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Leaning over you here
Cold and catatonic
I catch a brief reflection
Of what you could and might have been
It's your right and your ability
To become

My perfect enemy.

Chapter Two

You said we'd die together.

You lied.

Matthew shot up from the bed and stared wildly around him. He could hear his heavy pants echo around the room, and he tried to calm his racing heart. He put a hand over his mouth to stop himself from hyperventilating. He could still feel those red eyes on him, accusing him. He grabbed the thin blankets and pulled them over him. He hid from the imaginary eyes piercing through him, shutting his eyes tightly.

"Sir, you cannot go in there!"

The door slammed open and Dr. Kuma-something-or-another came in, ignoring the nurse. He walked to the bed and pulled off the blankets to reveal a shivering Canadian. The cold black eyes recognized him and then turned toward the nurse.

"Mei, you don't need to worry about Matthew. That's why he's in this institution, right?" the doctor said.

Nurse Mei nodded slowly and then bowed. "I'll let you take him, Dr. Kumajiro," she muttered, "but Elizaveta won't like it."

Dr. Kumajiro (Matthew stored that for further memory) laughed. "Tell her she can see him later. Right now it's time for his classes and I wouldn't dare to take that away from him."

Matthew watched Nurse Mei walk out the room and turned his attention to Dr. Kumajiro. He didn't move from his spot and curiously watched as the doctor moved to sit across from him.

"Now, Matthew," he said, pulling out a notebook, "I want you to tell me what you remember about last night."

Matthew remained silent. If he told him, he would only be labeled as crazy and then be forced to take more pills and talk to strangers who don't really give a care. Hell, this doctor barely remembered who he was this past week. He was certain that if he didn't have that notebook, Matthew would be a shadow in this institution.

The doctor let out a sigh. "Could you tell me about your mother then? Did something remind you of her to trigger the attack?" he asked.

A shiver ran down Matthew's spine. That woman…why would she be important? He clenched his jaw and stared down at the ground. He hadn't thought about her in years, and now her memory only made him angry. He doubt that his attack had anything to do with that woman.

"I do not want to speak about her," Matthew muttered. He could tell that he hadn't spoken in a while. His voice was dry and his lips were cracked. He licked his lips unconsciously and looked down at the ground.

Dr. Kumajiro stared at him with wide eyes, but surprise was wiped off his face in an instant. He pushed up his glasses and scribbled something down in his notebook. He rubbed the top of his fluffy (almost like a polar bear's fur) hair. Matthew hid a smile behind his hand. Dr. Kuma- -er he forgot his name again- gave him the lazy eye and nodded. "Can you tell me anything about the attack then? Like who was in it?" he asked instead.

Matthew chewed on his lip and did not notice when he tasted blood. He shook his head and did not meet the doctor's eyes.

Dr. Starts-with-a-K sighed and leaned back in his chair. "I cannot help you if you don't talk to me, Matthew," he said. "I really shouldn't even let you out of this room because of that, but you need some kind of push out in the world. So you will be following Gilbert today and going to classes that way. Is that understood?"

Matthew zoned out a while ago and didn't answer him. Dr. Kindle-I-think stood up and collected his notebook with him. "Your first class is group sharing. You have about two minutes to get there on time. Bonne journee."

The door slammed behind him and Matthew slowly grew awareness to what was around him. He let out a sigh and stopped fidgeting with his hoodie's sleeve. He pulled the blanket around him and hid in its warmth. He didn't feel like going to group therapy or meeting his new "buddy". He snorted at the thought. That was a stupid idea. Didn't they figure that out when they put Ludwig Beilschmidt and Lovino Vargas together? He was almost certain that they got rid of that idea after Lovino smashed everything in the wing in a rage. Matthew almost giggled. He was glad he was invisible that time. He got to see the nurses, mainly Elizaveta, throw a fit and detain Lovino for a week. That was really entertaining. But then again, Lovino did destroy all of his books. That ticked him off for a bit.

Matthew let out a yawn and closed his eyes. He'd meet "Gilbert" tomorrow. He would need his rest for then.


"Dude, what the fuck? You skipped out on class with the awesome me! What the fuck, man?"

Matthew was certain that if he did not get any sleep soon, he would send someone into a coma. He normally would have opted for Alfred or that pervert, Francis, but the guy yacking in his ear would do.

He buried himself into the covers even more until he was almost completely gone. He wanted to go back to being invisible. Hell, he didn't know how this kid even found him. He was sure that the nurses thought he was in his classes and nowhere else. Matthew felt a pain in his neck and stopped thinking about it. He couldn't change anything about it, so he needed to deal with it. He let out a sigh and attempted to bury himself again. He was certain he could be invisible with just enough covers.

"Oi, Birdie, get your ass up! Dr. Kumajiro's going to kick my ass if you don't show up in his class."

Matthew's eye twitched. Who the hell did this guy think he was, trying to pull the blankets off him? He didn't want to get up, wasn't that obvious? He sneered when he saw a pair of pale hands creep under the blankets. He bit a finger and smirked. That should show him.

"Gibert" shrieked and Matthew giggled. "What the fuck is wrong with you? You fucking bit me, the awesome me! I'll fucking kill you for that!" he yelled. He yanked back the blankets and Matthew winced. The light was too bright. He wanted his cover back, but this asshole had to ruin it all.

Matthew glared at the guy, but his blood ran cold when he saw those red eyes. They were just like the ones from his dream, knowing him completely and mocking him. He was going to die. Those eyes were going to follow him to, straight to Hell. His body shook, but he wasn't aware of it.

Someone was screaming. The voice was growing louder and louder.

Oh yeah, that was him.