Yellow Dandelion

(To the tune of "Yellow Submarine" by The Beatles).

In the time that I was born,

They didn't like that we would read.

And they told the whole country,

That illiteracy was now the creed.

So we burned all of our books,

By giving them to the firemen.

And my uncle calmed me down,

With a yellow dandelion.


We all live in a dystopia,

The only thing I have's

A yellow dandelion.

(Repeat Chorus)

Now our house will have no porch,

Same with the fireman who lives next door.

But I told him of the dust,

Of a yellow dandelion.

(Chorus and Repeat)

Though we live a life of ease,

And every one of us has all we need.

I'd be gray as all the rest,

Without my uncle's dandelion.

(Chorus and Repeat)

I used to live in a dystopia,

Now I don't even have

My yellow dandelion.

My first fanfic! How ironic that my first fanfic was a songfic, which I told myself I wouldn't do. The original lyrics can be found here: .

This was for an English project about Fahrenheit 451. It's supposed to be about Clarisse's experience in the book. The last three lines are meant to be the end of the chorus. I realize that Clarisse was too young to have actually experienced the beginning of the book burning, and that Montag does not actually live right next door to her, but I took some creative liberties to fit in the song. Please review!

Can you guess what the dandelion represents?

Fahrenheit 451 © Ray Bradbury Yellow Submarine © The Beatles