Hey guys! :D Back with a new story! This one could or wont be similar to my other ones. I'll see how it turns out. Hope you like this one so far!

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Have you ever felt completely useless? Like nobody ever cares about you? Like your life is wasted by your thoughts of what could have happened or even, wasted by thoughts of what did happen? I often wonder what it would be like being happy or to at least have a friend. I just have me, myself, and I. I've lived on my own for about a year now. My outer shell is mean and brutal because of my bitterness. People at school are afraid of me. But little do they know that I'm as sensitive as a newborn's head. I'm only sixteen. I live working my ass off and gambling to earn hellas money. I have a nice house and I'm nowhere near the shitty ass family I used to have. You think my family actually cared about me? Think again. My dad is a scientist who thinks about nothing but his experiments. He never had time for my sisters and I. But even when he did, he'd always rather be around Blossom and Bubbles. Those two are a couple of Barbie dolls. When I lived with them, all they did was snub me, like I was lower than them. Like I was not ever a part of the family. I was more like a rug or a pile of dirt just waiting to be stepped on. Fuck that shit. And my so called "friends" that I had at school, they all just followed my sisters, the most popular girls in school. Even Princess Morebucks was a part of their clique. It was becoming a bit unbelievable. One day, Professor left the house for a couple weeks and left me with little miss sunshine(Bubbles) and miss bossypants(Blossom). They had a party and invited all types of guys. They invited Derek from the soccer team, Miles from the football team, and Mitch along with just several other guys. They knew I liked Mitch. So sometime during the day, they were playing spin the bottle/truth or dare. Well, the bottle landed on Mitch. I was in my room upstairs not really knowing what was going on. They sent Mitch upstairs to my room to tell me that I was too ugly to ever go out with him and that I should die because I would never find somebody to be with. My heart broke that day. So a day afterwards, I left the Utonium household. I left Townsville for good. And I've never been better!

So nowadays I live in a town called Piperton. Not exactly my ideal place for living, but their cost of living is pretty low, so a lot of their nice things are affordable. It's a nice quiet town. As for the high school I go to, I think it's only quiet because I go there. It seems like I'm the only ruffian there. Which is good. I don't need the competition. I have no friends. Which means I don't have any distractions. I don't like anybody or have a boyfriend. Which means I don't have any commitments. I don't like when people other than the teachers confront me. But the sad thing is that the teachers are even afraid of me. Not that I care really. That just means they know not to mess with me. This isn't one of those low rated schools though. This is one of the top in the whole state! I don't understand how one child such as myself could overthrow a school so popular! Oh! But my favorite time of day is lunch. It was funny the first day I got here because at lunch, I was a nobody. The second day I came to lunch, I was somebody. I remember it as somebody trying to steal my lunch money and then me scaring the shit out of him. His name was Billy. The asshole came up to me and said, Hey, new girl. There's a fee for being a newbie. Cough up the cash. I just sat there and ate my lunch like I didn't even hear him. The cafeteria was staring at us. He came closer to me and got in my face. He said, Did you hear me? Where's my money? I ignored him again, then he put his hand on my arm. Something that set me off. I got out of my seat and slammed him against the wall. The whole cafeteria went silent and stared at the situation in fear. "Don't touch me.." I growled as I tightened the grip of my hand around his neck. Since then, nobody has messed with me at that damned school. Now that I'm a sophomore, nothing would stand in my way. Or so I thought.

I'd like to think that I can make Buttercup a little mean. My other stories have her more like a weak person. Like she's easy to break. I want this story to have her not so easy to break. So anyways, hope you likey! :3