Hey everyone! So, I've been offline for a really long time. This fic (Spirited Away) is one that I haven't updated in a VERY long time (looks like years). I have gauged public interest to see if I have anyone interested in me continuing and lo and behold, I do! Right now, I am revamping each of the old chapters I have posted to fix grammar, enhance plot-lines, eliminate distracting scenes. Currently, the new Chapter 1 is up, but the rest is still old material. As I update the chapters, I will delete the old ones. Make sure to write a review! I don't want to accidentally cut out someone's favorite scene during my efforts. Click to the next chapter to access the new chapter(s)!

TLDR: Click that "next chapter" button to access the new material and pay attention to chapter names so you know what's new! Oh, and REVIEW!