The doorbell rang and Kurt ran down the stairs.

"It'll get it! I'll get it!" he yelled.

He flung the door open and found himself face to face with his boyfriend.

"Hi Blaine!" He said, slightly out of breath.

"Hey Kurt! ...what are you wearing?" Blaine's eyes travelled down to Kurt's t-shirt which was plain white except for the black letters across the front spelling 'Likes Boys'.

"Oh, it's a glee club thing," Kurt shrugged, as if this was a phrase he said a lot to explain odd things. "I was about to get changed."

"Do you have to?" Blaine grinned, stepping over the threshold. "I kinda like it."

Kurt blushed. "I like it better when I've not been dancing in it for an hour. Give me 10 minutes to get changed then come upstairs."

"Sure," Blaine said, giving him a peck on the lips.

While Kurt ran back up the stairs, Blaine stepped into the family room where Finn was lounging across the couch.

"Blaine!" Finn quickly sat up and scooted across, making room for the other boy to sit. "You want to watch the game?"

"Ok, but just for 10 minutes," Blaine said, taking the recently vacated seat and launching into a discussion with Finn about football tactics.

15 minutes later they heard a cough from behind and they both turned to see Kurt standing there with his arms crossed.

"I was just about to come upstairs," Blaine said, jumping off the couch.

"You're going?" Finn asked. "But the game's almost finished."

Blaine looked over to Kurt who was raising his eyebrows.

"You can tell me the final score," Blaine said as they walked out of the room leaving a pouting Finn behind.

"I think I preferred it when Finn didn't like you," Kurt mumbled under his breath as they walked up the stairs.

"What was that?" Blaine asked.

"Nothing, sweetie." Kurt replied, closing his bedroom door behind them.

"Ooo Kurt's computer," Blaine said, jumping into the chair in front of the desk. "Where all the magic happens!"

Kurt threw a pillow at him. "So what do you want to do?"

"I don't mind. Watch a movie?"

"I was hoping you'd say that!" Kurt grinned, grabbing a DVD from his shelf.

"Excuse me," Kurt said, wheeling the Blaine filled computer chair out of the way so he could put the disc in the computer.

"Ah a rom-com," Blaine said, moving to sit on the bed.

"That's okay isn't it?" Kurt said uncertainly. "I think I've had my fill of horror movies."

"But they're so much fun to watch!"

"Not when I spend half the movie hiding in a pillow!" Kurt argued.

"But that's why it's so fun," Blaine whined. "I get to be your pillow and cuddle you."

Kurt almost changed his mind about his choice in film but snapped himself out of it.

"I know what you doing," he said with narrow eyes. "It's not going to work!"

He put the disc in the computer and settled onto his bed next to Blaine. "You still have to cuddle me though."

Kurt felt his arms wrap around him and he snuggled further into Blaine's side, resting his head on his shoulder.

Kurt blinked awake, realising he must have dozed off. He looked and saw that Blaine was tapping away on his phone, probably playing angry birds.

"Hey," he said sleepily. "You're supposed to be watching the movie, not playing on your phone."

"Says the guy who fell asleep?" Blaine laughed.

"I didn't," Kurt lied. "I was just resting my eyes."

"You wouldn't have fallen asleep if we were watching a horror film," he teased.

"Or a Disney film, right?"

Kurt giggled, remembering the first time he'd been in Blaine's bedroom and noticed the bookcase full of Disney DVDs. For the next week Kurt dropped random Disney quotes into their conversations as often as he could.

"I told you, I just have them for my cousins to watch when they come over," Blaine blushed.

He rolled his eyes at his boyfriend, who he realised was still tapping away on his phone.

"Blaaaine," Kurt whined. "You're not watching the movie with me."

"I am. I'm listening to it."

"...This scene is in Portuguese. There are subtitles on the screen."

"Okay okay," Blaine said, putting his phone way and leaning back to watch the Film.

A few seconds later Kurt's phone vibrated in his pocket.

He narrowed his eyes at Blaine, who was watching the TV with an innocent expression on his face.

Rolling his eyes again he grabbed his phone to read his most recent text.

Blaine: I love you

It was the first time Blaine had said those words to him. Kurt looked up to see him facing the computer screen but watching him out of the corner of his eyes.

"You are such a dork," Kurt laughed. "And I love you too."

And he meant it. Blaine's arms tightened around him as Kurt leaned his head up to meet his lips. The film playing in the background was completely forgotten.


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