Hey everyone! How's you doing? This is not a 100 theme challenge. It's a Kingdom Hearts CHARACTER CHALLENGE!

What actually inspired me to make this new challenge was a conversation I had with some other big KH fans I met the other day. We all agreed we wanted all the KH characters to be real, and that we would really like some of them to be our friends! We also debated on which Organization XIII member would be the best teacher ever, and after some voting, the first place winner was Axel. The second place winner was Zexion. Third was Larxene.

So anyway, I made this challenge so that you can express how you'd feel if you ever met any characters. Here's how you do it. In each chapter of this challenge, you need to write a short story with yourself as the protagonist (You can give yourself a different name if you feel like it). Write about one character per chapter.

In for each chapter you must be able to answer the following:

- What did you think of this character before you met him/her in person? Did you like or dislike him/her? Why?

- When you met this character in real life, what was your first impression? What was he/she like? Was he/she what you expected? How did you feel being around him/her?

- How do you two meet? How does he/she act around you? Does your view of the character change at all? Do you (still) like or dislike him/her?

- As you and this character get to know each other as time goes on, what thoughts go through your mind about this character?

- How is the character different/similar to your mother or father or friends or anyone else you know?

Here is the list of the characters you'll write about. Doesn't have to be in this order.














Master Eraqus

Master Xehanort (Optional! Sorry, I don't like this guy. But it's all up to you.)

Ansem the Wise

Organization XIII (NOT ALL OF THEM AT ONCE! One at a time, remember!)

Any "The World Ends With You" character (the ones that appear in Dream Drop Distance)

Any Disney Character

Any Final Fantasy character (just make sure he/she is a character that appears in Kingdom Hearts! This IS a Kingdom Hearts challange)

But before you start writing about the characters, you need to make it all "real" by starting with an introduction called "The Oath". In this introduction, you need to write that you have experienced meeting the KH characters, and how you've decided to write a "memorial epic" about them.

You can write "The Oath" in your own words, but I'm gonna let you see mine as an example. This is my "Oath" that I'm gonna put in my own KH Character Challenge once I publish it:

~The Oath~

Being sound in both the heart and soul, let it be known that I, Yuka Estheme , have decided to write about the facts, and only the facts, about my experiences with the cast of the Kingdom Hearts Saga.

I am in my mother's work, an office building, using an old typewriter. My mother is doing her own work on her computer and her boss thinks I'm using the typewriter to copy a book report for Organization XIII member Vexen, who happens to be my retarded English teacher.

I shall write the truth, only the truth, until this memorial epic is finished.

So guide me, angels of heaven!

- Yuka Estheme

After making your oath, THEN you can begin your character challenge!

I hope you have fun!

I wish you all luck!

If you have any questions or if you're willing to try this challenge, PLEASE review me!