I just came from one of my many boring book signing. I mean don't get me wrong I love my fans but one person can only smile and sign there name for so long before going crazy. I couldn't be any happier to have just gotten home when out of nowhere I received a call from my boss. he was happy to inform me that he had a great story for me to look into. It involved the death of a mother and the disappearance of her teenage daughter. Nothing about that story really struck me as book worthy. But I was to later learn things aren't always as they seem. He told me to report to the police station in a hour, when there I would meet my first lead. I arrived and was surprised to see my lead was actually a little girl named miki. She couldn't have no more then 4 feet, with lavender like eyes and black Wavy hair. I couldn't help but notice Her porcelain doll like skin as she gestured for me to sit down. I stood there for a few minutes in a trance, her lavender eyes were so unnatural. But I was soon snapped back into reality when another girl walked up and took a seat next to her. She introduced the other girl as kimi, her younger sister. I shook my head slightly and told her my name. She reached for my hand and gently shook it, her hand was so cold it gave me goose bumps. But she just smiled at me lovingly before saying "you must be here to learn about the death of my mother and my missing sister". I nodded as she continued to talk I couldn't help but get swapped up in angelic voice. She couldn't be any older then 10 but talked with such sophistication you would think she was an adult. I intensely listened to her every word until I noticed her little sister playing with something.

It was a little doll, it look so life like that it was creepy. she had brown eyes pale skin and curly honey blonde hair. miki noticed I was looking at the doll and said "I see my sisters dollfie doll has caught your attention, she has not let it out of her sight since my sister went missing". Already knowing the answer I asked "why". She continue to tell me how their mother had that doll customely made to look like their older sister before she went missing. I nodded and glanced one more time at the doll before thinking, that doll would be right at home in the Mannenji temple in Hokkaido with the one named okiku. The little girl talk about her sister and their up bringing. Nothing seemed out of the norm to me, frankly I believed they came from a very loving family. She continued to talk about how her sister one day just changed completely from the loving protective older sister to a loner. "she would lock herself in the room and cry until she fell asleep. She refused to eat and drastically lost weight over a period of one month. Our mother feared that she was having trouble in school and decided to talk to the teachers. I guess that made the situation worst because that evening dung came home and fought with mother. Me and kimi hid in the room as dung yelled at our mother. That day we learned that mommy was right it was trouble in school. This group of girls were terrorizing dung, mommy tried to get dung to tell her why. But she refused to say, she only said that if mommy knew she would once again try to fix it and only would make it worst." I looked at her and thought so their sister ran away because of bulling. As sad as it was that was normal but that didn't explain the gory blood bath at their home. She continued to talk before I could even ask her my question "see it wasn't in our mother nature to leave things alone especially when it involved one of us. So that evening while dung slept mommy called sobo and asked for advice. I'm not sure what sobo said but the next day when she dropped us off she said she would be unable to pick us up and that sofu would pick us up. but he never did, we ended up waiting two hours until dung picked us up. When we finally made it home sofu was on the couch fast asleep. As sad as it was it wasn't that surprising he usually over slept." She and her sister giggled at her last comment "yeah sofu is always sleeping but i love when he visits he brings me mochi and I love mochi". I couldn't help but smile at what her sister said she was so cute.

I looked at my watch and noticed that four hours had passed since I had first arrived. I asked them where would they be staying for the time begin. She looked up at me and said the police arranged for us to stay with our sofu and sobo, they live in the oldest house in Gunma ken. I smiled and said "well would it be alright if I came to visit you and we continued tomrrow?" she nodded and we all bowed before going our separate ways. My whole way home I couldn't get that damn doll out of my head I know those dolls are meant to be realistic but that one was just unnatural. When I finally got home I dropped my bags at the door and fell into my bed. I felt sad for those girls first their sister goes missing and then they come home to their mothers dead body.