused to look at the ever-childish signer, and he asked. "What's the kitty's name?" His eyes, wide, and expectant of the answer.

"Nezumi." Yuki said flatly, and left the room, Ryuichi for some odd reason squealing with freakin' joy.

He really needed a smoke...

Yuki sighed, hearing Shuichi shouting out every time he missed the ball in ping-pong, Hiro was playing the Guitar, and the kid singer-popstar was squealing over a cat named after a rat.

Forget the cigarette; he needed an aspirin.

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