Ring on her Finger

By Nickeltaffy

Disclaimer: I would like to thank Joss for the use of his characters. They are still his and will never be mine. (heavy sigh).

Synopsis: Anyone ever notice that Buffy never returned Spike's ring from when they were engaged? What if Willow's reversal of the Will Be Done spell from the Something Blue episode was not exactly 100% effective? What if Buffy was still under a spell and still considered herself engaged to a horrified Spike?


Chapter 1

As everyone left the crypt after the fiasco caused by Willow's spell, Buffy happened to look down at the ring on her finger. It was the ring that Spike had given her when he proposed. She remembered him on his knees before her looking at her with such hope as he asked for her hand. When she gasped out her ebullient response: "Yes, Of course, yes", he gently slipped the ring on her finger. He had explained that it was a ring that had been in his human family for generations when he was wrapped in her arms. He was only supposed to give it to his true love. " True Love? Spike? Come on! Really? We're talking Spike here…Could you believe it?..No, it was the stuff of nightmares". She inwardly groaned. Remembering earlier, she and Spike had been acting like a silly engaged couple all evening while under that spell. Her stomach turned at the thought of her gushing over Spike while she was sitting in lap back at Giles' apartment. Maybe, someday she would look back at that and laugh…but that certainly wasn't in this lifetime.

The dark stone in the ring twinkled on her finger, catching her attention again. She held hand out looking down at the ring on her hand, tilting her head. It wasn't a typical engagement ring, kind of blocky and dark. That meant it was probably pretty old, if what Spike had told her was true. Still, it was kinda of an interesting ring, there was kind of a gothic beauty about it.

Shaking her head, Buffy looked up from her hand, to take a look at the people she was walking with. The group was making their way through the cemetery as she escorted back to Giles' apartment. At the front of the group, Anya and Xander were walking along, looking little worse for wear. Holding hands, they presented the picture of a young couple in love that had just had a tussle with some demons. Hmmm, it was nice to see that love could actually exist outside a spell, Buffy thought a little bit jealously. Next came Willow, shuffling along with her head down and turning every once in a while to murmur an apology to the group. After Willow, came Giles who had a firm hold of Spike. Spike was walking along with a resigned air and wasn't giving Giles any trouble. It was like he wanted to get away from that crypt as quickly as everyone else. "What did he have to complain about?…He should be so lucky that he….Wait, Why do I care what Spike thinks? I am obviously dealing with some type of head trauma." Buffy thought to herself. She was slowly bringing up the rear, just in case there were any demons left that wanted to get one last swipe at the group. She looked around the grounds. "No it was pretty dead…Oops, bad pun alert in the cemetery- Yep, definite head trauma."

As the group was walking along, Buffy's eyes went back down to the ring. Was it silver?…No, it couldn't be, Spike was wearing it and silver didn't agree with vampires…Maybe, white gold?…No, looking at the quality, it had to be platinum. "Not bad!" she thought impressed. She looked a little closely at the dark stone that sat in the middle of the ring. She wondered what type of stone it was. Couldn't really tell in this light. The ring had a definite charm, a little offbeat but she decided she liked the ring. She suddenly got a little sad at the thought that this might be the only time she might sport a ring on that particular finger. Knowing the short lifespan of slayers, Spike's proposal would probably be the only one she would ever get.

She stopped walking and thought to herself: "Spike. It was disturbing how genuine he seemed earlier this evening. He was thoughtful, helpful and affectionate. That accent, when he said "Slayer" back in the crypt, what it could do to a girl.. Spike was always easy on the eyes and he could kiss like….What am I thinking? This is Spike, the stupid vampire that is always trying to kill me. Spike is a vampire. Vampire equals evil. I kill vampires. So, why haven't I killed Spike? God knows he gets under my skin." Then, a little voice at the back of her mind sang, "Maybe that's the problem."

Buffy suddenly shuddered all over her body with disgust. She decided that she was not going to think about this anymore. She saw the group had gotten ahead of her. She held up her left hand and called to them to wait up. She was in a rush to catch up to the group; she didn't notice the stone in the ring and caught a moonbeam when she had raised her hand. It shone bright red only for a moment and then went back to dark color, it normally had.