Coding: Jackie Marone/Deacon Sharpe

Timeline: Nick/Brooke's wedding (1st time)

Waiting For You

Her lips were made for him and yet she bestows her kisses on Massimo. It's the story of his life - what he wants is just out of reach. Who he loves is wasted on someone unappreciative. It pains him to see Jackie treated so blasély. He wants to tear into Massimo; wants to yell all the indignities he feels at watching Jackie throw herself away on such an unworthy man.

He watches her movements closely, mesmerised. And he knows he's been waiting for her his whole life, waiting to make her happy... if she'd only let him. His heart was meant to be at her disposal. He's never fallen so hard so fast, she's bewitched him and he can't put a name to this feeling... love is too light, it's like a consumption... an all-encompassing desire to be near her, to hear her voice, see those enigmatic eyes gaze in his direction... and he almost stops breathing whenever she turns to him.

His heart slows in his chest, as if time were suspended and they are the only two people in existence. Then she looks away and the moment is lost, and she's Massimo's wife again, trapped again... if she'd only see it.

He's no prophet but he can foresee her future - this marriage won't last - she's crumbling under the strain of pretence. Her painted on smile is starting to fade. She'll soon break and he'll be there - a steadying hand, he'll be whatever she needs him to be - saviour, voice of reason, freeing agent... he'll take her hand one day, she'll let him - she'll be the one to reach out, to want him...

Until then, he tries to be patient.

All his past mistakes come into focus - they brought him here, brought him to her. The pain was worth it, if he has her... she doesn't know it yet but he'll be he best thing that ever happened to her. He'll be her biggest supporter. He's all for her, in every endeavour, every wish and thought. He'll love her entirely, no conditions or clauses. Just as she is.

Jackie smiles at a guest and he could bask in its warmth, the world could be powered by such a smile - the sun put to shame, eyes so bright it looked as if stardust resided there.

She looks nervous as he approaches her and he smiles, he wishes he could assure her of his intentions, that he will be the only one to see her as she is, that his love will be as unchanging as gravity but she won't believe him, yet. Time will change her mind; time is on his side.