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That Awkward Moment When Texting

Artemis growled as her cellphone buzzed from inside her pocket. It had been a boring couple of months. The team had been going on less and less missions and her relationship with Wally was getting stale. It seemed he never wanted to see her anymore. So when she fished the phone out and saw his name a smile was brought to her face.

Look, I know we haven't hung out much lately but I really miss you, the text read. I partially blame myself. I've been spending a lot of time with Robin. No more than usual but I keep forgetting to make time for you too. The truth is I miss you. And I love you. It's like your cupid and you've struck me with one of your arrows. I know you're patrolling with GA tonight but I was hoping maybe we could get together later on.

Artemis held the phone in her hands for a few moments and thought about what to write. Her heart felt like it was fluttering. Wally really did care about her.

Hey Wall, long-time no-see. I miss you too. Actually, I'm not patrolling with GA tonight. Wanna meet up at the Mountain and go out for fro-yos? Oh, and I love you too.

Artemis waited few minutes for Wally to respond. Despite being the fastest boy alive he took forever to respond to text messages. She put the phone on the couch where she was sitting, put her feet up on the coffee table in front of her and changed the channel. Then her cell phone buzzed. It was another message from Wally.

Opps, wrong person. That was meant for Roy. Nvm what I wrote.

Artemis flung her cell phone against the wall. Wally professing his love for Roy through text was to be expected but how dare Ollie take Roy out on patrol instead of her. Quickly Artemis got changed into her costume and found the closest zeta tube. She had some asses to kick.