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Butch – Meeting the Sisters

I finally remember. I remember her gorgeous face! I remember our fights and the last fight! What I don't remember is a couple other things. One, why we moved out of Townsville. Two, where Buttercup's powers went. I'm still confused a bit.

Now that Buttercup and I finally remember what happened, we decided on giving the relationship thing another chance. I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to be that cruel again. Plus she apparently doesn't have her powers anymore. There isn't a point in fighting. But there will be arguments of course.. Anyways, we (as in Buttercup, me and my brothers) headed down to Townsville to see Buttercup's sisters. They will know something that my brothers didn't. Hopefully nothing was happening at the moment in Townsville. After all, it is rated the most chaotic city in the U.S.

It didn't take us but maybe a half hour until we reached the criminal capital of the country. Buttercup was being held by my arms as we all flew down to the heart of the city. We went to the Mayor's office first. A tall, beautiful lady approached us. She had red puffy hair and very soothing curves. I let Buttercup go and she ran for the lady screaming, "Ms. Bellum!"

"Buttercup! What is going on?"

"These are the Rowdyruff Boys!" she pointed at us. Ms. Bellum looked at us carefully.

"You-You know who they are?"

"I finally remember everything. I remember the fight. I remember my childhood!"

"W-What's the commotion out here, Ms. Bellum?" said a short guy with a big nose. He was holding a pickle jar in his left hand and wiggling his fingers trying to open it.

"Buttercup is back at home. And so are the Rowdyruff Boys."

"THE ROWDYRUFF BOYS? Why- What are they doing here?"

"I'm wondering the same thing."

"We came to talk to Blossom and Bubbles."

"They're out fighting a monster at the moment."

"Who cares about the monster! What about my pickles?" Said the Mayor. He began to pout. Ms. Bellum took the pickle jar and opened it for him without hesitation. Then she handed him the jar. "YAY!" He shouted and ran back to his office. We all facepalmed.

"Why don't you all go to their house and meet them there?"

"I don't have the keys to my house anymore. You have a pair?" Buttercup told her. Ms. Bellum took out a pair of keys and handed it to Buttercup.

"Bring them back."

"Thanks! Let's go boys!" We all nodded. I picked up Buttercup and followed my brothers to her house.

When we got there, the house looked as it used to. A big white building, three circle windows at the top, a regular screen window in the front bottom. Might be some add-ons to the house in the back. Buttercup opened the door to the front and we all went inside.

"Go sit on the couches. I gotta go up to my room really quick." Buttercup ordered us. The boys did, but I sure didn't. I followed her upstairs. She accepted it. When we got to her door, she paused to look at it. She touched the frame of the door and then opened the door. She stared inside looking around. It looked like how I would picture her room as. Almost similar to the one back in Piperton. It had dark green walls with black swirls on it. This room had no flowers to go with the swirls though. It had pictures of Mitch and pictures of her and her sisters at pokey oaks preschool. They looked like normal girls. They were, but with a special quality that nobody else had. Same with us boys. "Nothing was touched." She said. "Everything is exactly how I left it." She walked even further into the room and opened up the drawers within her dresser. They were filled with magazines, coins, and even some cash. None of it was touched.

"Were you expecting your sisters to steal something?"

"I was expecting them to go through my stuff and trash my room. But nothing is missing or messed up." All of a sudden, we heard a door open and some shrieks. "Must be them." We ran downstairs to find Blossom and Bubbles screaming at Brick and Boomer. The boys were holding their hands up in defense. Buttercup walked up to them, the sisters didn't notice.

"LOOK!" The boys pointed to Buttercup. The girls turned around and stopped yelling. I walked behind Buttercup and held her from behind. The girls gasped.

"You have some explaining to do."

We all sat down in the living room in the nice leather seats. Buttercup and I on the loveseat, Blossom and Bubbles each on their own recliner, Brick and Boomer on the big couch. Blossom sighed as she began to talk.

