Sea of Black.

Thanks and other shizzle.

"Hey!" *waves at readers. If you got this far that means you most likely enjoyed this little story so I decided that I would thank everyone who had a hand in it since I realized I have only 49 chapters and that makes my eyes twitch. *cough, cough*

Let's see...My friends and family for helping along my own journey–there wasn't any groping but I made do. For their encouragement and support when I shaved off most my hair and got a blonde mohawk–which was awesome by the way.

I thank all of you who reviewed and alerted, and I hoped this story helped you and made you realize that you shouldn't settle for second best. How you perceive yourself is how the world will.

I thank all those stories where Bella is so insecure I want to bash her head in for making me never want to be like that.

Special thanks goes to my sister who was groped on a train in France, but the poor sod regretted that, lol.

My Irish friend, Phil, for being Irish and for being the only guy willing to admit that he has seen all of the twilight movies...on the internet no less.

My friend and hairdresser, Diana...

Um...the fandom and facebook, and the internet in general... dog and...England for being the dampest place to live, which I miss a little...