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Driving was one of the few pleasures that we could truly enjoy. Kind of like go-karts to a human, dangerous but safe. Alice was expecting me home from hunting soon. The simple thought of my wife brought sudden joy to my silent heart. Although we had hated to be apart, she knew of my need to be alone and hunt, unencumbered by everyone's emotions, to just be me and at peace. With a smile on my face at the thought of Alice, I pushed the car past 100. While thinking of her a few moments later, I was hit with a wall of pure resonating joy. My skin felt rosy and vibrant and almost tingly feeling covered my entire body. I swear my heart began to beat again. I slammed on the breaks. Luckily, no one was around to collide with in my haste to stop.

What the hell was that? In my 160 years, I have never felt that kind of pure happiness. It was single handedly the most beautiful emotion I've ever felt. My first thought was sex, but that emotion held no lust, just pure elation. My phone vibrated in my pocket and I smiled, knowing without looking that it was Alice.

"Hello, my lover. Please tell me you know what that was?" I asked.

"Why do I see you walking up to a human's dwelling?"

Of course, she knew what I was going to do, not why I was going to do it. "I've just had a rather…odd experience. I was driving along, thinking of you, when I was hit with the most powerful emotion I've ever felt. Ever."

"So you decided to check it out, right? You know I can't see the outcome until you know what the situation was and make a decision on it." She sighed. "Just be careful, OK?"

I smiled at her worries. Just a quick peek and then home to my wife. "I'll see you soon."

I closed my phone and reversed the car quickly. I drove back to the general area of the emotion and slowed to a crawl at 45 MPH. There! I slowed outside a long dirt drive and pulled over to the side of the road a few miles ahead. I emerged and began searching for the source of my current puzzle. The closer I got the more my skin tingled with happiness and excitement. I felt almost alive again. Running for about 30 seconds brought me to a small trailer home about ½ a mile ahead in the clearing. I circled to the rear to a bigger tin building, a sort of work shop, I suppose. I felt warm again for the first time in many, many years, and dare I say it, giddy. A smile was plastered on my face. Emmett would have a field day if he could see me right now. I circled the shed. There were no windows anywhere on the shed. I frowned in disappointment. That had to be a fire code violation. The only door was also windowless and locked up tight. I could wait to see who emerged. I had nothing but time on my hands, so why not?

I could hear a steady heartbeat and breathing. I retreated to the woods beyond the shed and waited happily, basking in the moment, almost at peace with the world.

A short ten minutes later, my calm nirvana was shattered by rage coming from the trailer home. The anger intensified as a man in his late forties-early fifties, emerged from the back door. He stomped over to the shed, his face red with ire. When he began to fumble with his keys and the lock, the happy sun on the other side of the wall erupted into icy terror. I froze, gripped in the sudden change of tenor in the emotions. The heart on the other side tripled in beats and I heard a shuffling noise. I ran quickly from the woods to the back of the shed and touched the wall. The thin tin wall was trembling. Whoever was on the other side was terrified, I could see that from the wall trembling without feeling their terror radiating from the building.

The man finally opened the door and the trembling stopped, as did the heartbeats, resuming a speedy beat after a few jagged thumps. The sheer terror never stopped.

"Where is it, you bitch?" I heard him growl.

"Where's what?" soft, feminine voice barley whispered, trembling.

I heard shuffling footsteps from him moving closer, and felt her press herself into the tin wall, and almost into my hand itself.

A sharp slap stopped her ragged breathing. My own anger, at the sound of the hit, burned any traces of his own pathetic rage from my system. The hand not touching the building, and her, dug into the dirt clawed into a fist, as venom flooded my mouth.

Without thinking, I ran to the open door. His fist came down into her soft stomach. I heard a clinking noise and noticed her leg was chained, snaking away into the shadows of the corner.

"I'm not going to ask you again."

She slowly reached under her makeshift bed of odd blankets and retrieved a book. It was an old history book, judging by the title.

He snatched it out of her hands and slung it out the door, almost hitting me in my stunned shock. He began slapping her repeatedly. I stared; slack jawed, wondering why he would be beating a teenage girl that was chained to the shed. For that matter, why would any human have anyone chained anywhere was beyond me. I had heard of vampires keeping a human to keep draining and feeding from, but why would he have a teenager chained up outside?

It all became apparent when I felt the lust coming off him and he hit her. I gagged as he stepped back and began to unbutton his pants. Her fear tripled in mass. I could literally see the terror eclipsing this child in waves.

"No, no, no…please no." she whimpered through her swollen lips.

With the hopelessness and inevitably in her voice, I snapped. My phone vibrated in my pocket, but I ignored my wife easily. My decision had been made.

