Disclaimer: All characters belong to Maggie Stiefvater.

Author's Note: I am hoping that this will turn into a three part story. I want to do smiliar chapters from Cole's and Grace's point-of-view.

Time: Linger

P.O.V.: Sam

Genre: Romance, Angst, and Drama

Date Finished: January 4, 2012

I look at her. She is raging with fever. I know she cannot go on like this for much longer. I know she is dying. I touch her hair and she stirs in her fever sleep. Her brilliant eyes do not open as they normally would. They remain tightly closed.

"Please, Grace," I whisper. "Do not give up on me."

She does not move. She does not stir. Her breathing is growing more raspy.

Someone is behind me. Someone is standing in the doorway. I pay no mind to that person. She has my full attention. She is all I have and all that I need. My lover is fading fast.

"Sam," the person behind me says gently. "She needs help."

I ignore the person before me.

The person comes closer and places his hand on my shoulder. "Sam, she's dying."

I already know all of this, but I do not want to acknowledge it. I want her to stay here. If I get her help, her parents will come and that will be the end of us. I look at her. She really is pale. Yeah, she needs help and she needs it now. It is worth it. This means that we will no longer be a couple. This is the end of us.

"Sam," the person says again.

This time, I turn and look at him. "Yeah, I know," I whisper. "Let's save her."

I stand back and let Cole gather my dying lover. I follow them to the car and hope that this will help save my lover from fading.