Steve McGarrett was in love. He had met Julia a couple of weeks ago when he and his Five-0 teammates had been unwinding at the bar on a Friday evening.

She was a new waitress and Steve was instantly smitten with her good looks and her gorgeous smile. The same traits that made women flock to the young Navy Seal had now caused his eyes to be drawn to the beautiful young brunette serving them their drinks.

As the hours passed and the alcohol took effect, the friends who knew him best all noticed the glances.

The youngest member of the team, and only female, Kono was the first to speak up, "Well Boss, looks like you may be catching more than a buzz here tonight"

Danny and Chin were grinning from ear to ear as they watched their leader begin to squirm uncomfortably in his chair. "What do you mean Kono?"

"Steven…..oh Steven…..we all know you so well my friend" Danny playfully punched his partner's shoulder and then looking at the others he added, "What do you guys say we leave our good buddy here alone so he can make his move in private?"

With that they shared goodbyes and moments later, young Julia Raye had taken a seat next to Steve and they sat sharing quiet conversation and drink ending the evening with a romantic walk along the beach.

Monday morning found the rest of the team waiting for an uncharacteristically late Steve. They were looking at files on a cold case they were working on as Steve came racing in, stuffing his shirttail into his khaki pants and running a hand through his uncombed hair.

"Jesus Steve, have you even been home since Friday"

No answer to that was even required as a smile crossed McGarretts faced and he simply stated "Good Morning, beautiful day isn't it?"


A couple of weeks later Chin found Danny sitting at his desk deep in thought.

"A penny for your thoughts brother?"

"Hey Chin…..I'm sure it's nothing"

"Something's bothering you. Come on, spill it"

Danny leaned back in his chair with his hands clasped behind his head, "I'm worried about Steve"
"What are you talking about Danny? I think this is the happiest I've ever seen him"

"It's all happening way too fast Chin. What do we really know about this girl?"
"What's there to know Danny? What secret past life could she possibly have?"

"I don't know brother…it's just a gut feeling I've got. Something's just not right. She looks familiar….. but I just can't place where I know her from"

"Should we have Kono do a background check on her?"
Danny paused, "No…No…I'm sure it's nothing. You're right, Steve's happy and we need to be happy for him. Let's head home, we've got a busy day tomorrow"

"Good Night Danny, see you in the morning"


Across town at the McGarrett home the young couple had finished the dinner that Julia had prepared and they sat cuddling on the couch sipping wine, watching the movie classic "Casablanca".

The fire was roaring and suddenly the room began to spin around Commander Steven J McGarrett.

"What's wrong sweetheart?"

Steve sat forward placing his head in his hands, "I…..don't know Julia….I'm dizzy"
"It must be the wine Steve"
"No…no….I…..I'vvve oonly ha..dd…." Before he could speak another word, Steve collapsed striking his forehead on the coffee table as he fell unconscious onto the floor.

Several hours later as the drugs wore off, Steve woke to a nightmare. He was in a cave and he was naked, hanging, his arms above his head. He was handcuffed and a rope was draped across a thick branch that ran across the ceiling of the cave. His feet dangled from the ground causing extreme pressure on his shoulders, arms and wrists.

He lifted his head and his eyes met hers…"Julia…..what is this?"

"She's dead Steve, she's dead because of you"

"Who? Who are you talking about?"

At that moment a man came into his view. Steve looked intently at the man who looked so familiar…."Do I know you?"

"You killed our sister McGarrett, and you will pay….with your life, but you will suffer first….I promise you, you will suffer"

"Your sister? I don't understand…who is your sister?"

Tears were flowing down Julia's cheeks, "My name is not Raye….Steve, its Kaye, Julia Kaye"

"Jenna was your sister?"
"My sister…and Jonathan's twin"

"Julia, I didn't kill Jenna. I feel horrible about what happened to her and I will not stop until I find Wo-Fat, the man who killed her. He killed my parents too. What did Jenna tell you, what do you know about what happened in North Korea?"

"I know she went to North Korea to find Josh. She told me you were going along with her… protect her. All I know is that you came home and Jenna and Josh are dead… were supposed to protect her Steve"

Steve glanced at Jonathan who was nervously pacing the floor of the cave.

"Julia… Wo-Fat lied to Jenna, he kidnapped and killed Josh. He told Jenna that Josh was alive to lure her….and me to North Korea"

Jonathan hollered, "That makes no sense at all! What would Wo-Fat want with Jenna?"

"He didn't want Jenna, he wanted me…he wanted information and he got to me through Jenna…he told her what she wanted and needed to hear…that Josh was alive"

Those words set Jonathan off and he began beating Steve. He pummeled his mid-section, kidneys and chest. Blow after blow….Steve took the hits, gasping to pull air into his lungs. Jonathan did not stop until he was too tired to continue.

After the beating Jonathan left the cave. Several minutes passed before Steve could speak, "Julia…..look at me….look at me!"

Julia turned to face him as she spoke through tortured sobs, "You were supposed to…protect her…she trusted you"

Julia then turned and raced from the cave to join her brother.

The words cut into Steve hurting him more than any physical pain could. Tears welled in his eyes as his mind drifted back to that dark time.