Hello there. This is a short one-shot tag for 7x13 - Dean's POV during the final scene. It just flew out from my fingertips and I decided for once not to go back and edit or think too much more about it... so, here it is in its unedited glory! Thanks for having a look! :D

"Bobby was right, your head's not in the game."

My head's not in the game?

Please. I was going to take her out. Finish her off like I always do, like I've always done. I mean it's written big and bold on the first page of the hunter's guidebook right?

Evil. Must. Die.

So yeah, I would have pulled the trigger.

I mean why wouldn't I? Hell, she was going to kill me! Did you see the big ass knife in her hand? Did you notice her fingers twitching around the blade, ready to chop me up into little itty bitty pieces? And let's not forget that she's probably been practicing carving techniques for the freakin' symbol she was gonna decorate me with!

C'mon, as if I would let myself get duped by a damn monster. Me? No way. No how.

So yeah, I would have killed her. Bet your ass I would.

She was born and bred for one crazy ass purpose. Brainwashed for the entire what, 36 hours that she was alive? Huh, she should consider herself lucky, she only had to put up with being a freak of nature for days instead of thirty damn years!

Huh. Have to admit man, it was a little weird. Looking into the face of her and knowing she was a creature that I helped create; that was brought into the world because I needed to feel something again; because I needed to reach out and try to get my mind off... hell, it doesn't matter. Let's just chalk it up to a creepy and disturbing lesson learned by yours truly.

"She wasn't yours."

What? Um yeah, she was. Well, maybe not in the normal way, sure, but she was… she was still a part, a piece of me, somehow, and big surprise, she ended up like all the rest.

I mean they all die right? One after another, over and over again. They die.






….and now I can add freakishly conceived daughter onto that long and cursed list.

So yeah, I would have killed her.

It's what I do.

"Just don't die."

Huh. Well, no guarantees there bro.

End. Thanks as always for stopping by, I appreciate it!