Note- I was very stuck on how to end this, so sorry if it isn't as good quality as the other chapters. I hope you like it though.
And ps, I forgot to mention Blaine's shoulder was basically healed when he attempted to murder Sebastian.

"You guys WHAT? Give me one good reason I shouldn't turn you in right now!" Rachel screamed.

"We didn't kill him. He was already dead." Puckerman answered.

"You still attempted to, and you broke in! Imagine if someone caught you guys!" Quinn shouted back, hands on her hips.

"This is really serious! We thought you guys were just kidding about killing Sebastian…but you guys actually went for it!" Artie panicked.

The choir room went silent. They were all huddled in a circle again. Everyone was either panicking, or pissed.

"I'm sorry guys. He just….he tried to hurt Kurt. I couldn't let him get away with that. I lost control." Blaine answered, ashamed of his actions.

"Well, I guess we should all be glad they didn't actually kill Sebastian." Tina answered, trembling with fear.

"Then who did?" Quinn answered, still extremely disappointed in her friends actions.

"Don't know." Santana answered. She has been very paranoid ever since that night at Dalton, afraid that every little footstep behind her was the police coming to throw her in jail for breaking and entering.

Again, Mr. Shuester walked in, this time, without saying anything.

"Who did it?" Mr. Shuester asked emotionlessly.

Blaine, Santana and Puckerman all stared at each other. They started to panic.

"Huh, I asked a question. Who did it?" Mr. Shuester began to yell.

"Did what, Mr. Shue?" Rachel said, trying not to stutter her words in fear.

"I know Sebastian is dead. Figgins told me, and the police are investigating. They are going to catch you, so you better come clean." Mr. Shuester started to yell louder.

"He got what was coming to him." Puckerman answered.

"You did it, Puck?" Shuester yelled.

"No, wish I had." Puckerman answered calmly.

"Then who did?"

"Mr. Shuester, I need to come clean. Puckerman, Santana and I went to go kill him, but he was already dead. I swear we didn't do it." Blaine answered, shaking violently.

"You guys WHAT? How could you? I have a zero tolerance violent rule here!" Mr. Shuester screamed, dropping the box of sheet music he was holding.

"Alright, well if you didn't do it, who did?" The policeman interrogated.

"I don't know, sir." Blaine answered politely.

"Wait happened to your shoulder then, boy? You get hurt murdering that poor boy?"

Blaine almost forgot about his injured shoulder, it was practically healed by now. "No, I happened to have been shot by that 'poor boy'." Blaine fumed.

"I call that motive. And watch your tone." The policeman answered.

Blaine was speechless. He didn't do it, but he wish he had. The reality of the situation hit him. Blaine was caught up in anger ever since Sebastian shot him, and he felt like he was a completely different person. He missed the old, proper, Mr. Perfect Blaine.

Suddenly, Trent, a former friend of Blaine, and a Warbler, was being cuffed and dragged towards a jail cell. Following him was former-warbler, Wes and David, all looking guilty as ever.

Another policeman interrupted Blaine's interrogation and whispered into the other policeman's ear.

"Looks like you were right. You're free to go." The policeman mumbled, looking ashamed he had wrongfully convicted this boy.

"Who did it?" Blaine asked, peering over towards his old friends being dragged away.

"Those men over there confessed." The policeman answered angrily.

"May I go speak to them?" Blaine asked, he couldn't believe that they would ever do that.

"Whatever." The policeman answered, storming off.

Blaine walked over to the cellar they were being held in. They all looked extremely guilty, sitting in silence.

"Blaine?" Trent answered, sitting up, his hands still cuffed behind his back.

"You guys did this?" Blaine responded. "Why?"

"He took over the Warblers, and bossed us around. He would hit us and threaten that he would kill us if we ever told anyone what he was doing. He forced us to get rid of the counsel. And after he shot you, Blaine, we couldn't take it anymore. I told Wes and David who were away at Yale, and they couldn't believe it. They came back, tried to reason with him, but ended up being knocked unconscious. That night, we took a knife, and all stabbed him multiple times." Trent answered, sounding extremely regretful.

"Oh my…" Blaine answered, anger bubbling inside him. He wished he saw Sebastian's face as he was being stabbed.

One week later:

Kurt and Blaine were finally back in a happy state, as was the entire glee club. They had finally been served justice, even if it was extremely bloody and illegal.

"Blaine, I really love you." Kurt said.

Blaine wrapped his arms around Kurt as they cuddled on Blaine's bed.

"I love you too. And I'm sorry for going extremely insane on you. I could tell you were feeling extremely confused on how to deal with me. You didn't even speak at all in glee club when the murder of Sebastian came up. I just, I wanted him to feel our pain. And I'm sure he did. I have also been going to therapy again." Blaine lamented, burying his head in Kurt's chest.

"I'm glad. And Blaine, I will always love you. I was very afraid when you were in a dark state. This was very adult stuff we were dealing with and you just didn't know how to handle it. Neither did I, or anyone." Kurt answered, twirling Blaine's hair.

"Kurt how can you still love me, I'm crazy! I tried to murder someone!" Blaine wept, pushing Kurt away.

"Hey if you hadn't, my father probably would have. And anyways, you didn't. You were just angry, and you're getting the therapy you need." Kurt replied, scooting back towards Blaine.

Blaine cuddled Kurt again. He felt Kurt's heartbeat as they lay there, silent. He was just glad that Kurt was still living and safe, and he was going to keep it that way.