Summary: Even superheroes do awkward things ever once in a while. But there are few stories written about these awkward moments. Read if you're not afraid of the of the oh-so hilarious and awkward truth.
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A/N: This was a challenge prompt issued by XxTheUnspokenTruthxX in the Young Justice FanFiction Challenges forum. The prompt was "That awkward moment when you stop at a car to see your reflection and then notice someone's in there," and Roy was the character I was assigned. I hope you found this as funny as I did.

A/N2: qweerlittlefish is also writing a series of awkward moments based on XxTheUnspokenTruthxX's challenge. It's called Let's Get Awkward! and if you like my story you should check out her's too.

That Awkward Moment With Your Reflection

It was not Roy's day. He spent all of last night following a lead which lead him to Gotham and then had to sleep on the streets come day break because he couldn't find a hotel. When he woke up with a backache from sleeping on the ground with only a newspaper for a blanket he decided to search for a more comfortable place to stay for the next few days. He had no idea how long he'd be stuck in Gotham or if his search would take him somewhere else, but he'd like to be prepared for the long haul. Gotham is not the kind of place you want to be stuck alone and vulnerable in.

He lugged around his backpack filled with his Red Arrow Costume and gear. His scalp was so itchy and all he could think of was a nice hot shower. Across the street a couple of teenage girls who were maybe a year or two younger than him pointed and laughed. He growled at himself. He had to get cleaned up soon or he might start getting harassed by the police for being a vagrant.

Roy didn't know exactly how horrible he looked. As he passed a limo parked on the streets he saw his reflection in the dark window. He stopped and inspected the hot mess that he had turned into overnight. His hair was sticking up except for the few greasy strands that were stuck on his forehead. While he couldn't actually see the dark circles under his eyes looked but he could tell they were drooping. And his lip was cracked and bloody.

Roy touched his face in shock. How had he turned into such a mess in just one night?

As he stared at his reflection the windows started to lower. Roy realized someone was in the limo. His brain frantically tried to think of a reason he was staring into a rich limousine while looking like a violent vagrant. He panicked thinking whoever was inside would call the cops on him. He knew he could get away, he just didn't want to have to deal with that right now. Now when he had so much else to deal with. Find a place to stay, catch the bad guys, look good for the ladies.

The window reached all the way down. A small dark haired boy sat inside.

"Roy?" the boy asked. The voice sounded familiar.

"Robin?" Roy asked. Despite the boy wearing sunglasses Roy could see the surprise in Robin's face. He frantically reached for the window button again.

"Alfred! Go, go, go!" Robin said. The car started and the window reached the top of the door frame as the car drove away.

"Uh...where's my car?" a moments later a man asked from behind Roy.

Roy turned around to see billionaire Bruce Wayne looking dumbfounded.

"Was your car a limo?" Roy asked.

"Yeah," Bruce said.

Roy smirked. "Why don't you just beckon the batmobile?" he said and walked off with a stroll.

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