Tales of a Hogwarts OC

A/N: These are a collection of short fictions featuring my Hogwarts OCs Shaletar Nickolas and/or Bobby Sutter. They are set in an ambiguous time period at Hogwarts, probably in some parallel universe in which no recognisable characters will appear. In this universe, some past events remain: for instance, Shaletar is the first werewolf student allowed since Remus Lupin was in attendance, and Harry Potter is still a recognisable household name. However, aside from location and informative details, not much in this AU Hogwarts is canon.

No flames, please. Especially since these are all unbeta'd and written on the fly, whenever I get the urge to scribble down a plot bunny. They will also be posted VERY out of order as far as chronology goes, so I'll indicate in the chapter title which year (for Shaletar) each story occurs in.

Without further ado, enjoy!