Lovejoy took a deep breath before entering his new work shop. His new life really. Over the course of a month his life seemed to have gone down the shitter. Everything had changed. Everyone he considered close to him had gone their separate ways. Tinker was running a pub, Beth had a new job at a museum, Charlotte... she left him after he had failed to show up at the wedding. He tried to explain that this wasn't his fault, that he had been kidnapped but she wouldn't listen... Although, he had to admit, he was glad he hadn't gotten married… it just didn't feel right…

And then there was Janey. Lovejoy shook his head, as if to shake her from his mind. She had probably forgotten about him and he should probably do the same. He had never received a wedding invitation from her. He assumed this was probably just because it would be awkward for both of them if he was there… even though nothing had ever happened between them… except for that one time in Scotland… but even still… she was probably happily married to her producer or director or whatever he was… He flipped the light switch. As he did the phone rang. Lovejoy walked briskly to the small desk in the workshop and picked up the telephone placed on it.

"Hello?" he asked into the telephone,

"Lovejoy, it's Billy." replied a man's voice.

"Ah Billy, if this is about that set of Victorian chairs, I told you I already sold them to-"

"No it's not about the chairs. Listen, I just got this sewing table in and I thought you might be interested. It's in fantastic condition."

Lovejoy yawned. It may be mid-afternoon but he had only gotten up a half-hour ago.

"You got a year on this table?" he asked sleepily,

"Yeah, 1687. What do you say? I can give you a good deal on it."

"Alright Billy, I'll bite. I'll swing down at some point tomorrow…" said Lovejoy sleepily,

"No! Lovejoy, you need to come now. I can't hold it all bleeding day." came back Billy's voice.

Lovejoy heaved a sigh. It wasn't that he didn't want to see the table, or even that he had plans for the day, (unless you count a date with the television and some frozen fish fingers,) he just didn't really want to give in to Billy. Lovejoy had a feeling that he was planning on paying him back because he had sold the chairs he had been admiring… but then, what did he really have to loose?

"Okay Billy. I'll be down there in a half hour."

"Good lad! See you then!" came Billy's cheery voice before the line went dead.

After a moment Lovejoy resentfully reversed the process he had just gone through, hanging up the phone, walking back to the door of the workshop and flipping the light switch on his way out.

He walked up the drive to his silver pick-up truck, pulling the keys out of his back pocket as he went. He grumbled to himself a bit as he approached the vehicle. The closer he got to actually leaving for Billy's shop the more sure he became that this was all just a ploy.

He wrenched the door of the truck open and clambered in, pushing a box aside that he hadn't removed from the truck since he had bought his house. He had only moved in last week and simply kept forgetting to bring the box in.

Lovejoy was quite content with his new house. Well it wasn't a "house" exactly, it was really a small cottage with a barn next to it, (that was actually bigger than the house itself,) that he could use as his workshop. It wasn't unlike this old cottage that he had rented from Charlie Gimbert, just smaller… and thankfully less cows…

However, one of the downsides to this new place was it was rather out of the way. He was a few miles outside of town. He had a few neighbors on either side of him, but just across the street was acres of empter farm land. Since he was so out of the way he was going to have to drive all the way across town to get to Billy's place…

Lovejoy turned the key in the ignition, causing the truck to rumble to life. He put the vehicle in reverse and backed down the long dirt driveway.

As he neared the end of the drive he looked down the street. Nothing coming from the right, he turned his head to the left. No cars coming from that direction either but, hang on, in the distance he could make out a green car pulled over on the side of the road, with smoke billowing out of its open hood.

Lovejoy pulled out of the driveway and began to drive in that direction. As he neared the other car he realized it was a green range rover, almost identical to Janey's…

God, why couldn't he get her out of his head today?

Lovejoy gazed at the range rover coming up. He was about to bypass it, but at the last second decided to pull over and help. He wasn't sure exactly what made him do it. Maybe it was because he had the urge to assist someone in need of help, or maybe it was because he didn't really want to go look at Billy's table…

Or maybe, said a voice in the back of his head, he simply wanted to stop because the car reminded him of Jane…

Whatever the reason, Lovejoy parked his truck on the other side of the street and opened the door. As Lovejoy was about to cross the street the driver of the range rover came around the side of the car, coughing as she walked through the cloud of smoke pouring from the engine. She waved a hand in front of her face, trying to clear some of it away.

She looked up and both she and Lovejoy stopped dead in their tracks as their eyes met, because those bright blue eyes staring back at him belonged to none other than Jane Felsham.