I stepped quickly over, grasping him from behind and covering his mouth. I looked at her over his shoulder. She looked half dead and covered in rage. Her wide, frightened eyes locked with mine.

"Close your eyes." I said as I summoned up enough calm to have her asleep. She slumped over.

Good, she would be fine for now. I turned my attention to him.

The man was yelling behind the hand I had placed over his mouth. He tried biting me, but his teeth couldn't penetrate my hard skin.

I swept him from the shed and deep into the woods. He would suffer, oh yes, but first I could get some answers. I lowered him to the ground, holding him down with one finger mockingly. With my other hand, I broke both his legs to lame him. His howls of pain, although I felt them with him, brought me a sick happiness. I slapped him, as he had her.

"Why do you have a teenage girl chained in your shed?" I asked through gritted teeth.

He moaned in pain, a thick sheen of sweat covered his face. He seemed unable to answer me. This wouldn't do.

I reached out and entwined fingers with him, almost like we were playing the child's game of mercy. I crushed the digits to dust with a small squeeze. He screeched.

"Answer me. I have all day." I said patiently.

"She cooks…cleans," he panted, cradling his now useless hand to his chest.

"Is she your kin?" I asked stonily, remembering his lust.

"Bought her…Her parents…Sold her for drugs." He responded shakily.

Just for fun, I broke both his collar bones. Sick bastard. "How long has she been there with you?"

"Almost seven months." He was struggling with consciousness. This would have to end soon.

"What's your name?" I asked soberly.


"Well James, you're going to die today." I said matter of fact. I pulled all my energy and sent terror to him, secretly relishing when his heartbeat became erratic. I stood stock still, pushing him with everything I had. His eyes went wild and he began making a gurgling sound. I couldn't even feel the pain from his broken bones anymore, just the terror I was unleashing. I smiled as his heart thumped its last jagged beat. I kicked him once for good measure, causing him to flip over face down in the soil and quickly returned to the shed.

She was still asleep. Even in her slumber, she looked tired and afraid. I knelt down and brushed the dirty, matted hair from her face. She looked like she hadn't bathed in ages. I wrinkled my nose at the smell coming from her. It kind of smelled like strawberries and freesia blooming in rotted garbage. She was clad only in a man's t-shirt. Anger rose in me again as I noticed the bruising on her inner thighs was worse than anywhere else on her body. I shrugged out of my jacket and covered her.

A voice from behind me pulled my eyes from her still sleeping form, but not before noticing her eyes snap open at the sound of our visitor.

"Who the fuck are you?" I heard a clicking sound; he had just cocked a gun.

Not that I was concerned for myself, but she surely could be harmed. I began turning towards him when the gun went off. The first bullet hit my temple and threw me off balance. I stood and straightened myself and finished turning to face him. The girl's screams were lost in the roar of the next few bullets that bounced off my face and chest.

I grabbed the olive skinned man and placed my teeth to his neck and almost gave myself the satisfaction and the retaliation for the attempted harm. Alice! My sane side screamed. She was seeing this firsthand. She would forgive me but she would be disappointed. My body raged at the refusal my mind made of my thirst. In that rage I twisted his head almost 360 degrees around. I heard a thump and noticed her slumped over from her sitting position on the ground. I listened to her steady heartbeat and knew she was still alive. I surveyed the room. It was a box with a meth lab in one corner and her chained in the other. She had no one. Her own parents had sold her for drugs like property. My anger swept the room again and as my eyes settled on her it evaporated almost instantly. I sighed and walked over to her. Rose was going to be pissed. I knelt down and cut through her chains like paper. I went to pick her up and my phone vibrated in my pocket. I answered it before it could buzz again.

"Alice, I'm so sorry…" I began, worried about her feelings about all this.

"Jasper, I don't have a lot of time to be nice, so I'm going to say I love you now, so it won't all seem so harsh. First, hurry home. Carlisle is coming home immediately and will be prepared to examine her the second you come in. Secondly, their bodies will be found in a meth lab explosion. Got it? You have about 30 minutes before she wakes up. Get her here, OK?"

I smiled for the first time in what seemed like hours, but I knew that in reality, I knew that only about 20 minutes had passed since I had spoken to Alice last. "I love you, too."

"Hurry up!" was the only response I received.

I hung up my phone and picked up the girl. I cradled her to my chest carefully, so not to wake her. How much had she seen? I thought as I ran her to the backseat of my car. With her safely stowed, I ran back to set an explosion my wife had already seen. Hopefully she had also seen what to do with my unsuspecting package. If anyone would know what to do, it was definitely Alice.

With that assurance, I drug James from the woods and gave them a plausible death, one that didn't involve vampires. Stopping a man's heart without even touching him, who would believe that?

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