"So you know what happened, huh?" she said calmly.

"In the matter of two days. Why didn't you tell me? Why did you guys sit there and treat me like shit the way you did?"

"We took an advantage of you." Bubbles sighed.

"Yeah, I realize that. Why did you?"

"We thought since you didn't remember what happened before that you would think that was how you were treated before." Bubbles said.

"What happened to my powers? Did they disappear or what?" Buttercup asked. The girls looked down. "Hey, I'm right here. Not down there! Tell me, what the fuck happened to my powers?"

"Okay. What had happened was you were in the hospital still unconscious. Bubbles and I both discussed this, but we decided on taking away your powers."

"At first, I was against it, but then Blossom insisted-" Bubbles started.

"BUT," Blossom interrupted. "We both came to the agreement that we strip you of your powers and just be a regular girl."

"You never told me that I had powers and you never told me you still had yours," Buttercup sighed. "Alright, then you decided to make me feel like shit by calling me fat, ugly, stupid, and worthless. Then, you drove me away as I had enough when you had that stupid party and got Mitch to do what he did. You girls are a couple of bitches for that and I will never forgive you for that." She explained. She didn't know what else to say. Her sisters simply took her powers away so they could treat her like crap and so Buttercup couldn't do anything about it.

"Yeah," Blossom sniffled. "Why are these guys here?"

"Because I want to know something too." I said. Her sisters and my brothers looked at me. Buttercup did too. "I want to know why we moved out of Townsville."

"Oh," Brick began. "You see, Butch. We thought it would be better if you and Buttercup didn't see each other anymore."

"You guys had already lost your memories, so Brick and I decided that we be away from each other. That way there wouldn't be any conflict. And that's another reason why Bubbles and I took your powers away and treated you like crap, Buttercup."


"It was because of the fight. It caused us so much pain that the guys were gone. We decided to get back at you by doing all that mean stuff."

"But I didn't even remember a damn thing!"

"I know."

The room was silent for a couple minutes. Then Boomer got up and walked over to Bubbles. He embraced her in a hug. Bubbles fought it at first, then she gave in and hugged back.

"I missed you." Boomer cried. Bubbles began to tear up too.

"I missed you too, Boomie." Buttercup and I looked at our siblings and gagged. We were now waiting for Blossom and Brick to have their sentimental moment.

"Look, we all know you missed each other, you got your counterpart back, go smooch or something." Buttercup said in disgust. I laughed at her. We watched as the reds joined together in a hug and smiled. We were all together. Everything felt as it should. There were no more mysteries, no more hatred, no more anger. There was nothing to worry about, until… The front door opened. A man in a lab coat came inside. He dropped all of his stuff on the ground.

"Buttercup?" he said. Buttercup walked up to him and smiled.

"I'm back." She said. The man fell to his knees and began crying. "I'm sorry I left for so long. I'm not going anywhere anymore." She hugged him. He hugged back sobbing.

"No, I'm sorry. I let everything get bad. I should have stopped it." He said.

"It's okay, Professor. The Rowdyruffs are here. They helped me get back home. They helped me remember my way back home." The Professor took a glance at us. We waved at him.

"You remember what happened?" he asked. Buttercup nodded and hugged her father once more. Professor let out a sigh of relief. Everybody sighed in relief. Everything that was needed to be said was left on the table. Professor was probably just glad that he didn't have to explain anything.

A couple days later, my brothers and I convinced our dad that we should move back to Townsville, home of the best crime alive. Buttercup got her powers back and moved whatever she had down in Piperton back to Townsville. I stopped being a criminal, but I never stopped being a badass. As for our siblings, they are all together just as Buttercup and I expected. All six of us fight side by side battling crime in our battle suits. Color coordinated something similar to Buttercup's each with our own logos. (Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys) Everything was just as we remembered it. Perfect.

Short story! :) Kind of cute. Has really nothing to do with the title now that I think about it.