"Tell me you love me, right now." Sebastian screamed, tears streaming down his face as he weakly held up the gun towards Kurt. "I'll shoot, I swear."

The two clubs were speechless, they stood there, frozen. Afraid if they moved they would upset the emotionally-wrecked Warbler and be shot.

"Sebastian…there's no need for this. Put the gun down, please." Blaine said, casting a glance at Kurt, who was practically soaked in his own tears and trembling violently. Blaine wanted to run up to him and hug him until he was okay, but that wasn't an option unless he wanted the situation to turn violent.

"My whole life, I've suffered with no one to love, no one. And I've finally found you, Blaine, a boy who believes in true love. I want that. I want you. And I'm not leaving here until I get what I want." Sebastian said, trembling, but managing to stiffen up and push his sadness aside and put his anger forward.

For once in Blaine's life, he had no idea what to do. This was a life-death situation, and by far the most important event in his life, and he had no idea how to handle it. Blaine looked behind him to see the awe-stricken Warblers trembling, Nick and Jeff holding each other's hands, not caring who saw for once. He saw Santana and Brittany holding each other's hands as tight as humanly possible, the first time Blaine ever saw Santana in a frightened state. Even Puckerman who probably owned a gun and lives around violence on a daily basis was frozen and terrified. Blaine's decision on how to handle this situation impacted everyone single one of these people, his friends. Especially the love of his life.

"Just say you love him, it doesn't matter!" Artie screamed.

"Shut it, wheels. He has to mean it. I know he does, he just has to say it." Sebastian shouted, pointing his gun at Artie, then back at Kurt.

"Sebastian, this is between me and you. Don't harm Kurt, please-"

"No, he's the reason we can't be together. He's the reason my life's a mess." Sebastian said, growing more furious by the comment.

"Shit" Blaine thought. Sebastian cocked his gun. "No-!"

Everyone closed their eyes as Sebastian shot his gun, expecting to see Kurt on the floor in a bloody mess. Instead, they heard the screams of not only Kurt, but Blaine. He had taken a shot in the shoulder for Kurt.

"BLAINE!" Kurt said, screaming in terror as his boyfriend writhed in pain on the stone-cold concrete of the parking lot floor. Blood was spewing out of his shoulder. "Someone call for help!"

Everyone was running around screaming and shouting as Sebastian realized what he had done, dropped the gun, and ran. Finn fumbled with his phone and finally managed to call for an ambulance.

Kurt, still in a bloodstained Marc Jacob's jacket, sat in a very familiar place, rocking back and forth, biting his nails anxiously awaiting a doctor to tell him the bad news.

"Mr. Hummel?" A doctor said softly.

"Yes, is he alright?" Kurt said as he shot out of the waiting room seat.

"Yes, but he will have to undergo surgery. The bullet just missed the major tissue in his shoulder, so there will be no permanent damage. He is very, very lucky. But I'm afraid I cannot release him without a parent present."

The waiting room, which was filled with Warbler and New Directions members, went from low whispers and the slightly annoying noise of turning the pages of a magazine, to dead silent. Everyone casted glances at each other, they all knew about Blaine's parents.

Suddenly, Burt and Carol busted through the doors. "We're here. Is he okay?"

"Mr. and Mrs. Anderson?" The doctor asked.

"No, Miss. But we are the closest things to it." Burt said breathlessly, awaiting the answer to his previous question.

"Mr. Anderson is going to be all right, I'll just need you to sign these papers."

"May we see him?" Kurt said, still shaking.

"Ye-" The doctor began to say, but before finishing, Kurt was already rushing to see Blaine.

"Blaine!" Kurt smiled, rushing to Blaine's bedside.

"K-Kurt" Blaine said groggily, managing to slip his hand into Kurt's.

"I-I love you so much." Kurt said, crying heavily.

"I love you so much too" Blaine coughed, still recovering from being under anesthesia.

"Why did you take the bullet for me?" Kurt cried.

"I love you, and I need to protect you."

"You could have died, Blaine!"

"But I didn't. And if I didn't jump in front of you, Sebastian would have shot you right in the chest, and I can't live without you." Blaine struggled to say.

Kurt leaned over and kissed Blaine on the cheek, pulling away just before everyone crowded in.

"I am yours forever, I love you." Kurt whispered into Blaine's ear.