Part 3

The wanderer fell from the top of the giant's head after stabbing it with all his might with the ancient magical sword.

It's over, he thought lazily. The pure-black, tentacle-like liquid pierced through his body that was once sealed inside the last colossus. He hit the ground with an unimaginable loud thud. Falling from so high up, no one would ever thought he could survive such a fall.

The wanderer was lost. Everything was a blur. His vision was failing him. His mind numb, yet it was buzzing with indescribable sounds. There were shouting… What were they saying? He could not make out the words. He thought he was dead after killing the colossus. He stood up craggily. He saw blurry visions of other humans besides himself and Mono. Was he, himself, even human?

"…Possessed by the dead…" said one of the men.

The wanderer tried to focus on the stranger's face. Lord Emon? It looked like him, but it could not be… He stepped closer. Suddenly pain seared through his thigh. He was shot by an arrow. The red-head fell onto the stone floor. He recognized the floor, it was the temple.


He lifted his head, making every effort to face the altar. She was still there. He had to get to her, but something was pulling him from underneath. It was a shadow, swallowing him from below. He must not give up. Collapsing to the floor in exhaustion, he was met with a sword in front of his face as he looked up at the ceiling. The tip of the sword inches away from his demonic white eyes. More pain enveloped his body. Stabbed in the chest. He felt his life slip away. He inched his hands towards the sword that ran through him, struggling to get it off. He did not know how he did it, but he managed to stand up and face the group of men. He heard gasps of surprise. His eyesight grew dim and the last thing he saw was Mono. He tried to reach out to her, yet death consumed him for the second time.