Levana was displeased. She knew Alysha was shallow and selfish plenty, but she didn't think she wouldn't even try to help her. There was something wrong with this picture. Levana let Alysha dress her up in these stupid pumps and a tiny scrap of fabric called a dress, then drag her to the trashiest club around, but when Levana wanted-no, needed- something, Alysha was nowhere to be found.

She huffed as the butt of Fortis's gun was shoved against her back, causing her to arch it and walk faster in her black heels. Fortis gave an appreciative laugh and kept it up. Levana could feel her cheeks burning.

"I don't understand why you resist me so much, love. Any other girl would go with me willingly. You know, since I have the time." Fortis held up his arm and pulled his sleeve back to flash around a huge amount of time. Levana blinked and stumbled at the sight. She'd never seen so much time in her life.

"Come on," Fortis continued, making the presence of the gun known at her back again. His smirk was plastered on his face yet again. "What a slow girl you are. Most people here don't have enough time to be that slow."

Levana looked away. Yes, she was from another district, where they didn't have to run all the time; she usually had a week or so. Unfortunately, in this time zone she only had a few days. She hated it here, but she had nowhere else to go.

"Ah…" Fortis said, understanding immediately. "You're not from around here. What's a girl from New Greenwich doing in Dayton of all places?"

"I'm not from New Greenwich," she shot back. That was ridiculous. Did she look like a rich brat?

Fortis laughed. "Calm down, kitten. Retract those claws and walk a little faster."

If Levana could have hissed, she would have, just to prove a point. But he would have probably laughed at her. And suddenly, she was embarrassed to even have such a childish thought.


He looked at her curiously, seeing the blush color her pretty features. "Shy suddenly?" he asked with a mystified frown. He couldn't understand her.

She didn't answer, only stumbling forward at each nudge from the butt of his gun.

"We're here," he continued, getting into the passenger seat of the car, but only after making sure Levana didn't run away. She didn't seem like the type to do something foolish like that when he was holding a gun, but the way things were turning out so far, Fortis didn't know what to expect.

"Where are we going?" Levana's voice betrayed her fear. It was small and frightened, very unlike the voice she had used when she was in the club, and her comfort zone. Fortis smirked. He would break her yet.

"Home," he said simply. And he wasn't lying. He was taking her to where the Minutemen were staying. She would become a sort of pet once he had broken her in. The Minutemen's bitch. He chuckled. It had a certain ring to it.