A knock to the heart left me dazed

To live alone in this misty haze

I wish I could see

What your doing to me

But instead I cry

I don't want to die

I wish I could run

Escape the night into the sun

Hide my past

While I last

I cant hold on

To what's already gone

They called me a Dog

And left me alone in the fog

Alone to fight

This endless night

I cannot bear the truth revealed

My heart is not one able to heal

I want to cry

I want to die

But I cannot hide

What lies provide

My heart is torn

I wish I hadn't sworn

I thought I could do it

But all I did was throw a fit

I wasn't true

To what I knew

Look what I did

It hurt you too

I wish you knew

I was through….

I cant hold on

Its been so long

I'd like to rest

Instead of taking life's test

All I do now is sigh

I think its time I say good bye….

I dunno I was kinda upset when this popped into my head but if you didn't understand it I can write a one-shot epilogue thing to explain what Eds talking about but basically he's just tired and is ready to give up. Its out of character for Ed to give up but eh y plot bunny likes torturing him. * shrugs *