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Warnings: Tripping out, blood, and the word: fuck. Right there.

Lyrics for the chapter:

And it's that sort of thing
That makes you think too much
It's that sort of thing
That makes you lose your objectivity.

So, if you made it
Just be glad that you did
and stay there
If you ever feel loved or needed
Remember that you're one of the lucky ones
And if it's over
Just remember what I told you
It was bound to happen
So, just keep moving on
There's no perfect endings
No perfect endings

Chapter One

It was raining. That was the only thing that registered in Matthew William's head. He looked past the walls and questioning doctor out towards the rain. The rain washed over him, even if he was confined inside. The rhythm relieved him and his shoulders slumped. It reminded him of happier days, before this mess started. He let out a deep breath and stared out the window, refusing to meet the psychologist's eyes. He was going to wait this out instead. It would only be so long until the man got sick of him, like everyone else. Matthew wouldn't blame him either. It always ended up like that. But the rain never discriminated against anyone. It washed away all the evil thoughts. He let out another deep breath and focused on the world outside this small place.

"Matthew, you need to talk."


"I can't help you if you aren't willing to help yourself."

Silence. Matthew had heard it all before. That's why he was sent to this man, an obvious amateur.

The man stood up and walked toward the window. "What do you think about when you look at the rain?" he asked.

Matthew frowned. Why would he ask that? There was no point to it. Matthew remained silent as he mused over that thought.

The psychologist turned to him. "Do you want to know what I think?" Matthew didn't have to respond to get
an answer out of him. "I think about being cleansed. I think that the rain erases all the mistakes from your past and makes you clean from them, more or less. Do you think that is accurate?"

Matthew only dug his nails deeper into his skin.

The psychologist sighed. "I'm going to give you a buddy around here, so you don't get lost. His name is Gilbert. You both will meet in my office tomorrow morning after breakfast. I will get you both new schedules since these ones are obviously are not working out."


The psychologist did not look surprised by this. He expected it by now. "Send in the next person on your way out," he said with a wave. Matthew gave the most subtle nod and left.

Room BC-06 was not the most pleasant room to be in. Matthew figured that out after a week of living there. It wasn't hard to notice either, since there was always some kind of bickering coming from there. Whoever thought that putting Alfred and Arthur in the same room was a good idea should obviously be shot. The patients in this dorm needed as little stimulation as possible.

Matthew heard the cursing from outside the ward. He let out a sigh and shook his head. He debated on whether his presence would be noticed or not. He knew from past experiences that week that he would be eventually pulled into the fight if he was noticed; and if not, then he would risk getting a book (or worse because there was always worse) thrown out at his head. He ran a hand through his hair and sighed. He would rather take his chances with the patrolling nurses. They at least had some thought of mercy.

The blonde left the ward and chose to slip out of the hospital. It was still raining, but hell, he was eager to escape. Matthew slipped past the front doors, a perk of being invisible, and stood where all the smokers went to. He could feel a sort of calm come over him when he did. One step, and he could actually touch the rain. He did and smiled to himself. This was a reminder of a happier day, the day he went to the fair with his mother. The rain always brought brighter things to his life.

He looked at the gates and found them without guards. Matthew lit up. They probably couldn't handle the rain. That made him a bit smug, until he realized he could escape. He could step out right now and no one would suspect a thing, well until tomorrow when Dr. Kuma-something-or-another wanted to see him. Then he would be remembered and long gone. His roommates wouldn't bother looking for him; they'd probably be glad that there was an extra bed.

Matthew frowned at the thought. It was strange, to not be important. He was the invisible boy, something he disliked with a passion. Even if it was easy to get by guards and nurses, it still hurt that he could be so forgettable. He didn't particularly like being this way. He wanted to be memorable and important, like Alfred. He doubted anyone would forget him. Matthew let out a chuckle. It was hard to believe they were cousins when they were complete polar opposites.

"Hey you, get out of the rain right now! You'll catch your death out there!"

Matthew jumped and turned around, his eyes desperate on escape. His heart slowed when he saw that the nurse was Elizaveta, one of the most terrifying nurses in the hospital. She thought he was cute though, so he was safe.

"Matthew, what are you doing out there? You weren't thinking of escaping, were you?" Elizaveta glared at him but softened when she heard the loud screaming coming from his ward. "Come on Matthew. I'll settle things with Arthur and Alfred."

He let out a heavy sigh and dragged himself down the hallway, following Elizaveta as she screamed at his two dormmates that if they didn't shut the fuck up she would use her pan to chop off their vital regions. Matthew watched in amazement as the two boys slowly paled and settled their differences. He almost laughed. Having Elizaveta on his side surely made it better for him. He didn't let a smile pass his lips though, no matter how tempting it was. He sat on his bed and stared at the wall, thinking of nothing at all. That was sad for him, how blank his life had become. Still, if he thought of nothing, then he would not dream. And dreams were meant to become nightmares, simple as that.

"Hey, you going to dinner with us?"

Is something wrong?

"Hey, Mattie are you there?"

Do you not like me anymore?

"He's burning up."

I'll miss you.

"Go get a nurse Al! I'll watch him here."

Will we end up in Hell together?

"Hey, stop bloody hitting me!"

I hope so.

"Goddammit! Someone get the tranquilizers!"

Die soon, so we can be together again.

"He won't stop kicking!"

Matthew's breath stopped. Everything moved around him in slow motion. Something pushed down on his chest, making it harder for him to pull in the next breath. The pressure grew as the voices became louder. He wasn't able to pull in that last breath. His lungs burned and his head spun. The voices around him all grew silent, but he could see their mouths moving.

A curious thought ran through his head. He wondered if that meant that he was dead. That would be interesting. He wondered if this was one of those near-death experiences where he was supposed to see a light and hear a big booming voice tell him to stay alive. If there was, he was obviously being ignored by it. Matthew didn't mind though. It was more interesting to watch the people around him than go wherever he was supposed to go.

A tremor ran through his body and he gasped. He could see the people around him looking over him, but his eyes couldn't focus on them. It was the doctor standing over him. No, he wasn't a doctor. But those eyes were glaring into his, and he shuddered. They were the same as on that night, cold and unrelenting. Red ruby eyes, just like blood.

"Gute Nacht, Birdie."